5 Ways to Ensure a Flexible Movements at the Work Space

16 September 2021

In the current global situation, many workers in Canada face significant challenges in the remote work setting. However, before the pandemic, some companies already offered the alternative work setting, which is work from home. The difference is: people experience dangerous times because of the threat of Covid19 and its mutations, such as Lambda and Delta. On the other hand, there is another challenge that some working individuals face in terms of the work-life balance. This conflict may still arise even in a work-from-home setting. 

The Work-Life Conflict:

In the research For Health Canada that CCOHS (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety) presented online, they mentioned that role overload is one of the conflicts or challenges workers experience. It's a state wherein employees do tasks that are greater than what we opt to finish. Indeed, there is an overwhelming workload that most workers experience. This thing happens in the traditional office setup. So, how about with the new work setting? Does it still happen? The answer is yes. 

In the poll findings that Cision Canada revealed, nearly half or 49% of full-time employees in Canada said they had to accomplish "much or somewhat more" than what they used to do during the pre-pandemic. Further, 31% of Canadian employees experienced the sense of being burnt, although 80% of them attested that their employers gave them more consideration during the pandemic. 

Experiencing burnout is one of the things that can affect the employees' health and well-being. This feeling may also lead to chronic diseases or long-term illnesses. 

Understanding Their Hurdles:

The challenges of getting burnt out from work hinder the working people from creating more ideas that can help them contribute more to their teams. As more of them experience exhaustion, employers should understand more and proactively deal with what most employees’ experience. 

They may not be encountering the hustles and bustles of the daily commute. However, they could still experience the heavy workload at home during remote work, and there might be a possibility that they might not observe the proper posture and stance when working. Indeed, these challenges can result in the worst ergonomic pain or possible spine strain. 

The Work-Related RSIs:

Repetitive strain injuries are the results of improper work stance and posture. From the furniture pieces to the device positions that WFH-people might affect their posture. Typically, when a worker does the inappropriate pose while working, say, hunching the backs and craning the necks, they tend to strain their cervical spine and lumbar. As a result, they might experience the tingling sensation that leads to chronic pain along the neck down to the spine. These kinds of pain are examples of repetitive strain injuries. 

These injuries or conditions can limit their range of motion. It means that when they might be prone to the worst conditions, they would experience these injuries because they would lose flexibility because of the pain. 

So, in this case, there is a need for the best ergonomic pieces that workers can purchase at FlexiSpot (the well-known provider of the best standing desks, sit-stand desks, stand-up desks, and ergonomic chairs). Indeed, these equipment and furniture pieces can ensure a flexible movement for them. When workers switch to the best ergonomics, they can help and protect themselves against the threat of musculoskeletal disorders. Further, they could withstand all the work challenges that will come their way with the FlexiSpot products. 

The 5 Ways:

When you want to achieve flexibility and a more comprehensive range of motion, you need to make sure that the equipment and furniture pieces that you use are ergonomic. Through these products, you would save yourself from the possible strains and sprains. Aside from these points, you may also try some other ways to achieve the flexibility that you need to multitask and finish your workload with ease. 

standing desk
a. Ensure that the Desk Product You Use is Height Adjustable and Gives out the Smooth Transition:

When you have the furniture and equipment pieces such as Kana Bamboo Standing Desks or electric standing desks from Flexispot, you can ensure that you would not strain your back and lower torso because of improper bending. Further, you don't need to force your upper extremities to move and adjust your height. With just a simple click on the keypads, you can instantly enjoy the convenience that these desks can give. 

b. You Can Practice the Proper Arm and Shoulder Movements with Desk Converters:

standing desk converter
When using desk converters such as the 
Standing Desk Converters M7MB, you can move your arms and shoulders quickly and adequately. It's because the X-Lift structure of this desk converter gives smooth operation on this product and the stability that you need so the desktop and keyboard trays can hold all the objects atop without these parts of the desk converters collapsing. As a result, you can move your arms and shoulders flexibly. Moreover, you would not feel the muscle spasms that usually occur when you don't practice the flexible movements of your upper extremities. 

c. You Can Avoid Neck Soreness With the Use of the Monitor Mounts:

standing desk converter
Neck craning is another problem that WFH people experience because they force their cervical spine too much by leaning towards the monitor's screen. Hence, at FlexiSpot, they created the monitor mounts that can help them find the suitable configure through the flexible monitor support, such as the 
Single Monitor Mount F7 that you can tightly screw on the monitor. With this piece of equipment, you can move the monitor to a perfect angle where you would not crane your neck. Hence, you can optimize your work performance without straining your neck and spine. 

So, with all these ergonomic pieces from FlexiSpot, you may ensure that you can get back on track and achieve all the office tasks with flying colors. 

Final Thoughts:

In this time of the pandemic, the challenge for corporate achievers like you is maintaining grace under pressure. The secret to that is to keep a healthy and active work-life balance. And with the help of FlexiSpot, you would surely be able to ace all the complex tasks that you need to do and achieve flexible movements while doing the work from home.