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6 Steps to Follow When Planning for Your Dream Wedding

22 February 2022

Picture this. It’s your big day and you’re about to walk down in the aisle on your dream wedding gown. Etta James’ “At Last” is playing in the background while all the guests are looking at you. You might get teary-eyed and the tears will flow as soon as you reach the altar. You see your husband and you smile as you see the past unfold and the rest of your life with this man. This is the moment you’ve both been waiting for.

You are finally living the wedding that has been on your mind since you were ten years old. You might be overwhelmed with emotions and looking at everywhere, thinking and wishing that you have not forgotten anything. You go back to a year ago when you said you can wing this and you don’t need to hire a professional wedding planner anymore. You know that you are a control freak and you didn’t want to drag anyone in your madness. Now that the wedding bells are finally ringing, you can’t help overthink about every little detail that might ruin what the perfect wedding in your head is. You get a little nudge from your side, coming from your husband-to-be who has noticed how agitated you’ve been. He whispers to your ear, “Relax, dear. I’m here.”

Wedding planning is really stressful and would rack your nerves out for sure. Execution is another story, and what more if it’s your very own wedding that you’re dealing with. But as with anything in life, you minimize the stress if you plan everything out the right way. We listed down six steps so that you could get the wedding of your dreams.

1. Set and stick to a budget.

You do not want to be incurring debts just because you wanted your wedding to be as grand as possible. Know your limit and set your budget on the get-go. Make sure that you will stick to it so if you can’t afford something, adjust accordingly. Your go signal for every decision you have to make will depend on the budget that you and your partner set for the wedding.

2. Make a list of your non-negotiables.

After taking care of the budget, the next step for you to do is to have a priority list. Write down the top three to five items that you absolutely want to be in your wedding. It could be a particular designer you’ve always wanted to design your dream wedding gown or there might be a band you’ve always dreamed of playing your theme song. Whatever your non-negotiable is, you and your partner get to decide. Since you already have a working budget, you should take this into consideration while you’re doing your priority list.

3. Pick a color palette.

We all see color so it’s a no-brainer that the color palette you choose for your wedding is a huge factor in how your wedding will appear as in photos and in person. This is something you have to decide early on because it could make the major decisions a lot easier in the future. Ask yourself what you want your wedding to exude the feeling of. Do you want it classy or edgy? Do you want your bridesmaids to look feminine or trendy fashionable? What flower arrangements will you get for the church and the reception venue?

You might think choosing a color palette is easy, and it might be, but note how important it is to how people would remember your wedding with.

4. Mark the calendar date.

As soon as you say yes to your partner, you should already be talking about when you will actually get married. The date matters because it will determine how many of your invited guests will be able to attend. You have to consider their availability on your chosen date which generally shouldn’t fall on a working weekday.

You may also think about celebrating your wedding anniversary in a month with a special occasion for the both of you. If you are living in a country with multiple seasons, you have to find out the season beforehand so you could advise your guests. Once you know the wedding date, you also get to count how many more days you have left to prepare. Again, once you’ve locked in the date, it’s easy to decide on other major decisions.

5. Secure a venue.

For sure, the venue will account for 50% of your budget for the wedding. Once you know the date, you should check venues right away as another couple might reserve that date before you. The venue depends on many factors such as theme and area size. You have to decide as well if you want the wedding to be intimate or grand. You could also decide by this time if you will hold it in your country where most of your loved ones could attend or if you want to make a trip out of it and plan a destination wedding. Consider as well the pre-wedding events you are planning for to see if the venue could allow this.

6. Divide tasks.

You don’t have to plan for your wedding on your own. Whether you like it or not, you need extra hands if you want the best wedding possible. You have to accept that you cannot attend to every little detail so learn to trust and delegate tasks. Know that part of the responsibilities of your bridal entourage (who said yes to you) is to help make your dream wedding come to reality. Request for their help including the assistance of your mom and your sister, even your fiance’s parents. This will ensure that you won’t forget anything come to Wedding Day.

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