Buyer’s Guide for Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk en1

16 April 2020

Congratulations, we thank you for making the decision to buy one of our best-selling height adjustable standing desks. The electric height adjustable desk EN1 has been the buyers’ favorite for many years and has been tipped by many as their life saver. Super-packed features wrapped in a beautifully-designed outlook, this desk has everything you need in your office or home. Like most of our products, its specifically customized to fit your office space, desktop requirement and has undergone world-class certifications and quality control. Some of these features include:



Value Electric Height Adjustable Desk EN1 comes in two options: the traditional 48” X 30” and 55” X 28”.  The dimension is professionally customized following users' demands for enough spaces of their accessories. In particular, you will conveniently place your monitor below the horizontal visual axis which maybe an arm away from your monitor. This is because the body is often tense when the screen is at the wrong place or too close. The 48" width (W) and 30" Depth (D) means that our buyers are free from tension in the shoulder and neck area. If you are the type that keeps fewer accessories under your desk but require large desk sizes, we recommend going for the larger option which is 55” X 28”. This is your best buy if your work involves stressing the neck or starring at the monitor for longer period.


Because of mobility and comfortability in usage, weight is an important factor to be considered when selecting an electric adjustable desk. Our Electric Height Adjustable Desk EN1 does not disappoint when it comes to weight. Measuring a total of 154 lbs, the desk has the capacity to withstand all items placed upon it: an average office desk ranges from 115-200 lbs, this desk offers more than stability and enhanced structural outlook. Your accessories and items are save.


The major feature of an adjustable desk is the ability to adjust its height to your desired position. We understand that users’ height varies and this desk, according to its reviews, provide smooth height adjustment ranges. Unlike similar adjustable from other brands with little options, people who are 3’3”- 6’5” tall will have no problem using this desk. This adjustment range is one of the best you would find in the market as it ensures comfortability and easy transition of working position. If adjustment height and speed are important you, you won't regret buying this desk.


Our single-motor 2 stage frame gives off a near-no noise when in use. What’s the essence of workstation if you will be distracted by noise? FlexiSpot’s Electric Height Adjustable Desk EN1 scores a pass mark in this regard as its noise level is given below 50 dBs. This is the standard for all electric adjustable desks as those above 50 dBs makes sounds that disturb and probably annoy people around you while using the desk.


Certification is quite an important feature to consider when buying electrical appliances. This is because of the hazards associated with their use, hence certification is required to certify that professional care has been taken in the manufacture and assemblage of these products.

The Electric Height Adjustable Desk EN1 holds two major certifications indicating that it is a quality product which is very safe to use. These certifications include UL and FCC.

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