ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters - Eco Series 35” review— is it the best Standing desk converter?

27 December 2019

Sitting at a desk for long periods isn't the best experience, especially if you're not someone interested in backaches which we guess you're not. Sometimes, you just need a change of posture, and a standing desk is just the thing that may save your back. Then the problem arises, what's the best standing desk converter for you?

Well, if you're interested, you probably should check out the ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters - Eco Series 35”. This is the new and improved version of the desk, and it comes with some really nice and exciting features.

If you're in the market for a new standing desk converter, you certainly should check out the specs. It's certainly one of the best options out there, and it comes at a great deal too.

Features and Improvements

  • The most important thing that you should look for in a Standing desk converter is ease. After all, that's why you're buying it in the first place. You wouldn't want something that makes your job harder. That's one of the things that makes the Eco Series 35” Standing desk converter great. Transitioning from sitting to standing is quite easy— even with a lot of desk load on it. It has hydraulics so you can lift the desk, even with the maximum amount of load (35 lbs) with only 13 lbs of force and it can be lowered with only 3 lbs of force.
  • The second thing you should probably consider is height. After all, if a standing desk converter doesn't reach the right height for you, then it is sort of useless, is it not? The desk has 12 adjustable height settings, and on a standard 28" desk, its optimum height is perfect for users up to 6.1" tall. On a 31" high desk, it even accommodates users that are up to 6.5" tall. Clearly, the desk is great for most people.
  • You should also be concerned about space. You don't want your desk to be too big, or too small. The ClassicRiser is just the right size for you. It also has an extra-wide removable Keyboard tray that adds more ease to your work experience. The desk saves space and offers better stabilization when lowering and lifting.
  • Importantly, the desk helps you improve your posture big time. Sitting or standing, you'll discover that slouching has almost overnight stopped being your thing. The desk is great because of the basic things— it helps maintain a great posture, and it is comfortable to use.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely. The ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters - Eco Series 35” Standing desk converter is perhaps one of the best options on the market. It satisfies all the requirements you should ideally have when hunting for the best Standing desk converters for you. What's more? It comes pretty cheaply too at $229.99. Considering that the desk is cheaper and better, it is a pretty good deal. Most desks go for higher, and it's unlikely that you'll get a better deal.