How to Ward Off the Dreaded “Office Butt”

01 June 2020

Heres the deal: Sitting too much might be jeopardizing your hard work to get the toned tush. Those long hours of sitting on your office chair are deactivating the nerves that activate gluteal muscles, which promotes atrophy or weakening of muscles. When this happens, the sleepy butt or office butt syndrome will make it hard for you to gain results for your backside.

What are the gluteal muscles?

When we think of our butt, we usually think about how good a firm derriere would look good in  swimwear or your jeans. But the muscles in our butt have way more functions than aesthetics. They are the powerhouse of strength in the body and support you through different ranges of motion with the right posture.

It is composed of three muscle groups: the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. Working those three muscles is a must because they can help avoid injuries in the lower back, hamstrings, and knees. The good thing is that you can awaken your glute muscles with specific exercises including amending how you go about your office day to ensure that your rear is working.

Say no to the office butt

  1. Engage your gluteal muscles now Exercising is still the king of activity for your glutes. After all, they are muscles waiting to be developed. If you want a low-impact workout, you can start with barre exercises. Doing a routine in your office which includes squats, hamstring curls, and lunges will help you maximize the workout effort.
  2. Take breaks – Protect your butt by being in motion when you take a break. You can walk in your home office every 30 seconds to let the blood circulate in your legs and buttocks. If you have meetings or phone calls, why not try to stand up for a change?
  3. Invest in ergonomic furniture – This is an integral feature that should be present in your home office set up, particularly if you work for long hours. You can just imagine the strains on your body from sitting too long on a chair that is not intended to be used for working. Your back might be compensating as your hunch your shoulder to better see your monitor that is resting on a traditional desk.

Below are some of the fixtures that will help you keep a firm bottom and a healthier body overall:

  1. An ergonomic chair An ergonomic chair differs from the usual chair in that it was designed to provide lumbar support. It can also be tilted so that you can work from a resting position.
  2. A standing desk converter – This equipment will help you to have a sit-stand desk, the very thing you need so you do not have to be tied to your chair all day. You can simply adjust the height of the converter so you can work out while working as well as take a break as you need it. Not only will you have a better-looking bum, butyour whole body will also benefit from the switching. Studies show that standing more while working will improve productivity, lessen body pains, and prevent metabolic syndrome. A standing desk converter will help you improve your posture, which is important to achieve a great physique.

Say yes to yourself today

Having a stronger butt is part and parcel of being in good physical shape. When you feel content with your appearance, it is but natural for positivity to flow in different aspects of your life. You can start by getting the right tools that will push your physical and mental wellbeing to a new level.