7 Tips on How to Become a Proactive WFH Individual

22 September 2021

The Covid-era working environment in Canada is not just a trend but a fundamental aspect in the country's corporate sector because even during the pre-pandemic times, many Canadian companies have dispatched workers home and let them do the remote work. From then on, Canada has become one of the pioneering countries to allow the WFH-setting among their workers. As a result, it helped their economy and boosted the employment rate. 

Moreover, this kind of work setting has helped mitigate the health problems and psychological distress among employees who used to get exposed to pollution and exhaustion in the office due to external factors like office politics that caused stress. 

work stress

The Downsides of Remote Working:

Indeed, remote working has protected the employees from the threat of virus strains like the Lambda and Delta. However, working from home is not always sunshine and rainbows because, at some point, there are things that employees miss when they do not interact with other colleagues. 

First, when the switch to the WFH-setting took place in 2020, those extroverted office-based workers had the shock of their lives. It's because naturally, they are the outgoing and gregarious individuals that get the energy and drive to a loud and crowded environment. After all, in a sense, they are the life of the party. So, the shift in the work setting has brought them discomfort on some levels.

Most of all, remote working would somehow limit the opportunities of the workers to learn more from other people. Naturally, when workers need to work remotely, there would be fewer interactions and meetings because they have to work independently. Self-learning and self-study are the things they need to do, which is difficult in some ways. It's because not all are the same in the faculty of learning; not everyone has the same level of expertise. Hence, it would be too much for some workers because they have to figure things out independently. 


Hybrid Offices-Possible Solution to the Predicament:

Letting employees work at least two days in the office and three days at home is what employers are eyeing to balance the people's work environment. It could help them monitor the performance of the employees and know their work conditions at home. Through this act, they may be able to accommodate the needs of the workers and find solutions to their predicaments should they have questions and concerns related to their workload and other work-related issues. 

On the other hand, despite the employees having the hybrid office set-up, they would still be doing work at home for most days of the week. In this case, the challenge shifts to how WFH individuals deliver the best service for their companies without sacrificing their health and how they could effectively incorporate ergonomics in doing their daily tasks. 

In that case, FlexiSpot is the company that can aid the WFH people in dealing with the best ergonomic solutions. With the help of their cutting edge ergo products such as Kana Bamboo Standing Desks, V9 Pro Home Office Height Adjustable Cycle Desk Bike, and Standing Desk Converters M7B, WFH individuals can be able to survive the ordeal of musculoskeletal disorders. Further, with the help of the FlexiSpot products, workers would become more proactive in being WFH-people. 

The Seven Tips:

Preparing in advance can help you lessen the burden of the long day's hassles. When you are proactive, you can anticipate such unfortunate events, or if you cannot, expect to alleviate the possible problems at work. So, the following seven tips can be helpful for you so you may protect yourself from any injuries or mishaps: 

a. Prepare For the Next Day; Make Your To-Do-List:


For some people, making your to-do list for the next day's work is not practical because they do not want to assume things, or they are people who are good at cramming. However, 80% of the result would need extra preparation, whether it's a report you need to do on your workstation or the grocery list that you need to complete before lunch. Preparing can help you prioritize the most important things that you need to finish. Most of all, you may avoid forgetting some tasks that usually happen when you don't prepare ahead of time. 

b. Put Out the Most Important Office Equipment like Desk Converters:

standing desk converter

In restaurants and bars, crew members follow the Mise En Place rule where they peel and cut ingredients before the operations so they do not spend time cutting the components during their work which may cost them more stress and exhaustion. It's also applicable when you are a WFH person. Preparing the important stuff that you will need in the next shift will help you a lot. If you already have the Standing Desk Converters M7MB, it will be more significant to put the writing tools and your device atop the desk converters so that the next day, you will turn on the device and check if everything is working well. 

c. Schedule a Quick Exercise in Between Breaks: 


Part of being proactive is anticipating that overwork may lead to exhaustion that can harm the immune system. In that case, then, the V9 Pro Desk Bike is what you need. Schedule a fifteen minute-cycling activity once a day. This activity is indeed a breather from your stressful day. So, try this activity and optimize your movements while working. 

d. Relax After Cycling. Give Your Lumbar Some Pampering:


After the fifteen minute-cycling, you may relax on the Massage Gaming Chair. Close your eyes and let the vibrating function of the lumbar support stimulate blood circulation and relax your muscles. It's a way to cool down while you spend time thinking of the following activity for the day. Once you do the exercises once a day, you will be able to condition yourself for your following tasks proactively. 

e. Prepare Yourself to Multitask:

multi task

In reality, not everyone is good at multitasking. Some find it challenging to finish a task simultaneously. Hence, Aside from putting out the necessary office materials, you have to prepare yourself. Focus on the daily goals and avoid distractions. If in case there are household chores to be done, delegate them to the other family members. Do not own all the obligations in the house. With this move, you can help yourself focus on your daily tasks. 

f. Set Rules at Your Home Office that Everyone Will Follow:


Put away all the unnecessary things in the workspace. If you have kids that get their way in the workspace, tell them ahead of time that there is a place in the house where they are off-limits for hours because you need to work. Allow them to have their own space to freely play if they would prefer to stay with you in your home office. Set a rule that they need to follow like they are not allowed to run all over the room and play because you might get disturbed. 

g. Clear the Workplace from Clutters:

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Take away the clutters and make your home office as tidy and organized as possible. No other stuff should be there aside from the office equipment. 

Final Thoughts:

When you practice proactivity in your home office, you help yourself not get easily irritated and exhausted because of a disorganized office. Thus, what you can do is to prepare ahead of time and remember that every minute counts.