How to Fix Poor Postural Habits

30 October 2018

How is your posture?  Many Americans spend far too much time hunched over their computers or staring down at their phones.  This can lead to an array of poor postures that cause health problems and make you look bad. For example, text neck is a common issue that stems from spending hours with your neck bent down to look at your phone.  Health line states that this position tightens and compresses the muscles in the neck, with every inch of forward head position doubling the amount of weight the neck must support, which strains the muscles and causes lasting damage. Other side-effects, such as developing a hunched back, can occur.  Business Insider states that slouching in your chair at work can lead to a hunched back.

Luckily there are several ways to counteract these poor postural habits.  Many exercises are those you might find in a yoga class.

Exaggerated nod: An ideal way to counteract text neck.  When you use your smartphone, try to bring it up to eye level, keeping your ears aligned with your shoulders.  This will prevent you from getting a bad case of text neck.

Cat and CowAn excellent stretch for your back, neck, and hips is the cat and cow.  Though, a more common stretch is the simple overhead stretch.  If you slouch or tend to hunch over your computer like a cat about to pounce on its prey, then the chest stretch is a must.

Chest Stretch: Business Insider recommends this stretch to counteract hunchback.  Simply place your palm on the wall and face away, leaning forward to feel the stretch.  It is important that we take the opportunities we can to get up and move about.

If you really want to improve your posture, consider using a standing desk.  Prevention expands on the dangers of sitting for long periods of time.  Sitting increases your risk of heart disease, obesity, breast cancer, along with a myriad of other things.  Science clearly points out that sitting for prolonged periods of time is not in our best interest, leading to the development of the height-adjustable desk. This counteracts nearly all the negative effects of sitting, and causes users to burn more calories, reduce back pain, and feel more energized at work.

Want to take it to the next level?  The V9 is a modern desk that promotes wellness by design.  A fusion of bike and desk, it can easily be adjusted to the user's requirements allowing an employee to simultaneously work and cycle.  This promotes wellness, allowing you to burn calories while your work. Everything is adjustable, too, allowing you to keep an erect posture.  If you get tired of cycling you can simply use it as a standing desk.