How Your Spine Looks In Different Postures

18 May 2020

The spine is more curved in the sitting position rather than when standing erect. There is also torsion below the lumbar spine.


Bad posture is not to be taken lightly. When it is ignored, it becomes a factor in mortality.

According to a study, those who sit in the wrong position are 1.4 more times likely to die. Meanwhile, the grim statistics double at 1.85 when one stoops while sitting. These numbers are alarming, pointing to poor practices that were cultivated perhaps, by being tied to a chair and desk.


Know Your Spine

Your spine is an amazing part of the body. It is responsible for your mobility and protects the spinal cord, nerve roots, and some of the body’s internal organs.


The spine can withstand pressure higher when standing upright. However, a sedentary lifestyle will overload the spine. As such, the spinal disc between the vertebrae slowly loses its elasticity and function begins to decline. In severe cases, the juice of the spinal discs will be pushed out of the spinal discs, so that the function of the spine is completely lost. Incorrect sitting posture and the chair will accelerate the deterioration.


How to Remedy the Situation

Sitting and standing have advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is how you carry yourself in any of those positions.

Some of the poor habits that damage the spine are sitting with rounded shoulders with your torso leaning forward.

Standing can reverse some postural problems. It relieves chronic pain as well as reduces the impact of sitting which curves the spine. Adding movements like standing will make it easier to recover from the effects of prolonged sitting.  At the same time, it also increases rest time, which is very helpful to reduce fatigue.


Therefore, we must alternate between standing and standing. There is just no other better way. Flexispot offers a height adjustable desk and desk converter so you can efficiently distribute your time shifting into different positions as you go about your workday.