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Fun Themes for the Office Christmas Party

14 December 2021

Your workplace must already be preparing for the annual office Christmas Party.

There’s a dedicated organizing team that would be calling the shots–what games are going to be played, what the room would look like, what food will be served, what the dress code would be. Your only job is to show up on the theme and bring your gift to who you are Secret Santa for.

Of course, you’ll help in finishing the food too and participating in all the games that they prepared.

Was there ever a year that you did not like your Christmas party? Did you go home wishing that you joined in organizing the event so you could have had more fun with your colleagues and peers at work? Were you not happy with what your Secret Santa gave you?

If you felt like this, then this is your cue to be more assertive in pushing what you want at your next Christmas party. You may not be from the HR department or the party organizing team but you could always suggest a theme that you think the office would like. This is very crucial because it would determine more than half of the party’s outcome. Do not take this for granted because the Christmas party is only one of the few times that you could have a beer or wine while in the office space. You may see your bosses loosen their guard or you may have a casual chat with colleagues you barely talk to. It’s a time to be at work but not working. Maximize the opportunity and suggest a theme that would make your heart happy—well, of course, it should also be approved by your other officemates.

We list down some themes below:

1. A White Christmas

If you’re from a sunny state, turn your dream of having a white Christmas into a reality. Of course, you can always book a ticket to a snowy destination but you could also opt for the cheaper option. Suggest a Winter Wonderland Christmas party theme to the organizing committee. Help in covering your office with fake snow, dangle snowflakes from the ceiling and use white fairy lights. Anything white and silver could be used as decor including snow globes and icicles. You could even have an ice sculpture designed and delivered on the day. Or make your very own snowman using styrofoam.

Ask everyone to come in their most stylish winter ensembles or have a formal party with a Frozen-inspired outfit. Prepare an icy vodka cocktail or mulled wine to warm everybody’s senses. For food, try warm meals such as Shepherd’s pie or apple pie, panna cotta, baked lasagna, or tomato soup.

You could also schedule a trip to the local ice skating rink and have a friendly competition. Or if you don’t want to leave the office, build an indoor ski slope for everyone to enjoy.

2. A Nightmare Before Christmas-themed party

Everyone knows the Tim Burton 1993 film The Nightmare Before Christmas, and for good reason. Jack Skellington has become an iconic character that you could make the office look like his world. No need to buy anything new because there’s Halloween decor that could be recycled. Go for black and white decorations and put Santa hats on skulls and skeletons. Dress up like a Jack Skellington and have a photo station during the event. A menu should be strictly English that includes roast meat, bangers, mash, puds, custard, and other British comfort food.

3. A Masquerade Ball

Want to pull off something fancy? After all, it’s Christmas and a perfect excuse to dress to the nines. You could never go wrong with a classic masquerade ball. This COVID-19 crisis got us all accustomed to wearing masks anyway. Ask everyone to attend in their evening gowns and coats and ties. Adorn the room with theater masks and decorate with gold and red tones. Layout a red carpet and put up stage lights and fake cameras for all the arrivals of the night. For the food, serve appetizers, the main course, dessert, and champagne, much like what a three-course menu in a five-star hotel would look like.

A jazz band for the music would be perfect while a DJ would slay the after-party. Prepare crowns and sashes for the Queen and the King of the Night. In the venue, you could also set up a mask-making station. Workflow suggests a fun game of “Who Am I” as an ice breaker for the party. On each of the contestant’s foreheads would be a piece of paper indicating who a famous person they are. Everyone will walk around and ask questions to the other guests and guess who they are. For more fun, it could become a couples game where a character in a love team is assigned to you and you go around the room to find your partner.

3. Luau Christmas party

It’s almost always sunny and alive in Hawaii so why not bring the tropics to your Christmas party? Come on now, do the hula while wearing your grass skirt and flower garland. This party is guaranteed to be vibrant and colorful that could put anyone in a festive mood, even the grumpiest employee. Someone could play some songs on the ukulele or recorded reggae music could be on blast. This tropic-inspired Christmas party would be refreshing for the guests who want a break from the winter season.

Hawaiian food is also exciting like a boodle fight with seafood, vegetables, and fruits. A food station for poke bowls and refreshing smoothies could be set up. A fun limbo rock game could hype everyone up.

4. Around the World Christmas Party

Experiencing a new Christmas tradition from another country is always fun. This is perfect for a multicultural office to get to know its employees through cultural immersion. Have everyone bring Christmas meals from their countries.

Ask people to come wearing their national costume or something that reminds them of home. For music, prepare a playlist of songs from all around the world.

Have a fun trivia game about the various Christmas traditions and practices across the globe.

Christmas party raffle

Aside from awarding exemplary employees or announcements of the much-awaited Christmas bonus, a Christmas party won’t be complete without a raffle for the hardworking employees. The party organizing team may consider giving away great quality ergonomic furniture as a grand prize.

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