7 Ways to Make Your Curiosity Work for You

22 June 2022

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Curiosity killed the cat?” While there are instances that curiosity can be dangerous, it’s an important personality trait to have in an employee. When you are innately curious, you learn not only about the tasks that are assigned to you but also about the business as a whole. You understand the purpose of your role and how it contributes and adds value to the company that you are working for. When you are curious, you ask questions and observe your environment so that your mind is continuously nourished with information that widens your world and your perspective. Your life can never be boring because even the littlest of things have the power to make you curious.

Some people don’t know how to make their innate curiosity work for them. We give tips below on how you can do so:

Number one is to ignite the passion in you.

If you choose a line of work that you are passionate about, you would constantly be enjoying it even when the going gets tough. Identify your passions and interests. Determine which among these passions are you interested in getting into. Do you want to work as an illustrator? Do you want to work in the health service? Do you want to whip up meals in the kitchen? Or do you like to sing in the shower and dream of someday being a superstar? If you invest your time and effort into something that you are passionate about, you would not have a problem in staying curious.

Second on the list is to ask the right questions.

It’s perfect if you’re a naturally curious person because the secret to having the best conversations is curiosity. When you ask the right questions, you will be rewarded with a great conversation. You may start by asking an open question that allows the person you are talking to expound his or her answers. And then you can focus on asking “why” questions because it probes into the person’s story. When you approach the person you are talking to in a warm and earnest way, you can expect him or her to also be comfortable opening up to you.

Third is to be open to being taught as well as teaching what you know.

Nowadays, people spend their time scrolling on social media or watching a viral video, not thinking that actual, real-time conversations are much more interesting than whatever your screen can provide. You think you already know the people around you because you work with them on a daily basis but you can only know so much from them in regards to their work ethic. If you have the free time at work, instead of reaching out for your phone, try to engage in a curious conversation with a colleague or your boss, if the work culture is friendly to that. Ask them about their passions outside of work. What activities do they do in their spare time or what have they yet to do that they want to experience in their lifetime. What you can offer in return is a listening ear, a curious mind, and your own opinion, views, and stories about the topic that you started. In the future, you may find yourself revisiting these stories and conversations and realizing that you have learned much from them.

For instance, one colleague of yours taught you that ergonomic furniture can help sharpen your focus. You think it’s just a waste of money but when you moved to a company that uses height adjustable standing desks, you quickly realize that you are really much more efficient and focused using this ergonomic piece.

Fourth is to know how to apply your skills and experiences to the other aspects of your life.

Your curiosity works for you if you are able to apply the information and views you gathered from observing, listening, and engaging. All these interactions, as mentioned above, would have taught you something and have helped shape the way that you are at the moment. Always ask yourself how you can apply something you learned in your life. For instance, how can knowing how old your company is help you to better serve it? Since you know this information, aren’t you curious to see what the future holds and what can you contribute to the continued success of the company?

Fifth is to take a breath of fresh air by walking outside.

You might be a workaholic but you must also remind yourself to rest. You need to take regular breaks during a workday so that you are able to recharge and refresh your mind. With a refreshed mind, your creativity flows and the possibilities are endless. One way to recharge and get refreshed is to walk outside. Get up from your workspace and take a walk in the park or to a nearby cafe. Scientifically, brains have the power to make you feel great. Walking does not yield positive physical benefits but also helps your brain to function at its optimum. You also have this feeling of well-being when you make a habit out of walking. Trust us that one walk to the park will already awaken your senses, from your eyesight to your sense of smell.

Sixth is to not be afraid of going out of your comfort zone.

Satisfy your curiosity by going for that one thing you want but fear about. Is it something that you’ve always wanted to try but chicken out for when you’re already there? If it’s something that scares you, then go do it for an experience of a lifetime. When we talk about your life outside of work, of course, the list will be filled with sporty activities such as biking and scuba diving. But when we talk about work, you can also think of tasks that are outside your comfort zone. For instance, you have a fear of public speaking. Challenge yourself and take the responsibility of talking to a microphone without minding about what your audience will say. Curiosity will drive you to step out of your comfort zone.

Last is to strive to understand something from all sides.

Make the most out of your curiosity by trying your best to understand something as a whole. This will not only improve your creativity but will also help you have strong critical thinking skills. What beliefs do you hold to be strong and true? Write a list in your head of strong arguments of the opposing side. This will help you exercise empathy and even solidify the beliefs that you already have. Having a curious mind will help you entertain arguments and counterarguments of a certain topic that can only widen your perspective and make you more emphatic even to people who are different from you.