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Best Home Exercise Equipment for Beginners

30 October 2018

We’re all in the same boat. We know exercise is important, but we struggle to incorporate it into our regular routine. There’s the obvious challenge: with working life increasingly reliant on the internet and computers, we find ourselves tied to a desk for the majority of the workday, meaning we might spend 8-10 hours sitting at our desk each day. But there are other things that get in the way of exercising, too, such as family commitments, lack of time or resources, or simply fatigue at the end of the day that makes it hard to motivate yourself.

Another problem is the gym itself. The gym may be the best place to workout – with its extensive array of exercise equipment and fitness classes – but most of us would agree that it’s not the most convenient place to workout. Any number of factors get in the way of making it to the gym: the drive, the time it takes, the fact that someone has to stay home with the kids, the cost of a membership, and social anxiety (just the thought of other people watching as we struggle through a workout when we’re out of shape is enough to keep us from trying).

Don’t let the barriers that keep you from going to the gym keep you from exercising at all. If you have a spare room or even some extra square feet of space in your home, you can set up a home gym for yourself. It may not be decked out with all the top-of-the-line exercise equipment as your local gym, but with a few basic pieces of home exercise equipment for beginners, you can create a home gym that will be more than adequate to get you started on your fitness journey.

This is a list of the best home exercise equipment for beginners:

  1. Exercise Mat – An exercise mat is a low-cost investment and one of the most versatile pieces of home exercise equipment. You can use it for so many different workouts, including yoga, pilates, weight-lifting, and ab exercise, just to name a few. An exercise mat is a must-have for your home gym.

  1. Foldable Exercise Bike – A full-size treadmill or exercise bike takes up a lot of space in your home, and isn’t the most attractive to the eye. Not to mention the price tag will set you back a few pretty pennies. Instead, buy a foldable exercise bike like the U1 Under Desk Bike. A foldable exercise bike allows you to get the same workout, but when you’re done it tucks away neatly and out of sight.

  1. Hand Weights – Many people focus on cardio when they’re starting their fitness journey or attempting to lose weight. Don’t overlook the importance of strength training. Strength training helps you build muscle, which increases your metabolism and burns more fat at rest. Having a strong core will also help prevent injury from other exercises. A set of hand weights is an essential purchase for a home gym.

  1. Jump Rope – Another inexpensive, easy-to-store option for cardio equipment is a simple jump rope. Jumping rope is a high-impact exercise that burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time, improves your agility, enhances balance, and targets several muscle groups at once. And when you’re done, you can simply roll it up and tuck it away.

  1. Sit-Stand Desk – You’re probably thinking, “What is a desk doing in a home gym?” You don’t have to store your sit-stand desk in your home gym, but a sit-stand desk is one of the most underrated pieces of home fitness equipment. Standing for an extra two hours a day can boost metabolism, strengthen core muscles, and tone your legs – all without breaking a sweat. An electric height-adjustable desk will even do all the work for you, and has a notification timer to alert you when it’s time to stand.

When you’re out of shape, the prospect of starting a new fitness routine or going to the gym can seem highly intimidating. Take the pressure off by creating your own home gym, with all the equipment that will help you make exercise convenient and fun.