International Youth Day (2021): Self Reflection for Youths

12 August 2021

August 12 is a day when we focus on the issues bothering youths all over the world. It focuses on the massive difficulties challenging the development of youth in several communities across the world. 

In some parts of the world, droves of children still lack basic math and reading skills, not to mention that childhood poverty is still a prevalent issue globally. 

UN created the international youth day to draw attention to the struggles of youths and strive to find lasting solutions. As much as today is a day for some solo reflection, it is also a huge opportunity to get involved in today’s activities. 

Since international youth day honors the struggles of a typical youth anywhere, it is important to make the day count. 

Now to the question of the century, how can you make this International Youth Day the most eventful ever? 

Keep reading.


History Of International Youth Day

United nations general assembly made attempts to give youths a louder voice globally by impacting them in 1965.

To start with, the UN endorsed the declaration about promoting mutual respect, peace, and understanding amongst youths. Gradually, they recognized up-and-coming leaders and gave them offered resources to help them achieve their goals. 

UN also devoted time and resources to training youths to become leaders that can fit into the world's needs. 

In 1999, the world conference for the minister responsible for youth made recommendations about an international youth day. Fortunately, the United Nations endorsed this recommendation, which is how international youth day came to be. 

Following this endorsement, the first international youth day celebration occurred on August 12, 2000. The United Nations has used this international holiday judiciously over the years. They have used it to educate society, support youths in politics, and channel available resources into managing global problems. 

Subsequently, August 12 international youth day grew to become a holiday accompanied by grand events. In 2013, YOU thought hosted a conference on international youth day. This program involved several keynote speakers and an award ceremony.

There is always a theme for each year and the theme for each year addresses a prevalent problem in society. 2019’s theme was 'transforming education," which sort to solve the issue of riddling education. In comparison, last year's theme was Youth’s Engagement for Global Action.

This theme emphasized the way youth participation at international and national levels compliments the multilateral and national institutions. Another aim was to educate people on how youth participation in institutional politics can be heightened. 

However, the Indian youth café in Chennai has been the main host of international youth day events lately. 

The Traditions of International Youth Day

The purpose of International Youth Day is to create an amplified platform for the voices of youths. And it also increases their opportunities by taking initiatives and actions to support them. 

Youths have a lot of challenges that they try to wade through to get wealthy or comfortable. Unfortunately, they are not always so lucky due to a lack of information or opportunities. But the hardship they encounter often varies depending on the part of the world. 

Youths in developing and developed countries tend to experience social and mental challenges. Youths in underdeveloped countries need to endure harsher conditions and lack basic needs like health, education, etc. 

On International Youth Day, keynote speakers from all walks of life discuss these issues at the local, institutional, and governmental levels. 

There is always series of events like training sessions, seminars, discussion forums, debates, which feature important keynote speakers. Furthermore, the day's event also includes fundraisers and disseminating information or educational materials to create awareness. 

All these are to the end of understanding these challenges and finding a workable solution. By understanding the problems that hurdle the development of youths globally, institutions can implement policies to mitigate the hardship youth encounter. 

youth fist bump

How Can You Celebrate International Youth Day? 

Lend Helping Hands

One of the best gifts you can offer a kid is education. The value that education adds to people is unquantifiable. So, you can look into mentorship programs or any organization that offers a chance to reach out to young folks. Do not hesitate to grab this opportunity and impact lives. 

Try out assisting with speech therapy, music program, big brother, and big sister programs. Doing this can help someone get past a limiting difficulty. 

Attend one International Youth Day Event

Getting inspired by young people is such a beautiful feeling. There is that and many more to experience on international youth day. There are sporting events, exhibitions, concerts, and mobile exhibitions to display people’s talents. 

Attending one of these events will expose you to the untapped talents embedded in many young folks. And possibly inspire you to encourage or help them achieve their goals. Let us not forget the entertaining part-- these events are far from being boring! They are fun, and you will enjoy every bit of them. 

Organize an Intergenerational Discussion

Introduce a round table discussion between adults and younger people. It can be a discussion between parents and children or students and teachers. Listen to what the other generation has to say. And most importantly, do not be in a hurry to shut the younger folks up. 

Let them be as expressive as possible, and you never can tell what you will learn from them. This discussion can be about the theme of this international youth day. A discussion like this will certainly leave you feeling more enlightened than before. 

Fun Facts About Youth International Youth Day


Research shows that childhood hunger is rampant in the USA. About sixteen million kids in the US struggle with hunger each year

Youth Health

World health organization has created structures to ensure that a certain standard of health is maintained in schools.

When Music Heals

Mohammed Assaf, the youth ambassador, is a Palestinian refugee, and he used his music to reach other to other Palestinian refugees. His music has been a source of hope and for young refugees. 

Young Entrepreneur

At 25 years, Rita Kimani became the co-founder of farm drive, responsible for connecting underserved and unbanked farmers to credit. This is the kind of milestone some youths can achieve when given the right platform. 

youth discussing

Why is International Youth Day so Important?

It draws people’s attention to poverty.

Many kids are unlucky to get thrown into a generational cycle of poverty. It is sad to think there are kids with little or no food security. About 13.1 million kids in the United States live in homes with no food security. This means that their family cannot afford balanced or nutritious food for the kids to leave a healthy life. 

However, this is not limited to kids in the United States alone. Young people globally experience similar dilemmas. Some find it difficult to break free from poverty and carry it on to adulthood. International youth day makes us aware of these untold hardships, thereby alerting people to find solutions. 

It focuses on building a better life for youths.

International Youth Day does not just encourage youths directly. It runs deeper than that. This holiday lays down priorities to focus on creating a substantial improvement in children’s lives. United Nations created fifteen set priorities to this effect. Each one has a peculiar problem that it resolves. 

These priorities include providing access to reduction, eradicating childhood hunger, and reducing the cases of HIV/AIDS. 

It encourages creative thinking for a more stable future

The list of actionable priorities set by the United Nations inspires people to consider things they can do to influence a kid’s life. 

Lately, the UN has been focusing on international youths’ day on reducing pollutions and using local services. This makes local products and services sustainable, and it will be reusable by another generation. Additionally, several communities will have access to it. 

Although this seems ambitious, it is a great push to jumpstart impressive growth. These goals are achievable; hence, people will develop ways to make them happen. 

Frequently Asked Questions About International Youth Day

What is the theme for International Youth Day? 

International youth day’s theme for 2021 is Transforming food systems: youth innovation for human and planetary health.

How to join the UN youth

Contact your minister for foreign affairs listing your superlatives as a youth delegate. And ensure you request further discussion.

What is the purpose of International Youth Day?

To create awareness of any issue youths are experiencing globally to celebrate all their little wins and achievements, it also seeks to create massive opportunities. 

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Final Words

It is International Youth Day! Enjoy the events this day offers and join various forums or dialogues that can benefit the world globally. With enough bright ideas, we can work towards giving youths the opportunities they deserve.