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How to Enjoy Life as a Young Mother

11 May 2022

It’s so difficult to be a mother.

While there are many joys that motherhood can only bring, it goes without saying that bearing a child and taking care of another life other than your own is a difficult undertaking. If it’s already a tall order for accomplished women in their respective industries, what more if it’s a teenager who accidentally became a parent? Even those in their 20s are in the prime of their youth and are not yet ready to take on the responsibility of having a child.

Data shows that in our neighboring country, the United States, 79 for every 1000 women in the 20-24 age range bear a child. Because women are now more inclined to have children late in their 30s, those who get to be mothers at a young age feel isolated. This is a point in their lives where they see their circle of friends traveling to different countries and reaching career milestones while they are at home, taking care of their children.

Even then, there is nothing to be ashamed of for being a young mom. Even though their stories are not often told, there are still many women who find young motherhood a blessing in disguise. They appreciate and have enjoyed the many benefits of starting a family early. These include having a flexible career and being more open to different reproductive options. We share some sage advice on how you could thrive as a young mother and also enjoy your youth.

1. Do not lose time for your interests and passions.

Believe it or not, there are many testimonies of young mothers who found inspiration to chase their dreams after having a child. They have all the more reason and burning fire in them to finish their studies, apply for their dream job or invest time and resources in a hobby. They are motivated to do great with their lives, knowing that their babies are looking up to them. It’s also comforting that they have the time to be sure about what their dreams and passions are. They are in no rush to compete in a career race with anybody. After all, they have already reached what most people consider an end game.

2. Budget your money at present and save up for the future.

You are still young. You have a lot of time to save up for your and your growing family’s future. There are many resources available online on how you can save up money while taking care of your baby. Knowing that another mouth is reliant on you will help you budget your money. Life insurance is more affordable and you have a lot of time to save up for your retirement. As early as now, you should start saving up for yourself and the baby.

3. Maximize your access to college scholarships offered for young mothers.

Since schools, private institutions and the government understand your predicament, there are opportunities for you to apply for a scholarship. You will find multiple assistance programs out there that are available for you if you are currently pregnant or already have a child. You may even be eligible to get more financial aid if you will give birth during the school year. Make sure to file the necessary paperwork for your baby to be recognized as a dependent. Do not hesitate to ask a financial counselor for a scholarship or financial aid program available at your university and elsewhere. A lot of people get dragged down by college debt so these financial aid programs will be beneficial to you and your savings.

4. Use ergonomic furniture at home or in the office.

You will for sure have your time divided between your baby and yourself. This means you have to do your work or your studies in the most efficient and productive way possible. Make sure to use ergonomic furniture for work because not only will it promote good health and lessen discomfort while working, but it will also help you be more focused, alert, and efficient. You will be able to finish work in no time so that you will have more time to cultivate your passions and interests, maintain your social life, and of course, take care of your baby.

5. Embrace the reality of being a young mother, including all the pains and joys.

You can either look at your situation as a curse or as a blessing. We’ve never really heard of a baby that is not cute! In one way or another, a smile from your baby can take away the stress of your everyday life. This beautiful human being relies on you and you have the power to make a positive impact on her life and society. Embrace that gift and be thankful that you were given this opportunity.

Science also says that female bodies are inclined to have babies in their 20s. There are more health complications when you become a mom at a very young age or at an old age, 35 years old and over. Delivery will be a pain and over time, it may also lead to other health concerns and risks. You might think that this time is too early for you to become a mom but if you’re in your early 20s, your body is most likely thanking you for bearing a child at this time when you are most fit to do so.

Final Thoughts

Having the right age for motherhood is a myth. If you are already an adult, the right time to have a baby is the time that you consider right for you. But we do acknowledge the need for support for young mothers. They bear the judgment of society as well as the pressures of keeping up with their social circles. It’s important that their mental health is guarded and that they are given proper guidance on how they can navigate through becoming a parent. It’s crucial for their own selves as well as for the kid that they are raising. These kids are the future of our world and each and every single one of them deserves access to a good life.