Score Your Wellness Target on Lazy Days With FlexiSpot

15 May 2020

Did you know that the FlexiSpot monitor stand S6 can help you combat laziness or sluggishness in the workplace? When you do not feel like moving around but want to stay healthy (yes, we have all been there before), FlexiSpot monitor stand S6 can make you work with minimal effort. You can rest easy knowing that the FlexiSpot monitor stand S6 can work for you so you do not have to.


Laziness or sluggishness is a major roadblock to productivity. On the other hand, you know and see that you need to change things a little for a healthier life. There is just a lack of will power along the line. So how do you balance things out? That is the million dollar question. An outstanding product like FlexiSpot monitor stand S6 can help you in this situation. Investing in a desk accessory such as the FlexiSpot monitor stand S6 is an easy way to hit your target lifestyle.


When one is too lazy or carry out anything out at all, it can be an issue that stems from stress or lack of motivation. In a Psychology Today blog article, being lazy means not having the inspiration to do the thing that is expected to be done.


You might be procrastinating from doing the activities that will eventually help you become a healthier individual. Laziness in pursuing physical activities can put you in a bind in the future.

Here are some negative effects of laziness:

Living a sedentary lifestyle will make you unwell

Since there is no desire to pursue physical activities, a sedentary lifestyle will likely follow. We were made to move, and not be tied to a chair. This kind of lifestyle might lead to bodily discomfort like pain in the neck or shoulders. Or it might be that you feel lower back pain because too much pressure or stress was placed on the spine because of too much sitting position or lack of physical activity.


Mental welfare is also at risk

Laziness can affect mental health in that an individual, lacking the motivation to get things done or started, usually becomes guilty and irritable and only finds comfort in being free of stress related to getting things done.


Laziness can be adopted by the younger generation

Lastly, the same article states that laziness can be brought down to the younger generation. If the same cycle continues in kids and young adults, they can also suffer the consequences of having a sedentary lifestyle.  


A Better Workstation for the Lazy Ones

If left unheeded, those health problems might lead to more serious complications. But even the lazy ones can do something about it, even with simple tweaks like investing in the FlexiSpot monitor stand S6. The standing desk can help make workstation innovations that will transform an uncomfortable lifestyle to a healthier life without much effort.


Lazy Friendly Set Up

Using the monitor standing desk S6 makes life easier even for the laziest buyers. When the FlexiSpot monitor stand S6 is delivered to you, the main body is already constructed. Every part is assembled so that all you have to do is to attach the unit’s four feet to the stand. It might make you huff and puff a little but installing your brand new desk will be worth the effort. It is an easy adjustment to a healthier lifestyle.


Moving the Lazy Way

When you are too lazy to even do simple stretch exercises, just adjust the height so you can stand a bit while typing. The FlexiSpot monitor stand S6 offers better ergonomics. We did our years of research and more to provide ease in the workplace. The product stands at 5.3 inch tall, which suits most body heights.

You do not have to do compensating movements such as craning the neck or rounding the shoulder to adjust to your work table’s height. Because it has the right measurements which allows for natural movement, it can lessen the pressure on the cervical spine.


Easy Breezy Organizing for the Lazy

Too lazy to organize your messy desk? Look no further – the FlexiSpot monitor stand S6 has the solution. The storage function of the FlexiSpot monitor stand S6 boasts of

four grids or side pockets with different sizes where you can place big and small essentials: tubes of hand creams, unruly cable cords, your trusty AirPods, or the much needed face mask. The FlexiSpot monitor stand S6 grid allows for cable management so you can keep your desk tidy and can easily find your things especially on slow days.


We Protect You

The FlexiSpot monitor stand S6 has an integrated UV sterilization function for complete disinfection and sanitation. This is an important feature -- now more than ever-- because of the rise of the COVID-19. The UV can eliminate about  99% bacteria in just 10 minutes! Just turn on the light and let it disinfect your keyboard, mouse, phone, pens, and other everyday accessories for a germ-free workplace. It can also sanitize your mask if you are using the washable type. Now you do not have an excuse to clean your area and things because FlexiSpot monitor stand S6 will make it happen for you.


Take It Easy! We Got You!

Everything is already done by us. We will help you get started on those easy and quick changes for a better quality of life. All you only must do is click the “checkout” button to experience that easy and healthy lifestyle change. Besides, you will be the envy of your friends because you have a cool and smart gadget in your home office. With the FlexiSpot monitor stand S6, you can “flex” without even really moving a muscle.