Key to a Long Life: Start Cleaning Your Chair!

16 November 2022

After you pay the payment and the chair is delivered to your house, your investment does not end. It means having to get up from your chair so you may clean it and take care of it properly. Naturally, this extends the office chair's lifespan and increases your return on investment.

If you work at a desk, it should come as no surprise that you'll spend a lot of time sitting down. If you tend to eat at your desk, this also implies that your office chairs will be vulnerable to stains and spills. You ought to be able to clean your ergonomic office chair in these kinds of circumstances.

It's important that your ergonomic chair is in good condition, regardless if it has already gone through a few damages.

Office chairs are made of materials like leather and plastic that are easy to clean.

In this article, we'll help you understand the proper and efficient ways to maintain your office chair.

Various Office Chair Manufacturers and Models

You can find out what materials are used in your office chair. It can depend on the cost or the length of the construction process. Every office chair has advantages and disadvantages, just like any other item of furniture in your home.

Any mesh type of chair that is simple to maintain is the best option if you want a chair that requires little upkeep. But ergonomic designs, which are becoming widespread in chairs, will help if you want to succeed at achieving your goals in work.

It's time to clean up!

Any office chair may be cleaned easily by following industry standards and protocols. You already have the common household items, appliances, and cleaning supplies that you need at home. The general rule is to clear up any spills as soon as possible to prevent stains on the chair.

Cleaning and maintenance go together because the latter should be completed first and the former comes last. It might only take 15 minutes. But if your chair has stubborn stains, be prepared to spend at least an hour cleaning.

Here’s an easy-to-follow five-step process to clean your chair:

Step 1: Vacuuming and Dusting

To remove all the visible dirt and grime, you have to have a tool to cut through the chair's fabric. The vacuum will save your life. The seat, backrest, and armrest should all be properly covered with the attachment when the device is on "low suction."

Use a vacuum or a duster (if you don't have the former) to remove any dust and lint that have gathered on the surface of the chair. Make sure you thoroughly clean the chair, paying attention to every place. You should switch the vacuum head with an attachment that is appropriate for the gap or region you are cleaning.

Step 2: Cleaning the Chair with Soap and Water Together

Once the dust is gone, it's time to clean your chair with a damp cloth. When the employees use mesh and plastic seats that they now have to clean, it is typically already enough. If you're using a leather or fabric chair, it's a different situation because you might need to utilize different stain removers. Avoid using your first option because doing so could potentially permanently damage the leather of your chair.

Wipe the surface of the chair with a gentle cloth. The fabric shouldn't be very wet because it makes it more vulnerable to tearing.

Step 3: Ensure the Chair Is Dried

Your office chair has now been cleaned. It needs to be dried out in order to remove any extra moisture. Grab a clean cloth and use it to remove any moisture you may discover on the chair's intricate surfaces. The chair's remaining parts will dry naturally on their own. Try using a vacuum or a hairdryer to hasten to dry if the texture of the chair is softer.

Step 4: Tackle stains if necessary.

Use a stain-resistant solution that contains rubbing alcohol to remove stains. Do a spot test on a cleaning product before using it extensively. Test it out on the portion of your chair that nobody usually sees.

The majority of stains can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, which is good news. Simply apply a few drops of alcohol on the color, let it be there for a few minutes, and then wipe the alcohol off. Consider experimenting with something better suited to your chair's requirements.

Step 5: Hire a professional to clean your upholstery

Once the chair has been cleaned, you can use an upholstery cleaner. This guarantees better, more thorough, and long-lasting effects. For instance, you could always get in touch with a specialized upholstery cleaning service if you don't have one.

Getting Rid of Bad Smells

Your chair will continue to emit strange smells at different times, even after months of use. Sprinkle baking soda over the problem area and let it sit for no less than 15 minutes for rapid treatment.

To verify if your chair's fabric can withstand the chemicals in liquid soap or detergent, check its composition first. Start by scrubbing your chair's surface by dipping a clean cloth or a sponge into the mixture. Use a clean cloth to remove any excess water, then leave the area to dry overnight.

Disinfection Technique

You might anticipate a dirty background if your chair is one. These places quickly turn into havens for bacteria, vermin, and germs. Disinfectants are preferable to soap and water alternatives because they are considered effective at removing dirt and bacteria. Recognize that workplace chairs may in fact be exposed to a range of unsanitary organisms and germs.

If you spend a few minutes or an hour of your time cleaning your chair, you shouldn't feel rushed. Who doesn't want a chair that is free of any spills, stains, dirt, spills or other hidden annoyances since you use it frequently. You can utilize antiseptic wipes and sprays that you will supplement with cleaning materials.

How do You Tell it's Time to Change you Old Chair?

Even after following all of these instructions, your chair can still be stained. Keep in mind that mesh chairs are easy to maintain, although other materials can have colors that are too dark or faded to be removed.

Even if your office chair may still be functional, you can choose to get a new chair. Your decision is entirely up to you. However, keep in mind that if your chair has persistent stains, it could already be time to get a new one.

Considering that you're buying a new chair, you might want to think about getting an ergonomic or practical one.