Heres How to Stop Your Attention Span from Declining Further

22 September 2022

You plan to concentrate intently for 90 minutes, but when you see a blank page and a blinking cursor, you open a new tab and forget the original purpose of your plan. Not to worry. You are not by yourself.

The attention span of a human has significantly decreased, from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8.25 seconds in 2021, according to a Microsoft study published in 2015. When contrasted to the typical attention span of a goldfish, which is estimated to be 9 seconds, this number is even more concerning. Naturally, traditional media and marketers exaggerated this information and omitted crucial aspects that changed what it was really about.

In actuality, the study is more interested in how long visitors stay on a website than in how well an online article captures their interest. Furthermore, it stands to reason that we can watch Netflix and unwind for longer than a goldfish, watch a YouTube video for at least 13 minutes, or engage in uninterrupted physical activity for 10 minutes. To begin with, comparing it to a goldfish is just plain ridiculous.

That's not to argue that our attention span deteriorating over time is not cause for concern. We regularly consume knowledge from the Internet, but it is impossible to fit it all in, say, 10 awake hours. It's so much that it would be impossible for a human being to go through it all. In response, we swiftly move on to the next topic without giving our minds time to fully process and retain the information. The majority of social media apps have user-friendly interfaces that enable quick site navigation. It's simple to get stuck in a cycle of doomscrolling, aimlessly moving up and down and left to right without truly learning anything new and merely putting strain on our eyes. We also extol a generation of multitaskers and productive people. Our minds swiftly stray from one task to the next because we're so used to handling several things at once.

Our ability to pay attention for long periods of time puts our quality of life in danger. Jumping from one activity to another damages our relationships, even those we hold dear makes us impatient with things that take time and effort, impairs our productivity at work, and reduces our ability to completely appreciate things.

Do not worry; it is possible to lengthen or fix your attention span if you have the willpower to devote yourself and carry out behavioral adjustments. Here are seven strategies for increasing attention span in the information age or the digital era:

Practice meditation every day.

It only takes three to five minutes per day to meditate. The key is to set aside some time in your hectic schedule to sit down and spend a few minutes to focus on deep breathing. Daily practice will eventually help it become a fixed part of your routine.

The ability to focus and be productive are both enhanced by meditation. Additionally, it helps a person identify distractions and eliminate them so that they don't reduce productivity.

Avoid being distracted.

Place obstacles so that distractions won't be easily accessible. Disable your phone or e-mail alerts. Put your phone in another room if you are in the capacity to do so. Tell folks what you are working on so they won't bother you during your focused time. Remove apps when you need to focus.

Put your mind into training.

You must engage in habits and activities that put your ability to focus on tasks to the test, in addition to physical activity. Give your complete attention to your friend as you converse with them. Instead of preparing a response while they are speaking, pay attention and listen. Instead of browsing the web, listen to a podcast. Don't pick up your phone; instead, pull up a book and start reading. Instead of watching a show while you eat, practice mindful eating and paying close attention to every mouthful of food that goes into your body. Consider engaging in other screen-free mindful pursuits, like studying a new instrument or enhancing your drawing skills.

If practiced repeatedly, small, lasting behaviors can have a significant impact.

Play some classical music.

Numerous studies have demonstrated how classical music encourages people to focus more intently on the work at hand. It enhances cognitive processes, and keeps you awake and inspired to exercise and take action.

Dedicate time to work out.

Your life can become more purposeful through exercise. Your body experiences some kind of strain during exercise, which enables you to concentrate on the task rather than allowing your thoughts to stray. Daily exercise, even for only five minutes, or taking a short walk to the park or anywhere near your house might help you refocus and concentrate on your assigned task.

Keep your workspace organized and clutter-free.

Your mental space is occupied by a messy environment, which forces you to change your thinking based on what is seen to the unaided eye. Installing storage solutions will keep your desk orderly.

Add even the littlest of movements to your regular regimen.

Avoid sedentary hobbies that could quickly bore you and cause you to focus on absurd things.

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Final Word

One of the illnesses of our generation is having a short attention span. While we take pride in how easily accessible information is, we also struggle with how we use it. Not to worry; by making behavioral changes, a short attention span can be addressed.

We can do and learn so much more when we can focus for a considerable amount of time instead of letting our thoughts wander in hundreds of different directions. Be patient with yourself if you can’t quite focus yet, especially with how social media has changed the way our brains are wired. It takes conscious effort, and little actions, every single day until you are able to see favorable results.