Collisions and Injury: Biggest Ergonomic Problems in the Office

20 August 2021

Caught Off-Guard

You are busy typing your report. You need to wrap it all up at 4:30 so you could relax until 5. Suddenly, you feel the desk is shaking and the last thing you'd remember is the desk you are working on wobbles and breaks apart in the middle. This is probably the worst thing that might happen to you when you are in the office. Most of the time collisions like this could lead to further injury. This may cost you more than buying a low-quality office desk. 

Commonly, the examples of injuries that you might experience range from:

  • minor scratches
  • deep-cut wounds
  • bruises

As minor scratches could only puncture most likely the surface of your skin, deep-cut wounds and bruises may likely cause you ergonomic pain or injury. At times, when you have bruises, this might somehow affect your shoulders and your arms or any parts of the body that are exposed to the ergo pain.  

So, what are the causes of collisions in your workstation? What are the things that may expose you to work hazards? Next in this discussion are the things that put you at risk of injuries.

The Potential Work Hazards that Might Cause Collisions

Work hazards are everywhere in the office but the place which is at high risk of injury or accident is at the work station. The potential collisions and wobbling of the desk are the hazards that might take place. Usually, these things start with a disorganized desk. When a person has a lot of clutters on his work tables, chances are he might experience collision or wobbling of the desk. There are office desks that do not have the sturdiness that is needed for an office worker. 

Commonly, you will see clutters like a pile of documents not needed by the worker. Office tools that he does not use, and other writing tools that he just leaves on the surface. This kind of scenario could lead to an ergonomic problem. The probability of an accident is much higher compared to when the table is free from clutters and all the files needed are at one side of the table. 

In actuality, the ideal setting on the table must be minimalist as much as possible. The middle part of the workstation should be clear of any clutters especially the ones that you would not be needing. This is to avoid too much destruction on the desk and additional weight on the surface although there is nothing to worry about the weight capacity if you're going to have an ergonomic standing desk. 

The improper position of devices on your workstation may also be dangerous especially if the surface of the office desk is not even. This may cause the wobbling of the desk because of the imbalanced weight due to the objects on the surface. This may also cause you ergonomic pain because when the devices are not positioned properly, chances are you might get numbness in your back and soreness in your neck. 

Commonly, it happens when you need to sit sideways while the device is facing the other way. This could make you feel exhausted at the end of your shift. This situation could get worse especially when you don't use a piece of ergonomic equipment. 

Now, as we continue with the discussion, we will also talk about the products that have most of the ergonomic qualities that you must look for in a desk. These include the specs and features of a good standing desk. In this part as well, we will discuss the company that produces these sought-after ergonomic products. The company that most people rely on is Flexispot. 

Nipping Things in the Bud with Flexispot Standing Desks

So, as you try looking for ways to avoid injuries and the solutions to the ergonomic problems, you may refer to the standing desks from Flexispot that could help you and protect you from the potential office hazards that you might encounter with a wobbly and low-quality office desk. 

At Flexispot, you may ensure that you can sit in front of an ergonomic-friendly piece of equipment. With the Flexispot standing desk, you don't need to worry that the surface of the desk is uneven and would get wobbly. At Flexispot, the standing desks are made with precision and even measurements to achieve the steadiness of the equipment. 

The standing desks at Flexispot could also offer you flexibility. With the height adjustability of these equipment pieces, you can make sure that you could do the sit-stand movement with ease unlike with the ordinary desks that could not be adjusted. When you cannot do the sit-stand desk on your office desk, the tendency is you might have sedentary activities. These activities might lead to ergonomic problems too. Hence, the creation of products like the standing desks from Flexispot. 

What's also good about the standing desks from Flexispot is you could put devices and important office tools with a weight of up to 220lbs. So, if you have a lot of heavy office materials that you'd be needing on the operations, having this standing desk from Flexispot could be very advisable because you can ensure that the desk would not get wobbly and could ensure you of a smooth transition. 

At Flexispot, you could also have a standing desk that is speedy and with a whisper-quiet operation. So, if you are the type of a fast worker and every minute counts for you. Then, this standing desk is the best option. This is because, with this product, you can ensure that you could alternate office activities from time to time so you could accelerate and slow down your energy in a dynamic way. 

Lastly, most standing desks have anti-collision features. When using these pieces of equipment, you can ensure that you would get protected and you would not be injured in your workstation. This is advantageous for you because you can ensure that you could concentrate on your work and you could have a harmonious work relationship with your colleagues. 

Final Thoughts

When we talk about big ergonomic problems, the issues of collisions and injuries will always take place. Hence, what we can do is to make sure that our workstation is ergonomically protected and free of clutter. With these, you can make sure that you would not be hearing office tools and materials dropping on the floor.