6 Reasons Why You Shouldnt Give Up Your Dream

02 March 2022

Pause from whatever you are doing right now and picture this with us. You are currently an accountant at a transnational company. You work on a 9 to 5 schedule and provide what your family needs from your regular monthly income. You don’t have any more debt left in your name, be it your college tuition or your mortgage. Moreover, you also have savings sitting in your bank account and investments that have been growing through the years. You have planned well for your life and are in a stable position financially. Yet, why do you still feel stuck?

In the middle of the night, you wake up from your slumber and you feel your reflection following you. You hear a voice in your head and you look back at what you've gone through so far in life. You ask yourself questions. What if your parents never went through a divorce? What if your brother never died from a terminal disease? What if you did not become a teenage dad?

Looking back, you had a passion for music in college. You spend your hours and days writing songs and singing them with your bandmates. You go to the streets and busk, having that intense fire in you to share your music with the world. But then life threw you a curveball. The dreams slowly faded when reality slapped you in the face and one problem came after another. Your father who lives in another part of the country stopped giving money for your schooling. Your brother suffered from a brain tumor and took the family’s funds. Your long-term girlfriend drops a bomb on you that she’s nine weeks pregnant.

But then, these difficulties became your motivation to make something out of yourself. You finished your accounting degree, passed the licensure exam, and landed a job that has given you financial stability. But still, there’s this ringing in your head that you want to achieve your dream. What could have happened if you went on a summer tour with your band? What if you wrote more songs, made more EPs, and learned how to produce your own music? What if a song of yours became viral and people are starting to pick up your name?

All these memories, your dreams, the songs that kept playing in your head, the person that you were at that time—all these you remember and long to relive. What could have been if you treaded on a different path?

It’s much different now that you have responsibilities. You now have your own family and children to take care of. But the image of a different life with your dreams materialized will never go away unless you try your best to live it. Know that your responsibilities may push you down but as long as there is life, it will never be too late to make your dreams a reality. If you want to have a more rational mindset, then look at how stable your life has become. Since you now earn more, it will be relatively easier to pursue a musical career on the side (for now). Keep on posting because you could become a viral superstar overnight with social media dominating the lives of many.

The reasons why you shouldn’t be giving up on your dream

1. You will always live life with a what-if.

If you haven’t tried hard enough, you will always be filled with regret. You might even start harboring resentment on the circumstances you found yourself in and had no control of.

2. You will feel stuck.

You won’t grow if you don’t try. All your life, you have been letting circumstances control you. At this point, you need to gain control of your growth and source of happiness.

3. You might always feel that you are a failure.

You could do a lot but it won’t always be enough. There’s that persisting feeling in your head that you have let your dreams crash and your spirit destroyed. A failure, in simpler terms.

4. You will never know how close you are to success.

If you don’t try and fail eventually, then there’s no point in dreaming at all. The dream may come free but the hustle is not, so you have to do the work in order to reach your dream. The moment you give up is your moment of failure. There might be no looking back so do your best at present. Keep your eyes and ears open so that you won’t regret giving up on anything so soon.

5. You will make your loved ones, including mama and papa, proud.

You will know that the long and arduous battle to reach your dream has always been worth your time and energy. Your family and friends would notice how happy you’ve become.

6. You will be living your dream.

You shouldn’t give up on your dream because if you don’t, you will be living it. Your chances to make it happen will become tenfold if you try your hardest to make it a reality. You won’t be dreading every waking day because you are finally living that dream you’ve always had in your head. You would become a more present person in your relationships. You would become a better person.

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