Reduce Fatigue With These Easy Steps

18 May 2020

A lot of factors can contribute to low energy levels.

There’s bad posture, for instance, which can snowball into a lot of health problems. When working, there should be a mind-muscle connection on how the body is aligned. Even as we sit or stand, there must be a sort of consciousness that we put less strain on the back by practicing proper posture.


Consider these “do” actions for your posture when you are at work:

-Do not stand in one position for a long time. They will put a strain on your calves and thighs and may even lead to deep vein thrombosis or blood clots.

-Do check the height of your chair:

- If it’s too high, they will affect your knee, calves, and feet. Make sure that they are supported while firmly planted on the ground. You can be resourceful and use old books to support your lower extremities. You can use an anti-fatigue mat to ease any discomfort.

- If the chair is too low, the shoulders and neck will suffer because these parts will make adjustments for the lack of chair height. What you can do is to change your chair into an ergonomic one like this.

- Do check if your torso leans forward when standing or sitting. If it does, that will make an impact on your lumbar region of the spine. Do you have neck strains? The wrong position of your neck will lead to spinal cord injury. Relax and position yourself comfortably on your chair’s backrest.


Then there’s also not taking breaks from work. That would still go back to back problems because too much sitting is bad for your spine. It is a vicious cycle, and the experts keep harping about the deadly effects of a sedentary lifestyle.


Here are four simple ways to rest at work:

- Do side-desk exercises. Simple yoga stretches can revive your mood and stimulate blood flow.

- Take a break by cleaning your desk or, if socialization is an option, spend some time with family members for a quick catch up.

- You can also relax before or after finishing your task. Anyway, you still have to wait for your boss’ feedback, so why not take a breather first?

- Make a cup of joe or tea before working and do another round of beverage break to break the afternoon grind.


Two Kinds of Break

You can rest quietly all by yourself. Take a nap, read a passage in a book, or do meditation to find your zen before diving back to work.

Another option is taking an active break, where you do activities that give you a breath of fresh air. There is a study that active rest can restore work efficiency by 60-70 percent, faster than what quiet rest can do.

For example, if your work requires physical labor, then your activity should be more for mental stimulation. Go outdoors if your work requires you to stay indoors in front of the computer. The simplest way is to shift from sitting to standing and vice versa to keep the body alert.


The Active Rest That Will Change Your Life

Just imagine the ease of sitting and standing with FlexiSpot’s standing desk.

This activity will bring a positive impact on your work and life. You can develop an improved posture, thereby reducing back pain and promoting better blood circulation. A healthier version of you will come to the fore just by doing simple shifts in the way you work.