8 Non-monetary Investments You Shouldn’t Sleep On

02 December 2021

Invest in stocks, cryptocurrency, and real estate—the world will tell you, and understandably so. If you do things right, your initial money would have grown tenfold especially if you start young. The more time your money is invested in a money-making venture, the bigger it will grow. You go try it out and work hard to size up on your investments even more. Your one goal in mind is to build a sustainable passive income that will continue to generate money for you even when you’re already retired.

And because you are laser-focused on making money, you start to be distant from the people you love. You are not available anymore to listen to your partner’s rants and stories. You ignore your parents who were asking for your help. You start to neglect your body’s need to rest even though it’s already crying for help.

Relax, buddy. Yes, money will give you your dream life but you would never feel complete and satisfied if you don’t invest in other aspects of your life, especially those that don’t even involve money at all. Here are some things you should not take for granted and invest in every day. Trust us; it will be worth your time, energy, and other resources.


Investing in good quality equipment will improve the quality of your output and your efficiency at work. It is much more convenient and faster for you to work with a laptop that does not pause every three minutes. You may also invest in a professional camera that would upgrade the quality of your photos and videos. In the end, your work still depends on skill, talent, and time, but if you have extra and can invest in better equipment, don’t hesitate to take it because you’ll even end up saving money in the long run.

Ergonomic Furniture

A lot of people take furniture for granted, without realizing the upgrade in the quality of day-to-day living it could give. Investing in ergonomic furniture will definitely do wonders for efficiency and motivation at work, or for comfort when chilling. Needless to say, it’s used every day so any investment in furniture is really a bang for the buck. You pay a bit more but your investment will provide a premium experience that will motivate and energize you and at the same time have your physical comfort in mind.

A brand that is known in the ergonomics space is Flexispot. It has been in the industry for more than 20 years that customers always go to FlexiSpot when they want an ergonomic fix. The brand features a wide catalog of height adjustable standing desks, standing desk converters, desk bikes, gaming chairs, and so much more.

Bags, Shoes, Watches, Jewelry

You might think this is just splurging and being materialistic but bags, shoes, watches, and jewelry are actually good investments. They don’t die as trends do and their value goes up when they grow older. It’s nice if you could mix affordable ones with expensive pieces from your own personal collection. In this way, you don’t spend much and your expensive pieces are not worn out from excessive use.

We’re already sure that these accessories will outlive you. Depending on the care and the importance of the item, they will be passed on from one generation to the next and be the family heirloom for your successors. By the time it has reached your great, great, great-grandchildren when you have long been gone, its value must have quadrupled already.


Knowledge, or in this case we say books, is never a waste of money. No one can take education away from you. At any given point in time, information will always be valuable and could be your greatest asset. Your library at home will one day be educating other people, giving them knowledge and education through the books you have grown to love. Information is power and it can’t ever be replaced by anything else in the world.


We’ve heard it one too many times: health is wealth. Yet most people take their health for granted by sleeping at late hours, skipping exercise, and eating junk food mindlessly. You may be instantly gratified but your body will one day make you pay.

People should know that rest is not counterproductive and must not be avoided at any cost. As for exercise and your lazy bum, you should know that numerous studies have repeatedly shown the positive health benefits regular exercise may give you. You will be in a brighter mood; you will have lots of energy; you will have a brighter aura for your friends and family, and you’ll be pumped up to work.

If your company doesn’t take care of it, investing in a good health insurance plan also goes a long way, especially since health problems come when we least expect them to.


Humans are not isolated beings and we all have a need for social interaction, whether you are introverted or extroverted. Don’t snob your friends who add value to your life. Friendship should be reciprocated to make them feel loved like how they make you feel loved. Be present and engage amid your money goals and struggles. Listen to other people’s stories and share yours too. Always treat them with kindness, respect, and empathy but also learn how to be firm and stand your ground if conflicts arise.


Because family members have become too familiar and present in our lives, we tend to take them for granted all the time. Invest effort and time for your relationships within the family. As they say, family is forever. They are the group of people who have been with you since birth; you share lots of history together and you even look alike, if that counts for something. Do not dare take for granted the time you have now to spend with them because you will never know what may happen today or the next day. Hold them dear and hug them closely.


While these are all examples of investments for yourself to benefit from, we just want to reiterate how important it is to bank on yourself. Have the self-confidence and invest time, effort, and money into building yourself as the person you’ve always envisioned to be.