National Lazy Day: Time to do... Nothing!

10 August 2021

The hustle and bustle of our daily life often take a toll on us. Sometimes, you wish you could lay on a couch and do nothing all day-- probably listen to Bruno Mars lazy song repeatedly.

Unfortunately, even when you decide to take a day off, you find yourself getting engaged with one task or the other. Now, this is exactly what we intend to avoid today!

Today, August 10, is National lazy day, when you let out the couch potato on your inside. You can’t afford to engage in your daily routine today because it’s National lazy day! And all you must do is stay lazy.

While you may find the rationale behind National lazy day a bit elusive, we urge you to read this article to the end.  We will explain what the holiday is all about and how you can use it to your advantage.

Let’s get lazy!

Timeline of National Lazy Day

Unfortunately, the history of this National holiday is a mystery. After conducting lazy research, we realized it was pointless to do so much work to find out the history of the lazy day. Perhaps, could it be that the holiday creators were too lazy to document the inspiration behind the holiday?

Regardless of what the case is, we know one fact for sure. August 10 is a day to celebrate the lazy day by being a couch potato zealously.

The whole point of the national holiday centers around relaxing all day. Lay on your couch with a big bowl of your favorite snacks. Today is the one day you can get away with doing absolutely nothing without getting scolded by anyone.

However, few add-ons could make your day more fun without taking you out of your comfort zone. For instance, reading Mel Levine’s Myth of Laziness to understand and debunk all the myths about laziness. While you are at it, pick up the key lessons on how laziness can impact productivity.

Although largely frowned upon, laziness has its perks. Sometimes, the absence of activity isn’t proof that someone is lazy. You can choose to do nothing while you reserve your energy for a more important task.

Come to think of it; lazy people enjoy the benefits of rest and adequate sleep-- some of the benefits include better attention span, minimal stress, decreased inflammation, etc.

The best part is that lazy people hardly experience burnout. This is a big advantage because burnout exposes you to chronic fatigue, insomnia, and depression. On the other hand, laziness allows your body to rejuvenate long enough to restore energy and balance.


Activities for National Lazy Day

Plan to do something

You may find it funny that we are recommending that you do something on National lazy day. But don’t get us wrong,  plan to do something means plan to do nothing! Don’t make any plans-- or make plans to stay in bed and lazy around.

Be lazy! Sleep, wake up, get out of bed, move to your couch, binge-watch a movie and go back to bed. Do this repeatedly if you must, but make sure you do nothing. It’s a National lazy day; enjoy every bit of laziness.

Float lazily on a pool or a river

The mix of serenity and nature is a beautiful combination that births relaxation. How else would you rather spend a lazy day other than floating lazily on a river with no worries in the world? That seems heavenly to us. Why not stay in a cozy inner cube and let a river subtly float your down the stream?

Turn off your phone

Sitting on a lounge scanning through the latest threads on Twitter or Instagram may seem like a light bulb idea on how to celebrate the national lazy day. Unfortunately, it’s not a great idea.

Fiddling with your phone and wadding through tons of social media notifications is too active to be a National lazy day activity.

How to celebrate National Lazy Day

How else can you celebrate National lazy day? Well, we have an idea-- laze around. You have multiple ways to celebrate it, but they all include lazing around.

You may be in your pajamas all day, in bed, on your couch, or anywhere.  Sound cool, right? We bet we all want to have a National lazy day celebration frequently.

The best part of this holiday is that you can do nothing at all without feeling any guilt. However, observing a good lazy day has some essential requirements. Let's fill you in.

The first requirement is sleep. Sleeping does more good than we give it credit for. Besides making you feel refreshed, it restores your mind and keeps you healthy. Do you know lack of sufficient sleep can shorten your life expectancy?  

Thanks to a lazy day, you are free to sleep in and disable all alarms. You have the right to ignore emails, routines, and calls.

Secondly, aim for comfort throughout the day. National lazy day places an automatic ban on any outfit that limits your movement or makes you uncomfortable. You can stay in your pajamas all day or change to a baggy outfit with sweats or any comfy outfit.

Thirdly, the day can’t be complete without a movie. Now is the perfect time to binge-watch your favorite Tv series.

Fourthly, don't forget that music is a mood booster. Listen to music unapologetically. Get yourself a headphone, play some of your favorite music-- it doesn't matter whether you prefer slow or upbeat music.

Additionally, unwinding becomes mission impossible if notifications keep disturbing your me-time. Turn off all notification sounds on your phone. Stay away from your gadgets and relax without any interruptions.

Finally, cooking is highly prohibited. The national lazy day requires no activity whatsoever-- well, except for tapping your TV remote or strolling to get to the door. We all need a takeout occasionally. A national lazy day is an occasion that deserves a special takeout.

Ordering food can also limit washing. Please don’t do the dishes throughout the day-- leave it till tomorrow so you can enjoy your lazy day to the fullest.

Why do we love National Lazy Day?

We have several reasons for loving this national holiday. The general reason is that we need a break. You can’t blame us, and we definitely can’t blame you for craving a break from the flurry of activity plaguing our daily lives.

We are declaring our love for National lazy day because:

It’s good for us

Medicine and research have reached a common conclusion that we work too hard and for too long. Why wouldn't the thought of a broken sound appealing? A national lazy day is good for us because it gives us a break.

More like a pause to catch our breath before we get thrown into the sea of work-life once again. Be alive and be lazy for once.  

Everyone is exhausted

We live in a world and era that never stops moving. Everyone is on the go, trying to achieve one thing or the other. It’s almost like a rollercoaster of activities. And at this point, we are all craving a break from all these. We need a day to do nothing-- and we intend to do nothing with minimum effort.

We need to reconnect

Observing National lazy day opens us to interesting opportunities like having alone time with family or enjoying nature. It helps us connect with the things we love the most. Being a rare opportunity, ensure you grab it with all enthusiasm.  But while you are at it, don’t forget to stay lazy.

Fun facts about National Lazy Day

Even though it’s National lazy day, we researched some fun facts about laziness to encourage the observance of this national holiday. Below, you’ll find some interesting facts about laziness.

Laziness is genetic

Not every lazy person is lazy by choice. For some, it’s genetic. The mutation in the gene that controls dopamine receptors in the brain causes laziness. Simply put, some people can’t help it.

Sloths aren’t lazy

Sloths are often tagged as lazy because of their sluggish movement.  Contrarily, they are not lazy. The truth is they’ve evolved to conserve energy. So, forget the fact that they move so slowly that algae grow on their fur. It’s not laziness.

Laziness breeds creativity and critical thinking.

Being static propels our brain to deep thinking. You can get creative ideas by sliding into standby mode and freeing yourself from excessive activities. If you maximize your National lazy day well, you will find yourself returning to work with unmatched explosiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to stay lazy all day?

It’s okay to be lazy once in a while. Take out time to relax and catch your breath. But it could be detrimental if it becomes a daily lifestyle. Would it be right to ask you to be lazy in moderation?

Is it okay to have a lazy day in bed?

Definitely! Being productive and creative all year long can be exhaustive. It's okay to be a go-getter, but sometimes, you need to get yourself some rest. Take out time to sleep, watch a movie and relax.

Flexispot National Lazy Day Offer

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Final words

Ready to have a laziness fiesta? Knock yourself out! All work and no lazy day will make you exhausted and angry! Time to rejuvenate and give your body time to relax. For once, you can decide to do nothing without any guilt.