How To Make More Money If You Don’t Want To Be A Manager

26 November 2019

It is undoubtedly evident that a robust salary attracts robust obligations and duties, and at some points in your career, you would have to make some giant steps to building yourself and making impacts. On the verge of doing this, you definitely won’t be looking out for yourself alone, but you have a number of persons, and even more a conglomerate to oversee their daily task and report duties.Nonetheless, there are other objections to that rule if you’re not signed up for being a manager with so many tasks and duties to catch up with, you most definitely can have a plan of action, and a layout of how you want your career to evolve. It is not necessarily important that you’re a manager before you have your career boosted which directly influences your earnings.

In this article, after an in-depth research, we cut out ways you can increase your earnings without necessarily being a manager.

Be clear of your application

It is possible to turn down a promotion into management while still boosting your salary — more on that later — but it’s definitely easier to be clear about it from the get-go.The wrong decision most persons make is not being clear or the roles they are seeking to apply from the inception. Most persons feel any role at all is suitable for them. Although, you can always refuse a promotion into management roles, but you can always be clear of your roles of truly you want to build a monumental career.

When you’re seeking job opportunities, be intentional of the roles or the company in which you intend to work. Ensure that you land yourself in a company where your skills and expertise will be appreciated. When you’re not clear of taking a job, resist the urge to, don’t go ahead taking a job where you won’t progress except you take on a management role, otherwise you may find yourself foiled.Also, another way to ensure the track of the job you’re applying won’t end you in becoming a manager is to ask questions during the interview, you have to ask questions on the job description. You can put questions like;What’s the career path of this role I’m applying? 

What’s the company’s plan for persons that take up such role?This is not just going to ring a question in the ears of your employer,  but it also keep you on the verge of being an employee who is got plans and has the expertise of dispensing rightly, and you’re just looking out for the right firm to contribute your quota.

Keep your communications intact

After landing that job, there is a need to ensure that you keep your communications intact with your employer. The essence of this is to make sure that you don’t unexpectedly end up in the management track. Doody says. “That way, you’re well ahead of that conversation and performance review or promotion conversations won’t have any surprises for you or your manager.”It’s mostly important that you do this so you don’t end up being pushed onto the manager role, and no disappointment at work is greater than not being able to dispense your duties. It will be a shame on you, and a great disappointment to your employer, this can even be the point your career starts experiencing troubles.

Work as an intern with a specified duration

This is another way not to end being a manager, you can apply to work as an intern, that will in turn boost your career path and experience.

Refuse promotion with courtesy

Okay, let’s have it you already found yourself on a management track, and you end up being a  manager, you can always turn down gracefully and with courtesy. Oh well,  you might be thinking this will affect my status quo at work, but the gospel truth is when you accept a role you know quite well you don’t wish to, and you end blowing the whole thing,  then your career is at stake. So how do you do this? Be polite in your word. Show gratitude to your employer because out of so many, you were selected. Let them know your career goals. Let them know your key skills and the growth the organization would enjoy as part of you contributing your quota

It is better off you let your employer know that you prefer  focusing on  the growth and sustainability of the company, and you’d prefer to discuss ways you can supply  value and ameliorate the company’s capacity and expansion. Get more relevant skills and request for a raise. When you’re at a work and you desire to earn more money, the truth is your educational qualification qualifies you for the job, your skills acquisition keeps you relevant and invariably augments your income.

Skill acquisitions are a factor  that you’ve not been relentless in  adding additional value since you got on the job. Your employer would definitely be glad that he has employed an employee that’s mindful of his growth and the company’s growth,  and a raise would definitely be considered when requested for.

Your employer only care about employees that are effective and result oriented. The best you can do is to continue to upgrade yourself to upsell your personality,  and be conscious of your goals, and how it’s  going to help you grow personally, and also the organization.