How to Celebrate British Columbia Day

02 August 2021

British Columbia day is personal to citizens of the British Columbia province in Canada. It is the special time of the year when they get to celebrate their local heritage gaily. However, it is not only the British Columbia province that will be celebrating its local heritage on 2nd of August.

This holiday is generally called Civic Day in Canada. But each province in Canada gets to attach the name of their province to this holiday. For instance, it is Saskatchewan Day in that Saskatchewan and George Hamilton day in Hamilton, Ontario.  

British Columbia day recalls how James Douglas discovered the southernmost part of Vancouver Island which is currently known as Victoria City. It also celebrates the announcement that birthed British Columbia.

As expected, the cause of celebration is different in other provinces. Each province celebrates a historical item or political milestone. 

Although the celebration is different all over Canada, the parades and festivals are common to the Civic Day celebration all over the country. But not to worry, you can have a unique British Columbia day! Keep reading to find out how.

 History of British Columbia Day

British Columbia day is not a federal government holiday like Easter or Christmas. However, it is a popular holiday. Even workers get a day off work during British Columbia day.

We can trace the officiality of this holiday to the Ontario governor's decision to recognize the first Monday in August as Simcoe day. He created Simcoe day to celebrate the anti-slavery figure, John Simcoe in 1969.

After this, politicians from other provinces suggested the celebration of their historical milestones in an official capacity. In 1974, British Columbia received one of such petitions.

Most Canadians term this holiday as a statutory holiday, but the level of relevance differs in all territories and municipalities. However, since the holiday falls in summer season, Canadians appreciate the opportunity to plan a long weekend trip with family and friends.

How to observe British Columbia Day

Read About Your History

Be an active part of your city’s rich history.  Read some articles or watch historical documentaries particular to your province. Beyond getting more knowledgeable, it is fun to understand why some things are the way they are.

Plus, if you intend to participate in other British Columbia day events, you will have in-depth knowledge about the activities. This can give you an advantageous edge over your friends.

Attend a Festival or a Street Fair  

Today can go the way you planned or take a spontaneous turn depending on how you intend to spend it.

 But here are a couple of tips to make it spectacular. Allow yourself feel the essence of the holiday. Make new friends, try new food, and attend concerts from a genre you are completely unfamiliar with.

However, these activities should be related to the culture of your territory. Be open-minded and ready to explore; this is how to enjoy this holiday to the fullest.

Besides trying new things, you can make out time to hang out with your friends in public. Since there will be festivals to attend, enjoy it to the fullest.

Take Up the Pioneering Spirit

British Columbia day is about celebrating pioneers for a historical decision or action that affected the province positively. You can become a pioneer yourself. You can give in to your inspirations and startup something.

Campaign for a cause you are passionate about, try out new things, give in to the urge to invent what you have in mind.  It is a time to create and build unapologetically.

Symbols of British Columbia Day

As a statutory holiday, it comes with celebrations and some symbolic cultural presentations. Hence, you will come across a host of symbols during British Columbia day.  Symbols like the Pacific dogwood, western red cedar, Jade flower, the Steller’s jay, and the provincial tartan which has series of colors that represent different aspects in the province.

Besides these symbols, there are vital symbols that are iconic to British Columbia day. The two main symbols that fall under this category are the flag and coat of arms.

The upper part of the flag consists of a union flag with a crown right in the middle. These symbolize the monarchy of the United Kingdom and the colonial links of the country.

The lower part of the flag has blue and white waves background with a setting sun on it. These represent British Columbia's geographical location in Canada. It is between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. As for the coat of arms, it shares similar components.

How people celebrate British Columbia Day

British Columbia day is an opportunity for people to try out a wide range of activities. Many Canadians in the British Columbian province plan this holiday as one of their summer trips. Since it is summertime, the idea of a canoe trip, hiking, camping, and taking long walks are feasible.

For many people, it is an opportunity to take out the time for long visitation outside Canada. Some residents spend it with their family outside Canada or with their friends in other parts of the country.

If the idea of a mini-vacation does not sail, there are numerous options within Vancouver. Festivals, parades, fireworks displays, and other activities make British Columbia day colorful.

There will be events all over the province to celebrate the remarkable achievements of people from the west coast of Canada in cuisine, sports, technology, and many more.

Hence, it is a free time to enjoy summertime, grab a quick vacation, and have fun at its peak. And it is one of the few holidays with a lengthy list of possible activities lined up.

What a Typical British Columbia Day Looks Like at Work

British Columbia Day is a statutory holiday in Canada. Consequently, people have the day off work so they can take out time to celebrate. Most local businesses, post offices, and organizations will be closed. Some local customs permit a few local stores to open during the celebration.

Public transport is often in rarity or may not be available at all. And since it is summertime, schools are on holiday; hence, they are all closed.

It feels like another Christmas or Easter celebration. People spend the British Columbia day celebration creating some me time and having fun in any way they can.

Joining the Celebration of British Columbia Day

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Celebrating your local heritage is a way to show patriotism. And the best thing about British Columbia day is that you can enjoy access to several activities. Ensure you approach this holiday with an open mind; don't hesitate to try new things. Summer is almost over, make the most of it!