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Nurture Your Long Distance Relationship through Virtual Dates

27 January 2023

For ten years, Kayla and Donny have officially been a couple. They have been friends since they were kids, living in the same neighborhoods and their parents being best buds. Play dates were scheduled often until Kayla and Donny started to plan meet-ups on their own. Kayla would play video games with Donny and his brothers and then when it was time to walk the dog, they would get up and do it together. The relationship was purely platonic until Kayla started wearing dresses, putting her naturally straight hair down, and applying makeup. Donny, who used to have crushes on other girls, started to view Kayla differently as he noticed glimpses of attraction more than just friendship. Finally, he proposed to Kayla to be his junior-senior prom date. It was understandably very awkward during that date and a few after that but Kayla quickly caught on to the love bug and the cutest love tale began.

Moving forward to the present, Donny is now a full-fledged pilot. And as a pilot, he needed to get experience. He was stationed at first for an airline in the Philippines so he had to switch bases and move to a country a thousand miles away from Kayla. Although they trusted each other big time, it wasn't an easy move at all for Kayla and Donny because they spent their childhoods together and were accustomed to seeing each other constantly. However, Kayla is patient in waiting for Donny's return so they can reconnect in person and bond again like the good old times.

When COVID-19 struck and the continent of Europe became the virus's first epicenter, luck was not on their side. Given that the virus lingered and is still a major concern in the area, Donny had to accept the fact that he might not get to fly home for a while. But Kayla and Donny weren't ready to give up on their relationship. Of course, they made the most of the Internet for themselves, keeping their thrilling long-distance relationship going.

For all the couples that are apart and feel the distance more during this coming Month of Hearts, there are some virtual date suggestions below:

Enjoy a couple video games.

It can be a group of friends affair, but once in a while, you could turn it into a date night. You have no idea how many games for couples have appeared on the web in recent years, and finding them is simple. There are enjoyable games that will force you to plan and strategize how to win, while other games will help both of you get to know each other better. You can try games such as Overcooked, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, and Animal Crossing.

Use a monitor mount for better concentration. To become more focused and alert, you may rearrange your desktop, experiment with angles, or bring the monitor nearer to you. This monitor mount is simple to clamp to your desk, where you can then make adjustments while you watch. A cable management system is also included to conceal stray wires. You should be at your best even when you are battling against your spouse.

This leads us to suggest a standing desk along with a standing desk converter to keep you alert during the game. You can choose from a variety of height-adjustable standing desks and standing desk converters from Flexispot.

Watch a movie or better catch a series together.

On the Internet, there are a lot of video conferencing applications. However, there have been a lot of group streaming apps that you can use in addition to Zoom or Google Meet to watch a flick or series with your spouse concurrently. In addition to Hulu Watch Party and Groupwatch, Netflix and Disney+ each provide Teleparty. Visit the FlickCall Watch Party Extension if you're looking for a free, simple-to-use third-party program. Apps like Twoseven, Watch2gether, Scener, and Rabbit are also options.

Try the Plex VR if you want to step up the experience of video syncing and it might even transport you both to a shared virtual loft apartment as you watch together. You would also require compatible hardware with Google Daydream, Gear VR, or Oculus Go for this one to work.

Using a desk bike while watching a movie will make your date more enjoyable by adding some movement. As the movie plays, you get to reduce extra calories and stay awake. You may modify the resistance levels on the FlexiSpot V9 Bike Workstation's detachable desktop.

Have check-ins every now and then.

The saying goes that love grows stronger apart. Since you cannot physically touch each other, you can still maintain an emotional bond by agreeing to be open, honest, and vulnerable with your emotions for one another. The "We Are Not Really Strangers" (WNRS) card game has captivated the interest of millions of people all over the world. Its authors forewarn that emotions may surface when playing the cards, but you shouldn't let that deter you because that's precisely what this card game is all about. Use the information on the cards to bring out your partner's sensitive side and ask each other questions. Many first-time lovers and those going on their first dates, whether they be in person or online, enjoy playing the WRNS game. It could ease the awkwardness and advance the conversation from superficial small talk to a meaningful and in-depth one.

While you are hearing your partner's response, you could even make notes. Make sure your room has adequate lighting installed. It will be simple to complete the task with a task lamp that has a rotating head and an adjustable arm.

If both of you make the effort, your love can endure the distance. There are no obstacles you cannot overcome if you are committed to making your relationship work right now, regardless of how long you will be separated or if you will remain together in the future. Enjoy your virtual dates, and even though you're simply at home, remember to dress up!