Are You Undoing your Gym Gains? Sit Less for Fitness!

30 October 2018

Modern Life

Much of our working and leisure time is spent in front of a computer, XBOX, PS4, or simply watching television.  Combined sleeping time and typical daily sitting time, comes to an incredible 20 hours per day!

It’s no surprise then that our daily Calorie requirements have plummeted from humanity’s early days.  We need less energy nowadays because so much of our labor has been taken over by our machines, and our entertainment is delivered directly to our devices instead of us heading out to find it on our own.

To substitute for what used to be ordinary activity, we go to the gym and work out. That way we can still eat the foods that we enjoy.  The difficulty is that we are inconsistent with our exercise.

We must increase our rate of metabolism to burn more Calories constantly—luckily this is surprisingly easy to do—just Stand Up!

Stand Up for Yourself

Simply standing burns an extra 750 calories per minute.  Most non-scientists think “calories” and “Calories” are the same, but Capital “C” calories are 1,000 times larger (officially known as Kilocalories).  Humans need approximately 2,500 Calories (Kilocalories) or 2-½ million calories per day in order to function.

While 750cal/min doesn’t sound like much, when you add one additional hour of standing to your daily routine, in one year it is equivalent to 4 kilograms or 8 pounds of fat.  In practical terms, it is the equivalent of running 10 marathons annually!

Strength From Within

While standing, many seldom-used muscles come into play and this raises our rate of metabolism.  When it does increase, an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase, which is responsible for moderating triglycerides and blood fats, comes out of retirement mode.

Without it, you’re headed for atherosclerosis—a disease process characterized by scarring of the lining of arteries and the build-up of plaques and cholesterol deposits.  Low-metabolism compromises other body functions, such as the immune system—the body’s first line of defense—and the last thing we want weakened.

Cumulative chair-time also causes back and shoulder pain, and innumerable other aches.  This includes all joints, because the less you move, the less likely you are to move.  You produce less synovial fluid (the lubricant for our joints), and so we get “stiff” as well as sore.


This physical state is intimately associated with the epidemic of common and deadly diseases in modern society.  Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other metabolic disorders are all classified as “lifestyle” diseases—which means they are self-inflicted—and are therefore entirely preventable.

Tips and Exercises to Raise Metabolism

There are steps you can take to reestablish mastery over your out-of-control metabolism.  They are surprisingly easy to integrate into your work routine.

  • Shift your position frequently; stand up and walk every hour; visit the water cooler; take a lunchtime stroll
  • Obtain a standing desk. Most are configurable so that they accommodate either sitting or standing
  • Be a born-again pedestrian
  • Use the elevator less frequently, or debark a couple of floors early and use the stairs for the last part of the journey
  • Stand up during meetings
  • Isometric exercises or yoga can be subtle and unobtrusive
  • When watching television, use commercial breaks as an opportunity to stand up; patrol your home; stir dinner; check on the kids homework; just about any activity will do, like fetching a healthy cruciferous snack

The Takeaway

It is easy to lose your body’s fitness level; it’s just as easy to get it back.  Start slowly and your body will reward you with fewer aches, increased endurance, and the ability to join with friends or family in their activities.

Your mind will reward you with enthusiasm, and a positive outlook as your body chemistry shifts back into the normal range.   This is exactly what you need to keep yourself vital, energetic, and youthful.

If you find yourself in need of support in your quest, please feel free to contact us at www.flexispot.com because we would love to hear from you.

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Stand Up for Yourself!