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7 Must-Do’s When Preparing for a Backyard Wedding

30 June 2022

Picture this in your head. You have found the love of your life and are now seeking for the security of marriage. You want to take your relationship to the next level which is why, even if you don’t have a big source of money yet, you are already planning your wedding.

Gone are the days when weddings used to be big and grand. Most couples are now opting for quieter and more intimate celebrations. At first, it was probably only the COVID-19 restrictions that limited their guest list but now more people are appreciating the value of having only your closest family and friends in one of the most important celebrations of your life.

Here’s a radical thought. Why not have your wedding in your backyard?

It will be a breath of fresh air and would take off the pressure on everyone, most especially to you and your partner who are about to tie the knot. Even though it’s small, you can always style it in the most beautiful way possible that could wow your guests once they walk in. Couples who have done it before attest to the “familial feel” they got when they held their weddings at their very own yard.

So what are we proposing here? You’ll spend so much less and gain that atmosphere that is very true to you as a couple every single day of your waking lives.

But don’t get us wrong. Even if you are celebrating your wedding right at your home, preparations will still be grueling. In fact, you are working with limited space so you have to take extra time to prepare for the event styling, the music, the ambiance. You also want to look for the perfect wedding gown and tux, what the entourage will be wearing, photo and video team for documentation, invitations, souvenirs, and—the hardest of them all—your exclusive guest list. Because, no matter how big or small your wedding is, you still have a lot of preparation to do.

Below are expert tips we got online to help you pull off the best backyard wedding ever.

1. Clean your house and declutter your belongings.

Before all the planning starts, you should already be doing a thorough general cleaning of your house if you have already decided that you would be holding a backyard wedding. You should not skip any room and clean every nook and cranny from ceiling to floor. The dirt and grime must go away. No speck of dust must be left or any signs of spider webs, cracks, holes, etc. Afterwards, discard items that no longer serve you either by selling them (making extra money for your wedding), donating, or throwing them out if they can’t be used by others anymore. We are 100% sure that your space would look much bigger after an effective decluttering session.

2. Repair everything that must be done.

So since you’ve inspected your space while cleaning, this is your time to check if there are any repairs that must be done before your big day. Are there any corners that will endanger your guests or would bother them? Consider if you need a roofing project and determine if any of your faucets is leaky. Thank goodness for this wedding because all of the household repairs that you have been putting off throughout the years will finally be addressed.

3. You must have printed blueprint copies of your house.

No matter where you will spend your wedding, you need to have a blueprint of your venue. In this case, you must have on hand a blueprint of your house. This can prevent any catastrophe from ruining your wedding. It’s the last thing you want to happen so you need to come prepared.

In a glance, a blueprint will help you determine what renovations have to be done, the scope of the backyard landscaping and the exact location of your wedding setup. You should know exactly where your water and power lines are. On a hot day, it will help you to mount a tent where your guests can camp in.

4. Prepare a generator and book additional restrooms.

Your house was not made to be a wedding day venue so expect that it won’t have enough power lines or an emergency generator if God forbid, a power failure happens. You must know about important electrical components that everyone needs in their wedding. An additional power source will come in handy to supplement your primary generator. Consider that your lighting setup, wedding band and food caterer will need power to operate.

You don’t want a line to build up outside of your restroom as well. Have enough restrooms for your guests by renting additional ones. According to the wedding experts, for every hour, you’ll need one bathroom rental unit for every 50 guests.

5. Level the ground where your wedding will be held.

Your backyard won’t be equally stable in all corners. You would need the professionals to help you level it for your big event. You don’t want your dining setup or dance floor to be slanted so make sure that the tables and chairs are set evenly by leveling the ground.

The worst that can happen? It will rain and water will concentrate in one area and submerge the feet of your guests staying there. Of course, we don’t want this to happen.

6. Plan your wedding blooms for a cohesive look.

We have never really seen a wedding without flowers, and it’s only fitting that you use blooms if you are having your wedding in your backyard. You might be tempted to show off your beautiful garden with flowers of varying kinds and types but this will only make your wedding look tacky and hard on the eyes. You would want to achieve a more tied and solid look. This means your choice of blooms must go well with your chosen color palette for the event. Discuss with your landscaper what could go best with your other decorations.

7. Get rid of the pests.

We couldn’t stress enough the importance of having a pest-free wedding for crying out loud. You don’t want guests complaining, or worse, asking for help because an insect bit them during your wedding festivities. The venue must be pest-free before the big date.

Planning for your big day is not a piece of cake. Help yourself by having ergonomic furniture in your workspace for a boost of efficiency and productivity.