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Side Hustles to Grow Your Money this 2023

17 January 2023

It might be seen as too extra but there are people who review their finances from the past year and prepare their budgets for the new year.

There are those who put in an expenditure quota on how much they can just spend or there are those who are already strategizing how they’re going to earn their biggest this year.

Thankfully, there are already opportunities available for those who are afraid to leave their nine to five jobs in pursuit of something big to do on their own. We decided to list down some side hustles you can try to earn more money this Year 2023.

Social Media Management

Although there are many digital tools that have sprang up, there is no robot that can replace a human mind that has the ability to innovate, be creative, and think critically. You can do a social media plan in just hours and be done for the whole month by scheduling the posts. So yes, this can be a weekend job when you are employed in a big company.

Streaming Games

If you like to play video games, why not make money out of it by setting up a stream station? Just have a camera in front of you and screenrecord your monitor while you’re playing. Stay consistent, engage with your audience, and learn the game as much as you can so that people would be interested to watch your streams.


They say vlogging is a full-time job and it might be because it will require you to write, shoots, edit, post, and publicize your vlog. But you can do videos that are easy to create and edit. You may shoot videos of you working or studying then add music to it. People would watch your vlogs while they’re studying and working themselves. You can share meals that you cook everyday so it’s not added work to your routine. Plus, it’s much easier to edit videos now with many phone apps making quality outputs.

Doing graphic templates

You can make layouts and sell them online. After you create the layout, you can just upload them to the server and wait for people to upload. For every upload, you earn money.

Selling photos and videos in stock sites

The same with Number 4, you can create photos and videos and earn money for every upload. It’s a must that the content is of good quality so that you get a sizable amount of uploads.

Part-time admin virtual assistant

If you just want to schedule appointments, fix emails, and do other admin work, then apply to a part-time admin assistant work. You can do it at home and it will just take 3 to 4 hours of your time everyday.

Want to work efficiently so that you’ll have time for your side hustles? Use ergonomic furniture to make you more focused, alert, productive, and efficient.

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

This ergonomic chair from FlexiSpot proudly features a 3D lumbar support system, 135-degree lounge tilt, and 4D adjustable armrests.

It has three height adjustment levels with a system that gently rebounds. The elegantly curved backrest will conform to the neck and spine that will provide the maximum headrest and lumbar support. The armrests are adjustable in four dimensions that contour effortlessly to the arms and elbows. It is made of Italian-imported chenille and K+R temperature sensitive fiber that will provide maximum ventilation and the most delicate of fabrics. It also features the best-in-industry Samhongsa Class 4 Gas Lift which guarantees that this chair will be able to handle whatever you throw at it.

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk (EF1)

If you’re just starting out, it’s smart to pick a basic unit, the EF1. This particular standing desk from FlexiSpot has five desktop color options: bamboo, mahogany, maple, black, and white. The height range is 28” to 47.6” while the desk frame comes in white, grey, and black. You may add a dual or single monitor mount that could be clamped on the desktop. Like the other desk mentioned above, you may also add caster wheels to this unit upon purchase.

The lifting speed is one inch per second while producing a sound no louder than 50 decibels. The weight capacity is 154 pounds or 70 kilograms. It also has inverted legs. This desk comes with a height programmable control panel with four memory buttons to save your sitting and standing height preferences.

V9 Pro Home Office Height Adjustable Cycle Desk Bike

This desk bike can help you squeeze in a sweat session at any point of your work day. You would really be thankful for a chair that can boost you energy at any time and also check off your workout requirement for the day. This FlexiSpot product has comfortable pedals that hardly make any noise during pedaling, meaning it can be used comfortably even while in meetings and having the other partner around the room. The bike features a calorie tracker to monitor your progress and a customizable cardio with adjustable resistance levels. The height of the seat can be adjusted according to your desire and the removable keyboard tray may be used as a desktop. It’s compact and reliable that FlexiSpot customers love. It will be easier as well to remain consistent with exercise because using this desk bike during work doesn’t feel like a strenuous workout at all.

Sit-Stand desk Converter M7-32”

Upgrade your workstation with one product, a desk converter. This particular product has a spacious 31.5” wide work surface that can easily fit two 24” monitors and a 28.4” wide quick-release keyboard tray. It makes use of high-powered gas springs that makes adjusting the height of the product smooth and stable. It is specially engineered with a bracing system that can respond immediately to rapid falls even if the desk is in full capacity. For extra safety, the desktop comes with rubber crash prevention pads and the legs have protective rubber feet. You can easily install a monitor mount, thanks to the product’s integrated monitor mounting grommet.