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7 Tips to Pull off an All-Nighter

28 December 2021

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty.”

These words came from the wise and noble 26th President of the United States of America Theodore Roosevelt.

Remember this as you try to finish your 1,000-word paper or college essay due after the Christmas break. Or it could be that you are still working on three client projects who need it for New Year’s. Once you finish your school assignment or get paid for those projects, your achievement will be your memory of what used to be your biggest obstacle. The next time you are still up at 3 in the morning and your eyes are already giving up, power through it by thinking that it is just one of those nights that you have to survive to fulfill your dream someday.

This is reality and not wishful thinking anymore. You’re up at night because you are hustling for your dream future. But of course, you’re still human and it’s difficult to stay awake. You may reach out for a cup of coffee or two but it shouldn’t always be the answer. We listed down 7 tips you could do to pull off a caffeine-free all-nighter for one more time.

1. Upgrade your workstation and finish your task on a height-adjustable standing desk paired with a standing desk converter.

To get your body moving, work on a height-adjustable standing desk. Shift from a sitting position to a standing height so that you may get the energy that you need in order to stay awake. A standing desk converter will give additional height. It is also adjustable and may improve your posture even more which makes you extra alert.

Flexispot has a wide catalog of ergonomic products including standing desks and standing desk converters. For instance, the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk has a desktop made out of natural bamboo with carbonized 2H lacquer coating. It boasts a dual-motor lifting system that can change height as fast as 1.26 seconds and still be at its maximum stability even when set at the highest, 46.5 inches that starting from 27.2 inches.

Pair it with another height adjustable product from Flexispot, the Standing Desk Converters M7MB-35". You may adjust the height ranging from 28 to 31 inches high. The desktop has a weight capacity of 33 pounds while the keyboard surface can accommodate 4.4 pounds. It won’t suddenly fall and drop because of Flexispot’s special engineered bracing system that provides the best performance at maximum height and load.

2. Turn on bright lights.

Make sure your work area is at its brightest by turning the room lights on or using a lamp. Darkness will make your body produce melatonin, the body’s sleep hormones so you have to wake up your circadian rhythm at night even though it’s already dark outside.

3. Take naps throughout the whole night.

Never underestimate the power of a 25-minute nap. On a night like this when you have no choice but to stay awake, a power nap could do wonders to restore a bit of energy in your system. Don’t think of it as a waste; you would need it to have the energy to finish your task faster than you disregarding your need to sleep.

4. Prepare mini tasks.

Divert your attention to a task that is easier to accomplish when your main job becomes too overwhelming and you are falling asleep. When you shift your focus into another task, you give your mind the opportunity to think anew and this might help wake you up.

5. Drink water.

You need to give yourself energy so make sure to drink lots of water. We don’t want you dehydrated or exhausted so power up by drinking water.

6. Take deep breaths.

You would be amazed with the amount of relief that a deep breath could give you. It will help raise the level of blood oxygen in your body which will slow down your heart rate. Your blood pressure will be lowered and will give you the mental energy that you need to stay alert and awake. According to WebMD, inhale and exhale quickly through your nose while keeping your mouth shut. Do three of each before returning to your normal breathing pace. Do this for 15 seconds on your first time, then add five seconds on each cycle until you cover a minute.

7. Wash your face.

When you still feel sleepy, you might need to wash your face for your senses to wake up. Some also choose to take a shower but use cold water for the brain cells to be awakened. You could also opt to brush your teeth.

Final Thoughts

Consider your next day as the hangover date. It’s not going to be easy to survive after an all-nighter. You will feel tired and deprived of sleep that might just mess up your brain and its functions. WebMD says that there are actually studies likening someone who just went through an all-nighter to someone who was drunk the night prior. For you to feel better throughout the day, take naps in between, try to stay physically active, drink the right amount of coffee, and avoid multitasking.

You could always avoid an all-nighter if you manage your time wisely in the first place. Learn to say no to tasks that you can’t do and segregate time blocks so that you could finish your tasks before nighttime. Consider upgrading your workspace as well to improve efficiency and workflow. This will save you time and make sure you maintain good health, all while being productive at work. Flexispot has a catalog of ergonomic products that promise comfort and relief while working and also help you to work more efficiently.

We understand though that on some days, these all-nighters are unavoidable. We’ve all been there so if you are in the situation, suck it up and focus on what you have to do and finish.