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5 Ways Flexispot Helps the Aging Population

01 September 2021

On July 1, 2020, the population of senior citizens in Canada had increased to 6,835,866. That covered 18.0% of the population. This growth in the population of senior citizens has been outnumbering the population of children since 2015. As a result, there is what we call the aging population. 

The Dilemma:

When a country has an aging population, the nation may face a shortage in labor supply because more individuals become retirees. As a result, companies might run out of employees. This result could be equivalent to countries acquiring labor outside the nation, just like what is happening in Italy, where the aging population covers 22.8% of the total population. On the contrary, we must still look at the brighter side. Despite the data that shows the aging population, opportunities for the elderly are outpouring. Other countries like New Zealand and Israel have a higher older workers' population. 

They continue giving equal opportunities to employees regardless of age as long as they could perform the task that elderlies would have at work. Technology is evolving, making it easier for the aging workforce to perform tasks even under pressure. If it got implemented in 90% of companies in Canada, production would double, and job opportunities would give opportunities to the elderlies amidst the aging population. 

So, suppose you're an employer who looks forward to giving job opportunities to the elderly. In that case, you may allow Flexispot-the home of the best standing desks, sit-stand desks, stand-up desks, and ergonomic chairs to aid you in letting our dear elderlies achieve fulfillment even past the retirement age. 

Indeed, in this article today, we will understand how the brand can help them in five ways. These ways include the ergonomic aspects that most older workforce could inspire more individuals to work hard amidst physical limitations because of old age. So, here are those five ways Flexispot aids the more aging workforce. 

senior worker
Surpassing the Challenges of Old Age:

Blue-collar jobs might be more challenging for our dear grandparents, but there are numerous job opportunities for the older workforce in Canada. In a report by Skilled Immigrant InfoCentre, they showed the links and career opportunities for individuals past their retirement age. Most of these jobs are networking and older worker programs from the YMCA of Greater Vancouver. These companies adhere to the BC Human Rights' Codes that indicate the rule, not allowing employers to discriminate against old-aged workers. 

According to the report, the older workforce has a tremendous sense of work ethics and values careers more. Thus, when companies hire elderly workers, they could ensure that they commit to the company's vision, and a harmonious work relationship could occur because of this possibility. 

Indeed, opportunities pour out for the dear elderlies, and by not discriminating against them, they could surpass the challenges of old age. 

The 5 Ways Flexispot Help the Elderlies:

Now, as we move along, we will see how Flexispot can help our dear grandparents surpass challenges at work in an emerging fast-paced work environment. Even more, companies allow the work-from-home model, and there are ergonomic problems that most of them will face. So, here are the ways Flexispot can aid them. 

a.Flexispot Can Provide The Best Ergonomic Solutions:

One of the ergonomic challenges that our elderly could face is spine strain and waist injury. From the well-known standing desks like the 
Kana Bamboo Standing Desks to the Massage Gaming Chair, Flexispot can provide sufficient defense against RSI or repetitive strain injuries. These products' height adjustability and stability can help our grandparents have an active lifestyle while working because they could switch movements from sitting to standing, even working from home. 

These products would not strain the muscles and joints of the elderly even if he has prior health conditions like Gout or Arthritis. So, our grandparents could ensure that while they are sitting comfortably on the ergonomic chair, they can adjust the height of the standing desk. 

b.Flexispot Creates Desk Converters for Utmost Flexibility:

standing desk converter
Flexibility at work involves a broader range of motions. Elderly employees can work while sitting and standing with the use of desk converters. Products like Standing Desk Converters M7B-28"
 could be beneficial because they are easy to handle and lift if one would prefer to change places in the work area. So, they don't need to worry that they might strain their hands or shoulders when they lift this product. 

What's fantastic about this desk converter is its removable keyboard tray that can help them have a neutral position when typing. Workers could place this desk converter in a place where they can comfortably stand while working. This desk converter is so sturdy that the laptop from its surface will not fall off because of the rubber feet. 

With these functions, our grandparents could find it easier to work using these desk converters because they may stand up while working. With this product, elderly employees could attain work goals effectively. 

c.Multitasking Would Not Give the Elderly Workforce a Headache With the Use of Flexispot Big Desk Converters:

standing desk converter
Should the older workers need to multitask and use more than one device, then the 
Standing Desk Converters M7MB-35" could be helpful for them because these desk converters are more significant and could carry two laptops or two monitors. Thus, if they need to multitask, they could do it ergonomically. So, with these desk converters, the senior citizens may find their job very enjoyable and fruitful. 

d.Flexispot Standing Desks Could Protect Them from Tripping Over:

standing desk
Tripping over is one of the worst accidents that elderly workers could experience at work. Thus, Flexispot proactively created a stand-up desk with a great cable management system, the 
Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk EC1. When one uses this product, he can organize the cables of his devices underneath the desktop and avoid having the wires scattered over the floor. So, having this product from Flexispot could ensure the absolute safety of our elderly workers from electrocution and trip over. 

e.An Active Lifestyle Comes Handy with Flexispot:

Even at old age, elderly workers could keep up with a healthy routine through Flexispot 
V9 Pro Desk Bike. When they try using this product, they could work while cycling smoothly on its pedals. It could make them enjoy a non-sedentary lifestyle that can protect them from sickness and biomechanical pain. That's why this desk bike is highly recommendable for them because they could adjust the resistance level of this deck so there would be no outburst of energy that might strain their phasic muscle fibers. 

Final Thoughts:

An aging population should never be a hindrance for our elderly workers to expand their perception beyond retirement. Age is just a number, and Flexispot believes in that thus, they innovate products that could help our parents and grandparents attain the goals they set. Hence, with Flexispot, they could surpass all the hurdles of old age.