Receiving Gifts: How to Show this Love Language

08 February 2022

We watch meet-cutes unfold all the time in cinema and shows. We dream of meeting someone and understanding each other’s quirks over time to slowly build our own family with that special someone. Yet our dreams don’t always match with reality.

For some people, jumping into the dating scene has become so exhausting. You have to go through another round of getting to know a stranger without knowing if he or she will stay or is just a passing character. And contrary to the most popular of romcoms, even engagement or marriages are not as smooth-sailing as they appear to be in social media. But even though pain is a given, hopeful romantics still believe that love is worth the risk and that your willingness to commit and work hard for a relationship will eventually be rewarded with happiness beyond compare.

One way you could nurture your romantic relationship is through understanding each other’s love language. At work, marriage counselor Gary Chapman has been talking to hundreds of couples going through similar experiences. This led him to categorize and create today’s five love languages that people subscribe to. They are namely Receiving Gifts, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. Simply put, a love language is your preferred way of giving and receiving love with the five languages named by Chapman as to what they are.

Receiving Gifts is often judged by others to be a love language for the materialistic. In reality, people with this love language attach meaning to the gifts they receive. For example, Mark remembers to buy Mindy her favorite cake before he heads home. It’s when Keith gets Neil the jacket he was raving about. It’s when Bernadette leaves a love note on her kid’s lunch box sets. People whose love language is Receiving Gifts put sentiment to the material things because of the intention, the effort, and the reminder that they are loved. They like the tangibility of the items that remind them of a great relationship they have with the person who gave them.

How to Tell If Your or Your Partner’s Love Language is Receiving Gifts

It’s hard to ask for gifts all the time, and it takes away the surprise factor. So instead of saying you appreciate gifts, you can always show your partner that you do and that you also give love by giving gifts.

There are many telltale signs that determine if Receiving Gifts is your love language. These include the following:

At home, you have wrapping paper and gift bags in stock.
You never forget to pass by a souvenir shop and grab something for your loved ones before going home.
You do not only love to shop for yourself, but also for others.
Other people think you give the best gifts for any occasion.
You remember the details of every gift you received including the occasion and the giver of the gift
Even though a gift is already old and not working, you still keep it for its sentimental value.
You like to collect any sort of memorabilia.
You send food or flowers to cheer your friend or special someone up.

Managing Expectations

If your love language is receiving gifts, it’s understandable if you would feel frustrated or unloved when you don’t receive gifts from your partner. But instead of pitying yourself or choosing to move on to another person, learn how to manage your expectations through communication. Your partner is not a mind-reader. Yes, it’s romantic if they already know what you want without asking them but that takes time, sheer luck, or mad skills to do. More often than not, it doesn’t turn out like you want it to be. Save yourself from frustration. If there’s a material thing that you really want, then work hard to get it for yourself or tell your partner about it.

And even though we say it’s not about the price tag, gifts use resources. You may want to talk about money and finances with your partner so that you could both manage your expectations.

Gift Ideas

When you love someone, it’s never a waste of money to show them your love through a gift, especially if it adds value to improve their quality of life. To make the value last longer, invest in a well-thought-out gift. This coming Valentine’s Day, show your special someone your love by giving them something they could use at their workstation at home. This will make their everyday work experience comfortable. Here are some items you may want to check out.

V9 Pro Home Office Height Adjustable Cycle Desk Bike
This chair can increase your loved one’s energy while at work. Over just a few days, they will surely feel the benefits it will give to their efficiency and they have you to thank for. This FlexiSpot product has comfortable pedals that hardly make any noise so that your loved one can pedal away even while in meetings or talking to colleagues. The bike features a calorie tracker to monitor your progress and a customizable cardio with adjustable resistance levels. The height of the seat can be adjusted according to your preference and you may also use the removable keyboard tray anytime you need it. It was easier to be consistent with exercise because using this desk bike during work doesn’t feel like a workout.

Flexispot’s EF1-42''W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Another great addition to your loved one’s workstation is this standing desk. Its desktop size is 42” x24”, an area that is spacious enough for the monitor and desk essentials. The height range of this desk starts at 27.9” all the way to 47.6”. This desk comes with a height programmable control panel with four memory buttons to save sitting and standing height preferences. The lifting speed is one inch per second while producing a sound no louder than 50 decibels. The weight capacity is 154 pounds or 70 kilograms. It has four desktop color options: mahogany, maple, black, and white. Upon purchase, caster wheels can be added to this unit.

Final Thoughts

You should not feel pressured when satisfying your partner’s need to feel loved by receiving gifts. Trust that it’s not about how much the gift is, it’s always more about the thought and the intention behind the gift that will make your loved one happy and feel special.