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How to embrace your geekiness

13 July 2021

Remember the IT guys with tapered glasses that resolve all our computer issues at work? Yea, July 13 is for them! 

We do not need to explain who geeks are because they are all around us. And if you are a geek, we are thrilled to inform you that it is time to embrace your ‘geekdom’ unapologetically.

July 13 is tagged embrace your geekness day. It is a day that encourages geeks to own their personalities proudly, and it urges their friends to be proud of them.

Decades ago, geekness was like a social taboo that made everyone wary. Even geeks detested the label and found a way to hide away their geeky passions. We cannot blame them; the name was more like a disparaging attack on their social status.

But with technology breathing down our backs, we are reminded of one fact: geekness births creativity. And from grudging respect to a glamorous admiration, we all watched geekdom become a laudable social status.

Sincerely, we believe every new day is an opportunity to own up to your personality. Are you ready to learn how to embrace your geekness today and every other day? 

All you need to do is get those tapered glasses fixed on this article till the end. Trust us; it would be worth the ride.  

What does it mean to be a geek?

A geek is an enthusiast or an expert at technology or other varied subjects. Or you could call it an obsession over an activity.

They can speak about their subjects of interest for hours without a care in the world. It is always like what you would hear at a hackathon or an IT tradeshow.

Well, you could walk into a store and find yourself drawn into a conversation about storage analytics, storage area networks, or hyper-converging computing. There, you have it; that is the kind of distinctive convos geeks have.

If you are friends with a geek, you will find that they are proud of their knowledge of esoteric and complex technologies. It is indeed something to be proud of-- it is a symbol of intelligence in a unique form.

History of embrace your geekness day

Although the history of embrace your geekness day is not clear, there are a few historical timelines that you may find interesting.

Sometime before the Victorian age, geek was a word that meant ‘freak’ in English or ‘fool’ in German. In the Victorian age, the term “Geek” referred to circus performers.

Those eccentric performers held people’s attention by engaging in bizarre things like biting off the head of a live chicken. Weird, right?

This weirdness was the notion stamped on people’s minds until the mid/ late 20th century when the world adopted the new meaning we know today.

However, an open geeky act was met with swirlies and booing at that time until the term shed its ridiculous meanings to take on warmer interpretations.

While the origin of this holiday is still a mystery, the founder is not. Embrace your geekness day is a birthchild of Wellcat holidays led by Tom and Ruth Roy, who have copyrighted over 70 holidays. It is a rare opportunity to celebrate all geeky activities and appreciate all geeks around us.


Seven technologies modern geeks should be thankful for

We all have geeks to thank for pioneering the mind-boggling milestones and transitions we have encountered over the years. Geekdom has offered us some of our best forms of creativity ever.

Are you a fan of the popular Marvel comic? Then you have a geek to thank for that. It did take a geeky stan lee to create your favorite Hulk, Captain America, and X-men characters.

Even the popular Dungeons and dragons video game franchise that captured the heart of many since 1974 remains a core reason to be thankful.

However, far beyond entertainment, geekness has instigated the birth of some old and relatively modern technologies that have changed our lives forever. Today is a time to reflect and be thankful for:


We have Alexander Graham Bell to thank for the early timeline of telephones. Since 1876 when he patented this device to transmit vocal sounds telegraphically, it has grown into a must-have technology.

And this development, coupled with other computer techs, led to the invention of smartphones.


The internet grew to become a significant development by the input of dozens of pioneering visionary geeks. The present-day internet was a glaze on the past innovations instigated by several scientists.

However, the first internet message ever was between Stanford University and UCLA in the 1960s. From here, the internet evolved into an everyday technology that has reinforced business and employment opportunities globally.

Ergonomic chair

Have you ever wondered how ergonomic chairs came to being? Like other inventions, it was a gradual change from mere office chairs to more healthy resorts.

History has it that Charles Darwin was the first to make the look-alike of an office chair. With intentions to swivel between specimens, he supposedly grafted wheels into a regular chair.

What we know as ergonomic chairs today mainly kicked off in the 1970s. Many catalysts played prominent roles in popularizing this design-- one of them is the book Humanscale by Niels Diffrients.

Today, we have manufacturing companies like Flexispot with innovative ergonomic chair designs molding workplace wellness.

Standing desk

It’s not unusual to wonder about the history of standing desks. But what is surprising is the fact that it has been around for about 600 years. Yes, that is right.

Remember the Mona Lisa painting by the renowned Leonardo da Vinci? He painted it on a standing desk. Hence, Da Vinci is the first known user of a standing desk. Subsequently, it grew into a workstation necessity that promotes work wellness.

These days, manufacturing companies have created various models. And it has changed the work-life of millions.


Computers became a world-changing tech. It was a machine used for calculating logical operations and mathematics automatically. 

But now, your computer can automatically perform a wide range of activities consecutively. Thanks to the rapid growth since the first routine use in 1939.


The exponential growth of television tech is another remarkable sight. This box of pleasure is another innovation worthy of appraisal. Since the 1920s, television has seen a transformation from black and white to colored, to flat technology and smart TVs.

Video game consoles

Thinking back to the launching of PS5 last year, it is hard to believe that there was such a time when game consoles could not connect to televisions. 

These days, the emergence of Xbox, PlayStation, Atari, and the likes reveals the creative side of geekness.


Reminiscing how much the passion of geeks has changed our lives brings to mind the essentiality of geekdom to us. And all these are reasons why we must celebrate all geeks around us. Neighbors, sons, siblings, or parents, Y’all rock!

How to celebrate national embrace geekness day

Besides wearing your nerdy obsessions like armor, you can engage in activities to make your embrace your geekness day fun!

You could learn new techy things or hang out with friends. If these seem pretty basic to you, then you need to dig deeper for other thrilling suggestions. Today, you can:

Throw a movie marathon

A movie marathon is a sure way to enjoy your day. Watch your favorite sci-fi or magical display and let your imaginations fly. You could watch your favs and analyze the technology, scientific, or historical accuracy of the movie.

It gets better if the movie has a book series, this way, you can pick out the discrepancies between the two. So, grab the largest popcorn size you can get, settle into a comfy couch, and get in on the fun.

Host a trivia night

Ready for an exciting “who knows it best” game? You can treat your Greek squad to a fun night out or hang out.

Test your knowledge or skills on different topics like your favorite movies. Pair the harry porter die-hard fans against the lord of the rings team and put all the competitiveness to play.

Create your re-enactment

Re-create your fandom if that makes you feel good. Wear your favorite character’s outfit with pride and recreate any scene or action that you love. After all, it is a day to embrace and own your personality.

Wear a stately dress to work

Create a wow moment for yourself today. Dress in a way that aligns with your style and personality. So, get ready to pick out the most stunning dress in your wardrobe and make the world your oyster.

Reasons to embrace your geekiness

Do you need reasons to embrace your inner Greek and enjoy this special day? We have five reasons to embrace your geek:

The term depicts intelligence

Unlike decades ago, geekness is now a symbol of intelligence all over the world. If you do not believe this, think of the level of relevance and respect Ursula Burns, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk command. They are famous around the world for being innovative, acutely intelligent, and successful.

When you think of these cool geeks, you would realize that geek’s new connotation is more positive.

Higher social maturity and competency

Research shows that the so-called nerds are often better than the “cool kids.” The study also found that cool kids are 45% more likely to get into adverse behaviors than their geeky counterparts.

Geek is increasingly becoming a less offensive term

As the admiration for geeks grows, more people are getting comfortable with the label. Here is a surprising breakdown that will show the drastic switch from the disapproving past of geeks.

  • 45% believe this label translates to being an early technology adopter
  • 60% of millennials take the term as a compliment
  • 41% of people do not mind being called geeks

Early adaptor of technology and tech-savvy

Because geeks do not rest on the laurels of their past accomplishments or knowledge, they are always on the verge of creating new tech. Consequently, they are the tech-smart people who make all the computer problems go away at work.

With the work environment adopting the digital wave, companies need geeks who can handle techy issues. So, they are a vital part of the new digital world!

Greeks introduce unique perspectives and knowledge to the conversations

A think expert suggested that science nerds and art geeks should collaborate often. According to him, they can benefit humanity and the business world with stunning ideas or technologies.

Moreover, nerds are intelligent enough to think critically about topics before contributing or reacting.

Flexispot workstations for geeks

We know how much your work or gaming matters to you; hence, we have highlighted some of our best products that would suit you. While you pursue your nerdy obsessions and dedications, Flexispot echoes its support via the production of a workstation that can aid your creativity.

So, while you embrace your geekiness today, remember to embrace good health. We would hate to lose such intelligence to the dangers of a poorly furnished workspace. Below is some Flexispot’s product that would make your geeky activities a breeze.

Standing Desk

Standing desks affords your workspace comfort while you code or express those imaginative comics.

Apart from the fact that a standing desk helps you switch between postures, it also prevents diseases common to inactive lives.

Sit-stand desks are comfortable and boost productivity. You can either invest in a gaming desk for all your gaming adventures or another comfortable standing desk with excellent ergonomics features.

We recommend the new Kana standing desk with solid and durable frames to handle anything you throw at it. 

Alternatively, you can invest in an electric height adjustable gaming desk with features to take your gaming to exceptional heights.

Floating Shelves

How about having a shelf to hold the plastic representation of all your favorite Avengers’ characters? Or one that stores your numerous technology books away from damaging conditions? These floating shelves creatively crafted, store, or display all that matters to you.

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are loyal to your comfort. You do not have to spend sleepless nights coding or gaming in a crappy chair; invest in a quality ergo chair, and you would never regret it.

Flexispot has delightful Ergonomic office chairs that make it easier to perform any geeky activity without body aches. We recommend the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair or Adjustable Ergonomic Office Executive Chair LYL.

Embrace your geekiness!

The 21st century has raised expectations and reliability in geeks all around the world. 

You are the custodians of the digital world, bringing wild imaginations to life and sustaining the technology others struggle to maintain. Geeks seem to have a tall order, but we believe they are up to the challenge.

On this day, you should let your geekdom shine through and never feel constrained while expressing your passions. No matter how weird it may seem, there is a place in this world that your ardentness can fill. Embrace your geekness and show off your creativity with pride!