Flexispot Super Brand Day

19 May 2021


Flexispot is set to indulge all its customers with a rewarding brand day campaign. Possibly the best news of the month, right?

It’s no news that we imagine and enliven ergonomic solutions to keep your workspace healthy. Just consider this brand day as one of such well thought solutions. Our commitment to workspace wellness drives all our decisions, and this isn’t an exception.

We believe that no one must endure bad workspace conditions all because affordability is in rarity. So, if you are looking to save a few dollars, anticipate our brand day! The best part of this deal is that you won’t only get to save some money, you will also get access to an avalanche of fun.

Because we have a host of activities lined up to spice up this brand day. We sincerely recommend you grab a pen and mark the dates on your calendar.

Hey, don’t get impatient. We are about to let you in on all the deals we have prepared for you. Just keep scrolling.


What to Expect

Flexispot’s Brand day themed: #StandForLove is inspired by the need to provide a wide range of customers access to ergonomic workstations. It’s scheduled to hold on the 25th of May. Although accompanying activities will run from May 24th to May 30th.

We have an array of unprecedented discounts on most of our products. What’s more? Flexispot will also be giving out limited-time coupons based on certain requirements. This might just be the best time to order the cute workstation you’ve got an eye on. Quite frankly, we have a whole lot of surprises in store for you.

Why don’t you check out the detailed timeline of the Flexispot brand day event? It’s not too early to pick which one you’d like to participate in.


Highlights of the Event.

Flash Sale

This is one to look out for. You can save big by participating in Flexispot’s flash sales scheduled to hold from 24th till 30th of May. We will update our flash sale prices by 00.00 daily for those six days. So just feel free to explore and shop any time of the day.

But there is a condition. You can’t combine this flash sale deal with any other deal offered during this event. The best part of this is that you have 6 full days to enjoy this flash sale; make the most of it.

Spin and win

This campaign will start on the 17th of May and end on the 31st of May. You stand a chance to win amazing gifts and coupons when you spin the wheels. To participate in this campaign, you need to verify your email to ensure you get the prize you win when you play.

When you are ready to set the wheel spinning, click the “spin me” button. You will be rewarded with either a gift or a coupon depending on the result of your spin.

Do note that all new participants are entitled to one draw. However, you can earn more draws by subscription, buying, and sharing. Either way, all participants are entitled to 8 draws.

If this interests you, don’t want to miss the bandwagon. But any coupon you win will only be valid before July 1. So, use up your coupon before it expires. If you are lucky to win a gift, it will be delivered before the 3rd of June 2021.

Sitewide Discount

The theme #STANDFORLOVE” is a depiction of just how much we love our customers. And we have decided to express this love with a whopping 15% discount. Although this doesn’t apply to all our products.

Once you locate the item you want to buy, add it to your cart and you will automatically get 15% off when checkout. It’s that simple.

Just like the other campaigns, this one is also time-bound. It will remain valid from the 24th of May till the 30th of May. Please note that this discount applies to only the product price excluding taxes.

The Lucky Charm Bundle

Yes, we intend to spice up our social media pages with some lucky charm. Given this, expect massive prizes linked to activities on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Now here’s the deal.

Follow our social media pages, like our brand day posts, and tag three of your friends in the comment section. This gives you a shot at winning our mysterious gift. Grab your phones, hit the follow button, and get prepped for your gift.

We need 1 winner, 2 first runner ups and 6-second runners-up. This means 9 participants will get our lucky charm bundles. You’d better be one of them because the prize is worth $200 to even $2000!

The prize is still a mystery. You can check our Facebook post and guess what the prize will be. The first one come up with the correct answer will win a small gift!

Daily Check-in

For our DIY enthusiasts, this campaign will interest you. Because it requires all the craftiness you can muster. You will need to assemble standing desks gradually by checking in daily. We know you’ll need more than a single trial to completely assemble a standing desk. Hence, we will give you a chance to earn more check-ins by sharing with others.

Here’s the catch, you must complete the assembling within 10 days of daily check-ins. If you achieve this, we will reward you with a coupon code.

Yesterday Once More

“Yesterday once more” campaign is where all your creativity comes into play. And It’s also one of the most interesting activities at this event. All we need is a beautiful shot of what your typical daily life or work life. But we want it to be as expressive and fun-filled as it can be.

Once your photos fulfill these requirements, we will have them displayed on the photo wall immediately after we approve them.

Finally, we will choose the most interesting shots and pick a winner. If you turn out to be the best, you will get our latest standing desk as a reward.


New Changes

We will be making a couple of changes to our website ahead of the brand day. You will probably notice a couple of heart patterns sticking out.

Besides the heart patterns, we will integrate new cute figures as well. Not to worry, none of these changes will affect easy navigation and the simplicity our website is well known for. You can be certain that the user interface will remain warm, homely, and accommodating.


About Flexispot

Flexispot is keen on creating healthy work alternatives. Hence, we seek to trigger workspace transformations and set the tone for a productive and comfortable space. All our designs are inspired by these. We are the formidable choice when comfort, productivity, and wellness are a necessity.


Media Contact

To actively participate in our super brand day activities, you will need access to our social media pages. Our official pages are as follows:

  • Website: http://www.flexispot.ca/

  • Instagram: Flexispot_official

  • Twitter: @Flexispot

  • Facebook: Flexispot.ca

  • Email: contact@flexispot.ca

Don’t forget to follow us on all our social media accounts, you will be glad you did.


Benefits of the Brand Day

Clearly, our super brand day will feature a host of cool gifts and discounts. But much more than the flashy gifts, we hope to communicate the essentiality of your wellbeing at work. We also hope to communicate love in every viable way we can.

We promise to make the event exhilarating and heartwarming. So, we’d like you to save the date and clear your schedule because you’d be glad you did. It might do your colleagues and friends some good if you get this message out to them.


In a Nutshell


We sincerely hope you are as excited as we are about this! Be prepared to enjoy this as much as we will. Bring on all your competitiveness, your creativity, and a mild dose of aggression because flexispot’s brand day is set to be thrilling.

Looking forward to hosting you and spending the final week in May cozying up to all our customers. Cheers, our warmest regards.