Manifesting Your Dreams this 2022

04 January 2022

It’s the New Year so it's about time to manifest the life you’ve always dreamt of having. Or simply claim that you’re going to have a happy and prosperous New Year.

Some people don’t believe in manifestation. Rhonda Byrne linked it to something magical that when you like something so strongly, it will happen. Naturally, people were skeptical that what Rhonda was essentially saying, strong will is enough. She did not win everyone’s approval but the book sold 30 million copies worldwide and was translated into 50 languages. Not only did book sales soar, but it also started a new movement of people who believed in the power of manifesting to turn a thought into reality.

In recent years, it has taken a different form with more and more people meditating, manifesting, and even talking to spirits for guidance. There are many content creators online who have amassed a following out of spiritual readings or manifestation guides. Many follow them to gain clarity and happiness. On one hand, this could be perceived as a sign of increasing anxiety and depression, people having that strong desire to escape from their negative thoughts and believing anything that offers a positive perspective. On the other hand, it can also be seen as a sign of the strong will and hope that still lies within us despite the pandemic and these uncertain times.

Pros of Manifesting

1. Manifesting encourages action.

The good thing about manifestation is it emphasizes the need for action. You want something so much that you’ll do everything in your power to make it happen. It doesn’t encourage laziness and dreaming without doing. Yes, you could write it 30 times in your journal so that you’ll believe you could make it happen for yourself. You will exhaust your resources and keep your eye on the prize.

2. Manifestation is a mood booster.

When you manifest, you already believe something to be true even though it hasn’t happened yet. When you live with this positive mindset, it will significantly boost your mood and make you love the journey you are taking day by day. A bright and positive aura will cascade into your actions and relationships that will give you a happier life.

3. Manifestation will widen your network.

When you always think about it, it’s what also comes out of your daily interactions. You will be telling more people of your dreams and goals that may lead you to be connected to other people who could help you achieve them. There’s no use being shy anymore with your dreams because you believe in yourself that the forces of the universe would conspire to make it happen. For instance, if you meet new people and show them your portfolio as a photographer, chances are they might get you for their next event which gives you the first client that could refer you to another client. As they say, the more you put yourself out to the world, the more the world will come to you.

4. Manifestation will build and test your confidence.

You could only manifest when you have the confidence in yourself and in your dreams. You have to genuinely believe that your dream is gonna happen at a certain point in your future. Yes, there might be fleeting moments of doubt but you don’t let it overwhelm you. You hold your head up high and manifest again. Manifestation is powerful and it makes you confident even when you are still not close to your dreams.

Cons of Manifesting

1. Manifestation may lead to burnout or laziness.

No one is perfect and the risk still exists that your strong will can backfire against you. There is a risk that you may feel burnout when you try too much and take your health for granted. There is also another risk that you might not do anything because of your strong belief that it will happen.

2. Manifestation may lead to frustration.

At some point, you could feel that you have tried your best but you still don’t see any changes. You may start questioning if this is really your path and that your goals and dreams may dishearten you. You will feel that you’ve given your all already but it still is not enough. This may be a turning point that you lose the will to continue trying.

3. Manifestation could negatively affect your relationships.

When things don’t go your way, you might become short-tempered or unwilling to interact with people around you. Even though they are not the problem or a part of it, there is a tendency that you pass on your rage to them and don’t engage at your best.

4. Manifestation may give a distorted, simplistic view of reality.

Too much positivity and belief in the power of thoughts may also have a negative effect on your mindset. It simplifies everything with a few variables when in reality, there are many factors to consider: your current situation, the people around you, your resources, varying interests, etc. But when you believe something to be your destiny, you look at the future with rose-colored lenses. You tune out the noises even though they are unavoidable and realistic.

Manifesting with Action

Manifesting is free but the hustle is not. You have to pair your desires with action and do little actions every day to take you a step closer to your dreams.

1. Declutter your workspace.

A clean workspace stimulates productivity and will save you time from unnecessary lost and found missions. For instance, you won’t need to look for a pen in 30 minutes or so because you know where it is or you could see it in one glance.

2. Invest in ergonomic products.

To reiterate, dream with action. For you to be more efficient and not stuck up in the daydreaming phase, invest in ergonomic products that will reduce discomfort, increase blood flow and circulation, and give you comfort and convenience while working. It will motivate and inspire you to work. FlexiSpot has had the best ergonomic products in the market for 20 years and counting. It carries an office chair, gaming chair, standing desk, standing desk converters, and more options for your ergonomic workspace.

3. Put affirmations and motivational quotes in your workstation.

When you’re feeling down and low, these affirmations could serve as an instant pick-me-up. Be positive that good things will happen to you if you act. Print out quotes and affirmations to display in your workspace. Reading one quote or affirmation in a day could help you be back on track.

4. Make a mood board or a vision board.

Get creative and cut out photos from magazines or print ones from the Internet that will reflect the dream life you are manifesting. Pin it on a corkboard to give you a picture of how your life will look if you believe and work hard for it.

Final Thoughts

Your dreams won’t come true if you simply manifest without doing. Believe in your dreams and put in the work to make them happen. Learn to love the process and value a growth mindset over a fixed one.

This 2022, we wish that you’ll have the courage and motivation to pursue and live your dreams.