9 Tips in Planning Your Best Year Yet

10 January 2022

Marking a new beginning, the start of every year makes most of us beam with excitement. We are ready to start on a fresh slate, leaving behind the darkness and taking with us the lessons of the past year.

There couldn’t be a more perfect time than now to reflect on the highs and lows of 2021 and plan for a happy 2022 ahead.

Although the future is uncertain and not everything is under your control, there are steps you could take so that this year could be your best one yet.

1. Look at the past year.

They say do not hold on to the past because it hinders your growth. Yes, it’s not right to ruminate on what already happened but it’s also a good gauge to see what went wrong and right, to learn from your mistakes, and further strengthen what came good out of it. Take about an hour or so to look back and review your year. When were you most happy and why? What did not work out for you? What did you learn about your loved ones and more importantly, about yourself? Once you have an honest outlook of your past, you would have an insight on what to prioritize this year.

2. Leave the bad behind.

As much as the past helps, holding on to mistakes and regrets won’t amount to anything, especially if it’s irreversible. It pulls you and the people you love down so what’s the use of holding on to these old resentments?

Again, sit down and be honest with yourself. List past memories and events that you would let go of this month. If you find it hard to let go of something intangible, then you might move on to more tangible items such as decluttering your room or your desk.

Once you’ve forgiven yourself for what happened in the past, then you’d be able to ring in the new year with more positivity.

3. Know who you are.

To plan for the best year ever, you must be confident with your self-awareness. Ask yourself the tough questions so you could get in touch with your real self, sans all the judgment from other people. Know your personal values. Know what motivates you and ticks your fancy. Know where your heart flutters and which passion or people in your life bring you the most joy. Know what you want and what you need. Know where you’re good at or where you need improvement. This puts you in a better position to align your future with your real self, something that feels right to your gut and speaks to your soul. Clear your head and don’t think of what others will say or expect from you. Listen and accept what comes out of your heart and soul.

4. Prioritize and list your goals from top to bottom.

Since you are working on having that “dream life,” you can’t do exactly two things at a time. Your eyes should be set on the prize so know your topmost priority among all of your goals of the year. What will you leave the biggest and lasting impact? What will give you the most excitement?

5. Envision your life down the line.

First, list down key areas in life that are important to you—for instance, career, love, health, family, and friendships. Right after, write how you want each of these areas to look like. There are no limits as to what you write. Just visualize what an ideal life will look like to you.

Knowing your top priority will allow you to allocate most of your energy to that. Know why you want these goals to turn into reality. You have to connect to your “why” so that the motivation would naturally come out. Once you’ve achieved it, what will be next? How will your life benefit from reaching this goal? Below the top goals, write down actionable steps you’ll take to make these happen.

6. Allot time for your interests.

To have the best year ahead, you shouldn’t schedule plans and goals only. You should also set time aside for activities that give you life. Those that encourage creativity, give you laughter, allow you to tap into your inner child and play, engage in your hobbies, and bond with the people you love the most. Look at your calendar and plan a time to relax and enjoy every week of the year. If you don’t have an activity in mind yet or you’re not sure of your work schedule for the whole year, take it a week at a time.

7. Reframe your mindset into one that will match your big ambitions.

All the forces of the universe might conspire to help you make that dream happen but if you don’t believe in yourself, everything could go haywire. Believe in yourself, how bad you want your dream to happen, and act accordingly. What kind of thinking or beliefs do you may or may not have to help you achieve your goals?

Believe in your talent, skills, life experience, and the value that you could add to society and the world. To not forget, write down five or ten affirmations every day to reinforce your newfound belief in yourself. Use a FlexiSpot height adjustable standing desk if you want to capture all those positive and negative thoughts as they come and go.

8. Spend 2022 with people you like spending your time with.

Don’t waste time, energy, and other resources on toxic people. Ask yourself if the people you are keeping around you give you support, uplift your mood, bring out the best in you. It’s hard to stay away from people who don’t do you any good if you’re a people pleaser but know that this year, your priority should be yourself. Invest time and effort in those who give you the most joy and allow you to grow.

9. Enjoy the present moment.

If you’re not happy now, chances are you won’t be happy tomorrow. You should make it a conscious choice to be happy every day and thankful for what you have at the present moment. You become happy if you practice gratitude and enjoy every single moment as it happens. You will be more motivated and inspired to reach your goals if you are happy.