Do You Think Your New Year's Resolution Has Failed? Try A Monday Re-Set!

23 January 2020

Do you hate Mondays? Do you absolutely detest having to wake up after a weekend to face the sad fact that you're in yet another weekday? Well, if you do hate Mondays, you are most certainly not alone. There are a lot of people who feel the same way.

However, if you do hate Mondays so much, you may be losing out on a golden opportunity. How? Simple really. Sudies have found that Mondays are the best time to get started on a new routine.  If you want to start a new healthy routine, researchers argue, perhaps you should look favourably towards Mondays.

Have you ever wondered why people use the hashtag "MondayMotivation"? Researchers at John Hopkins say that people who view Mondays as a day for fresh starts may just be on to something. Mondays may just be the fresh start that you're looking for.

So what does all this have to do with the new year and new year resolutions? Well, the first day of 2020 started on a Wednesday. So generally, Monday is the day that they deem it fit to kick-start their new year resolutions.

Now, get this: Around 85% of the new year resolutions that people make are health-related. People want to build up muscles, cut down weight, stop eating unhealthy food, and some even want to get more weight.

Unfortunately, about 80% of new year's resolutions fail in the first month.

You know it's true, I know it's true, we know it's true, and I've just written the numbers to back it up.

Is there a solution? Well, let's see.

Mondays can be your New Year

What? Absolutely wild idea— new year's Day comes about once a year while Mondays come about fifty-two times a year. Is this really a preposterous idea or a genius one?

I mean, taking Monday's like your New year in terms of resolutions means that if you fail in a week, you can always try again in a few days.

But that idea certainly didn't just spring up right now. Others have been thinking along these lines for a while.

The Monday Campaigns is a healthy Monday reset initiative that supports new year resolutions throughout the year. The program works exactly how you would imagine it to work— it provides weekly reminders for users to have healthy habits that can prevent health issues like diabetes, obesity, and other terrible health conditions.

How does the organisation do this? By providing "Monday cues", says Ron Hernandez, the managing director of the Monday Campaigns.

What sort of reminders do they get? Well, they are all different and could be recipes for meatless meals on some days and encouragement to exercise more. It could even be something as easy as reminding users to practice deep breathing for a short while in order to combat stress.

These weekly reminders or "Monday resets" are great, especially after weeks where health goals or new year resolutions have been unmet. This period of not actively working on goals, according to researchers, can lead to 20% of people giving up on their new year resolutions.

What about the people that the Monday Campaigns cater for? What do they think? Well, 73 per cent of the respondents that Hernandez noted showed that refreshing their new year resolutions every Monday has helped them to stick to these resolutions. They also said that the resets help them get back on track after a weekend of derailing. So basically, people prefer to have fifty-two chances to get their new year resolutions on track than having one.

Well, Why Mondays?

Why isn't the Monday Campaigns called the Tuesday Campaigns or the Friday Campaigns? Or the Sunday Campaigns?

Believe it, there's a statistics based answer for that. According to Google, searches on health-related issues peak after the weekend. It seems that people are more concerned about their health after the weekend (Gee, wonder why). People are more likely to be interested in starting new diets or taking positive health steps after a weekend.  Basically, starting the week off with positive intentions jealous shape the remainder of the week.

According to Hernandez, it appears that Mondays are a cultural concept. Many people look at Mondays as new beginnings— while there are many who think Mondays are something to dread, there are others who look at Mondays as a new beginning.

There are a Lot of Organisations That Think Like The Monday Campaign And They Are Only Growing

The Monday Campaign doesn't work alone. There are other Monday focused organisations like the Kids Cook Monday, Meatless Monday, Caregiver Monday, Man-Up Monday and the DeStress Monday that work with the Monday Campaign.

Now, are Monday organisations like this telling us to say goodbye to new year resolutions and say welcome to "new week" resolutions? Certainly not. What they are saying, simply, is that you don't have to abandon your new year resolution after the first month or two of not meeting them.

You can always reset— you can always start again, and you have fifty-two chances in a year to start on a fresh slate.

That's actually amazing.