How to Make Your Loved One Smile this Coming Valentine's Day

26 January 2023

If you're keeping track of the days till Valentine's Day, you should know that it will be here in 20 days' time.

Pretty early, huh? Well, as they say, the early bird catches the worm. You don't want to be scrambling for a gift and rushing something just for the sake of giving a gift to your loved one/s.

We all know that getting and spreading love is one of the things that bring us happiness as humans, whether or not you have a particular someone to share this calendar day with. So give up the idea that you require a love partner in order to enjoy Valentine's Day. If you do have a partner who wants to spend the next holiday with you, that is great! Don't take it for granted. Additionally, you can express your love for your parents, siblings, other family members, and your social circle.

Do you have a date planned for your special someone? Or have you purchased Valentine's Day presents for the individuals you care about? Even if you should show your loved ones affection every day, it won't harm to pay them more attention on February 14. After all, what binds us together in this world is a common human experience, right?

Even so, you could experience pressure when buying presents for Valentine's Day. Because you might not even consider what you're buying and just donate something for the purpose of giving, doing it out of obligation will be obvious. The following advice will help you give more heartfelt presents. The act of giving gifts may be given new life, and you could make it more heartfelt and pleasant for both you and the recipient.

1. Close your eyes and think about everything you know about this person.

Most likely, you are giving this individual a gift because you value them greatly. Be aware that a superb gift will begin with your understanding of their passions and other factors. If you are aware of what they like, it will mean so much more to that specific person. Take a look at their interests, present time commitments, desired experiences, and other relevant information. You can check their social media, your journal entries, past messages, or your memory bank so that you can decide what would be the ideal present for them. Keep in mind that your presents shouldn't all be the same for all your friends or family members if you want to provide memorable ones. Fitting your gift to a specific person makes it all the more special.

Practicality is still another element in addition to sentiment. People frequently purchase expensive gifts in the belief that their partners will adore them (such as opera tickets), yet the expensive gift rarely gets used. They could not even be enthusiastic about it in the first place, or it may simply not be practical for them. So let us simplify things for you. In actuality, people favor the more sensible option. Yes, even you, if you genuinely consider what it is that you desire. So keep in mind that you need to buy a present that the receiver would enjoy, not just one that you felt like giving.

A useful present could be something that the recipient needs but won't be able to afford on their own. Since the pandemic, your partner may have just begun the work-from-home setup and has been complaining incessantly about the neck, back, and shoulder discomfort. Investing in ergonomic furniture for them will improve and enhance their ability to operate comfortably and valuably at home.

2. Make a donation in the name of the recipient.

Being charitable or putting the needs of others before your own is one method to find fulfillment in life. When you make a donation in their honor, your friend will probably be appreciative and thrilled. According to studies, charitable giving makes people happier, and being kind also makes people happier. Moreover, giving with appreciation makes people happier than giving anonymously, as per what the International Journal of Happiness and Development says.

3. Hand over the gift of activity, life, and experience.

Some people prefer to accumulate memories over material objects. As stated in point 1, you should be aware of the recipient and consider whether giving a concert pass, airline ticket, or gym membership would be a better choice if the recipient is the kind who values experiences over tangible possessions.

Studies have shown that even when people don't get the material gift they expected, they still feel happy after the event. You don't even have to join them if you're uncomfortable spending the experience with them. They will already be connecting the memories of the present you provide to them because they will have previously received it.

4. Give items that you created yourself or that have a special meaning for you but that you'd like others to have as gifts.

Nobody is born with a heart of stone, therefore if you make anything for your crush, a friend, or a family member, they will undoubtedly appreciate it and award you more than five stars. Making cookies, knitting a hat, or writing a poem might be as easy as that. Receiving a present of this nature would make you feel incredibly unique because it would serve as a constant reminder of the time and work it took to complete the endeavor.

The recipient of a family heirloom that has been handed down from one generation to the next can additionally value it since they know how much it mattered to you. No amount of money will ever match its symbolism.

Final Word

Don’t stress too much about what you’re going to give. Remember this person most likely loves you too and if not, will still appreciate the gesture of being given a gift too. They will already feel extra special with the thought that you remembered or thought of them while you were gift shopping.

Just remember to not expect anything in return or wish for a response that you have in your head. Let them appreciate the gift the way they would appreciate it.