Merging Interior Design and Sports Science's SAID principle

11 October 2022

A concept known as SAID, or Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand, exists in sports science. Better Movement explains it as follows: "When the body is placed under some sort of stress, it starts to build adaptations that will allow the body to get better at withstanding that specific form of stress in the future." In other words, the body adjusts and improves via constant practice.

It's crucial to remember that there is a proper amount of stress your body should experience. As they say, everything should be done in moderation. Your body won't be able to adapt if there isn't enough stress, and it may become injured or burn out if there is too much stress.

The SAID concept, according to Scope Chiropractic, a Sports Injury and Rehab Clinic, might help us better comprehend our daily routines. For instance, our bodies would soon become accustomed to curved backs if we slouch all day while working at our computers.

We could apply this idea to create good change in our lives everyday because as mentioned, regular practice causes our bodies to adapt. Getting a Flexispot Ergonomic Office Chair might help our backs adjust to a straight line if we want to straighten them. Although the interior design and sports science may be unrelated subjects, if we apply the SAID principle to the way we build our homes and offices, we might be able to encourage activity and our bodies will ultimately become accustomed to this type of setup. Even the smallest adjustments can have a significant impact. Here are some products that could encourage us to move more during the day:

Standing Desk

With a standing desk, we may move around freely by changing positions throughout the day, from sitting to stretching to standing and then returning to our starting point. For us to be able to concentrate better and complete our work, movement helps switch our brain on and make it more alert.

A trusted ergonomic brand called FlexiSpot boasts of fantastic designs that make it simple and seamless to change the desktop to any desired height. Additionally, it conserves space by taking up vertical space rather than taking up floor space, which can restrict our movement.

All-in-One Desk Bike

We will instantly have greater motivation to exercise more if we use a chair that encourages active movement rather than the typical static chair. By just rolling our feet on the bike pedals, we might transform a sedentary activity like sitting into an athletic workout. We may change the resistance settings on the bike for a more difficult task to work out our legs more effectively if we do this every day and once our bodies have gotten used to the practice.

For instance, FlexiSpot has a desk bike offer that comes with an Integrated Digital Display. This monitor displays training duration, calories burnt, and speed.

Floating Shelves

We may play around with various heights and put the items we use every day on higher or lower floating shelves. This makes us reach upwards or downwards to grab what we need, and then we must repeat the motion to put the object back after use. It encourages us to move---for example, we are forced to stand up to get our things on a higher shelf instead of just remaining seated the whole day.

Mobile File Cabinet

To make it simple to move the storage boxes around, get mobile file cabinets with caster wheels. We could set the cabinets as far as possible from our workstations so that we will be forced to walk from our current point to Point 2 and then walk again when we need to return the product we used. This stimulates exercise and helps our bodies get used to moving as opposed to seeing it as an inconvenience. To get our body to move and adapt to it, we must always return to Point 2 what we got after using it.

Even though some people might find this inconvenient, including movement in our everyday lives, has many positive effects on our general health and daily performance at work and in life. We can only move about the interior corners of our homes when COVID-19 struck. We were unable to go for our weekly market strolls or everyday treks outside. We hardly ever went for a run outside, let alone just get dressed and go see our pals. Since the pandemic hit and now that it's merely the common flu, we have already developed the habit of spending most of our time engrossed in our screens while relaxing on the couch and munching on our favorite chips. Application of the SAID principle can assist us in gradually undoing these learned behaviors, especially if we lack motivation.

Blood flow is regulated and enhanced by movement. Our body cells receive oxygen from the blood, which also transports away waste. Therefore, healthy blood flow not only flushes out cellular waste and toxins but also nourishes our skin, especially when it goes via the liver.

Additionally, exercise stimulates lymph activity, which strengthens our immune systems and regenerates our bodily tissue. Blood circulation and lymph activity will improve much more if we step it up and start exercising more frequently.

The heart and lungs can function more effectively with proper blood flow, which only makes us feel more energized throughout the day. After exercise, endorphins are also released, which boosts our confidence and reduces tension. We probably don't incorporate movement in our lives as before, which contributes to our feelings of depression.

We feel more driven to work and complete more chores when we have more energy. The proper quantity of energy and sufficient use of it prevents burnout and motivates us to work more diligently and effectively.

Final Thoughts

Bringing together two disparate industries could result in creative solutions that enhance people's lives. Further research might be done to see if using the SAID principle from sports science as a design guide could improve general health and productivity.

Although ergonomic products are designed for convenience, we could also use them to inject more movement into our daily lives which promotes overall better health.