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5 Reasons to Flexispot Ergo Chairs Are Superb

03 September 2021

In most provinces and territories in Canada, especially in the Canada Labour Code II, it emphasizes protecting workers from ergonomic-related hazards. Hence, many companies abide by these regulations and make sure that employers would regulate ergonomics in workplaces. 

Abiding the Rule of Law

Indeed, a company that protects the welfare and safety of its employees is a successful organization. When you prioritize the employees' health and ergonomics, you build a great service company. Indeed, there would be bright ideas and future growth for the company should you decide to prioritize the employees' health and safety. 

The Company's Partner in Fostering the Ergonomic Needs of the Employees:

Work-related repetitive motion injuries are some of the ergonomic problems that most employees experience. Most cases involve injuries such as tendonitis and a strained spine. However, there are other factors, such as psychosocial stressors. These stressors could affect the physiological aspects of the person. Hence, leading to a severe musculoskeletal disorder.

In this case, Flexispot is here to assist you in fostering the ergonomic needs of the employees through the array of ergonomic products. Flexispot is a well-trusted global brand that caters to the needs of most office workers around the globe. Flexispot has made it possible to become the sustainable provider of the best standing desks like the EG1 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk and EN1 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk. Hence, with the company's commitment to protecting the people from the dangers of the RSI and MSD, you can ensure that when you patronize this brand, your employees will enjoy the utmost protection they deserve. 

So, as we move further to the next part of the discussion, we will understand five reasons the ergo chairs of Flexispot are superb. In the following pieces of the article, we will dissertate how the employees could optimize these ergonomic products. Hence, let's get the ball rolling now. 

The Five Whys of Flexispot Ergo Chairs:

Office work indeed is back-breaking, especially now that work stressors are still high because of the pressure and difficulties your workers might be facing in a WFH-setting. Hence, the more your workers need to use the Flexispot ergo chairs. For this reason, let us talk about each reason further. 

a. Ergo Chairs from Flexispot Offer Versatility that Could Help You Optimize the WFH setting:

V9 Pro Desk Bike
 is one of the superb products from Flexispot. It has designs and functions that could cater to the physiological needs of your employees. It's a stationary bike and an office desk in one. 

In 2018, this product got the CES Innovation Award because of its unique qualities and groundbreaking features beneficial to workers who experience sedentary pain. Before the 2020 global pandemic, millions of workers worldwide complained of MSD pain because of inactivity. Many workers used to spend 9 hours straight in the office without switching positions and varying activities. Hence, they had become sedentary, and spine-related injuries occurred to most of them. 

That's why the birth of new product ideas such as this desk bike paved the way for a more versatile work experience. If you take a closer look at this desk bike, you would see that your worker could simultaneously exercise and continue working. He could set the resistance dial on his desired level and use the desktop of this desk bike. 

It has a sturdy and compact design that can assist the worker when cycling and working. Thus, it's safe for him to multitask because the structure of this desk bike could provide utmost security. Most of all, the threat of obesity would not take place with this kind of fitness equipment. 

b. The Flexispot Ergo Chair Could Protect the Spine Well. A Blissful Sitting Experience is what You Could Achieve with the Flexispot Ergo Chair:

Massage Gaming Chair from Flexispot has lumbar massage support that can optimize the blood circulation along the back, especially the lumbar, which protects you from the strain. 

Prolonged sitting can cause the blood to have an irregular flow-like the cooking oil that freezes in winter; that's what happens to the blood too. It stops flowing correctly. Consequently, muscles get strained as well. Thus, after long hours of sitting on a non-ergonomic chair, you feel the tightness along the spine. That's why you sometimes feel in pain and become numb. It's because there is an irregular blood flow on the back. That's why there is a need to provide your employees with this kind of chair. 

c. The Flexispot Ergo Chairs Could Protect the Upper Extremities Too: 

It's also one of the superb features of the Flexispot ergo chairs like the 
Massage Gaming Chair and V9 Pro Desk Bike. Although the desk bike does not have a wide backrest, it could protect your upper extremities, such as the shoulders and the neck. 

When you sit on this desk bike, you can feel the perfect sense of balance when you sit on its cushion. From there, you could maintain that balance which would protect you from falling off the pillow. Moreover, as you stimulate the blood circulation on your lower torso, it gives more signals to the brain. Hence it starts to relax the upper extremities. Eventually, the blood will continue to circulate sufficiently and provide the body more energy. With all these reasons, you would realize how important an ergo chair to your employee is. 

d. The Flexispot Massage Gaming Chair Can Provide Flexibility Around the Arms and Hands:

The Massage Gaming Chair from Flexispot has an adjustable armrest that you can lock up and down to achieve stability. This feature could provide flexibility too to the arm area because your hands and arms could move freely. Indeed, with this armrest, you could experience the blissful sitting that you truly deserve. T
hat's why purchasing this product for your employees will be very beneficial.

e.The Flexispot Massage Gaming Chair Can Stimulate the Blood Circulation Along the Leg Area:

The Massage Gaming Chair of Flexispot has a retractable footrest to help your legs and feet stimulate blood circulation. Workers tend to overuse the legs and feet or overlook these body parts and become sedentary through inactivity. Hence, this kind of chair can bring back sufficient blood circulation along the legs and feet to solve that predicament. 

Final Thoughts:

Providing the best ergonomic solutions to the workers can benefit your company well in the long run. By doing this, you establish a tremendous employer-employee relationship. Hence, letting Flexispot aid you in giving the best for your workers would let you attain the highest good for your employees. Using the best ergonomic chairs from this company, you create a strong support group for your most dedicated employees.