How Public Speaking Can Help You Advance in Your Career

14 July 2022

If you have been wanting to build your personal development but don’t quite know how, you may consider training to be a public speaker. The main goal of a public speaker is to communicate ideas to a listening audience which helps you organize your thoughts and verbalize them. Communication skills is something that comes in handy in any area of your life, may it be in your career or personal relationships. When you are a competent public speaker, you may be a step closer to achieving your goals. As a public speaker, you will be given a powerful platform to impact an audience, change their beliefs and behaviors, and push forward your advocacies.

During your training, you can learn what methods of speaking specifically works for you and which methods don’t. Through the learning process, you will get valuable insights on how you can elicit a strong response from your listening audience.

But if you don’t initially love public speaking, it might be a chore for you if you would do it for the wrong reasons. Here we try to convince you why going out your comfort zone and trying public speaking is worth your time, energy, and effort.

1. Public speaking can help you advance in your career.

When you are a skilled public speaker, the company that you are applying for or the company that you are already working for will see your skill to speak in front of an audience as an asset. If you are trying to build a company on your own, drawing an audience through public speaking can help your market grow. You build credibility and spice up your resume when you talk at conferences, seminars, and events. With the skills that you learn in public speaking, you become a better communicator in meetings and a much easier colleague to engage with in the workplace.

2. Public speaking will help boost your confidence.

The more you do it, the better you become at it. Even if you are an introvert or a shy person who is scared of speaking in front of an audience, you can conquer all these fears as long as you have the will to do so. When you connect with an audience, you will get this feeling of fulfillment, realizing the difference and impact that you can contribute to the world. Over time, you will notice how your confidence has increased from one speaking engagement to another. You will also notice how confident you’ve become in your daily life.

3. Public speaking can help develop your critical thinking skills.

The delivery of the speech is just the icing on the cake. Before a speech actually takes place, you need to give it a lot of thought, research, planning, and writing. You analyze first what your audience is like, what their demographics are, and what ticks them. Now your message should take into account the theme of the event, the. audience, and the value that you contribute to the matter. You have to practice critical thought when writing an impactful speech.

4. Public speaking can help you gain personal development.

It’s part of your personal development when you become a better communicator and listener. It’s a much different ball game up there when you start to speak in front of a crowd. It requires you to explore different ways on how you can effectively communicate your message to your audience.

You will also notice that communicating your ideas to others will come a lot more naturally to you. You will learn how to accept views that are different from yours and be able to defend your own ideas too. You will also be able to organize the thoughts in your head and how you will send your message across to other people.

5. Public speaking will widen your social network.

You will meet a lot of new people when you attend public speaking events. These people will most likely have the same interests as yours so you wouldn’t find it difficult to strike a conversation with them. You will most likely interact with your audience after the speaking engagement and exchange thoughts with them with regards to your speech. You will also be able to reach a lot of business leads and help you polish your social skills.

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