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Making Major Decisions this coming 2023

28 December 2022

2022 is about to end and a New Year is about to come.

You may be spending the last few days with your family or alone binge-watching shows on your phone. But whatever it is you’re doing, whoever you are with, it’s most likely that you’re doing a lot of reflecting about the year that was and about the next steps that you’ll take in the incoming year.

You may have small things in mind but you can't help thinking about the big decisions you can no longer dodge and have to take action by 2023. Maybe the thought of this overwhelms or maybe it excites you because usually, a big decision leads to a major life change. But how are you going to start? How will you know if you’re about to commit a mistake or make a smart move?

For instance, if you're dissatisfied at work, should you quit and hunt for another job already, or should you stick it out since you need to make ends meet? Is it time to end a fantastic relationship if you're feeling uneasy, or should you try to make it work no matter how difficult it will be? Will it be worthwhile for you to spend loads of money on a program abroad to pursue a new career? What should you do if a loved one is close to passing away and the doctors have been asking you every now and then about your decision?

We are aware that choosing wisely can be extremely challenging, especially when there is no way to predict whether a choice would be successful or unsuccessful. You don't want to make a choice that you'll later regret. But know that maybe it is the right or wrong step, it will teach you a lot and you'll become a much better person out of it.

You are aware that a choice needs to be made, however difficult it may be. The worst thing you could decide to do is nothing.

How To Decide for Important Things

Large-scale decisions are those where you don't have a control group to compare them to and can never be sure if you made the proper choice.

You would naturally want to speak with individuals who are authorities in their industries or have had a variety of life experiences. But you must keep in mind that these choices are frequently based on particular circumstances. You could accept what they offer, but in the end, the choice will still be yours.

Examine each option's likely results and how they might affect you.

Write down the consequences of each choice you make. These are, of course, uncertain, but you must consider the consequences that you could accept if they occurred in each scenario. Where will your happiness be? What is going to be a catastrophe? What will suit you the best? What presumptions are you making when you draw these conclusions?

Let's say that after agreeing to your first relationship, you suddenly experienced early relationship anxiety. Now that your relationship has abruptly lost its spark, you're terrified of where it might go. You can't tell if you're truly pleased or if you're just deluding yourself. Even though everything is going well, your mind is constantly searching for problems, and this makes you want to just turn the power off. The opposite side is where your companion is. You may still feel a very strong emotional connection with your partner if you continue to go through all of these mental and emotional gymnastics, but you could also prolong the suffering by dragging it out for too long. The latter will end with both of you crying. Deciding is the only thing that's holding you back from living your best life.

Verify what needs to be genuine for you in order for each alternative to work out best.

How probable is it that your presumptions are accurate? How is it that you have a chance?

In order for each option to work out best for you, remember to check-in and be ready to welcome the truth.

How likely are your premises to be correct? How are the chances in your favor?

If you decide to stay together, you need to rekindle the excitement you felt during your first few dates in order to get over the nervousness you are currently experiencing. You might tell your partner that you want to find new methods to make things interesting. Perhaps if you both work on it together, you'll be able to achieve your goals.

If you decide to end the project, you'll need to consider how to handle a failure with relationships.

Consider how you will come to regret your choice.

What course of action would you choose if you wanted to live a life without regrets? What is your gut telling you?

Go for it and accept the possibility of being wounded in the future if your gut is screaming at you that you love this person. Now is all you have, while the future is uncertain. Additionally, if your gut feeling is one of happiness, then calm down and concentrate on that.

To write down your ideas at any time of day, go to your workspace and set the desktop of your height-adjustable standing desk at the height that you prefer. If something ever upsets you, just write it down straight away so you don't forget about it, and may be considered a factor in the decision that you are about to make.

Search for the third choice. said, “one option is an option, two options is a dilemma, and three options is a choice.”

If you believe that there is only one option—staying or leaving—you are mistaken. It's possible that your excessive attention to incorrect decisions is causing your life to be more challenging. There won't be an issue if you don't let doubts about a fulfilling relationship consume your thoughts, spend your free time with interests, and concentrate on your work. A therapist who can help you with your anxiety can potentially be the third choice.