5 Reasons Flexispot Desks Could Be Your Childs Study Buddy

06 September 2021

Computer generation-the term that the Canada Safety Council coined for today's children exposed to RSI-related cases in Canada. (blog post: Ergonomics for Kids) . The blog post mentioned those exact statistics for the number of MSD cases to children are still vague. There are no specific studies that govern the kids' ergonomics despite the emerging evidence proving that improper computer placements and angles affect the children's spine health. 

Indeed, they gave evidence stating that there are future complications once MSDs to children become grave. They enumerated these proofs, which include:

chronic pain related to improper posture in adulthood
eye problems such as myopia 
problems with bone development

Unfortunately, more kids in Canada (and even adults) got exposed to the dangers of MSDs in 2020 during the lockdowns. In actuality, the Entertainment Software Association of Canada stated that 80% of teenagers in the country found playing computer and video games an escape from the adverse effects of the lockdowns during the pandemic of 2020. 

Despite the positive impact on their mental health, we could not deny that more children got exposed to the RSI because the research did not show if children got protected against ergonomic problems while playing games. 

Now, as the new school years of 2021 have begun, the threat of the MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) tends to occur at school and home; more parents should find ways to protect their children from these MSD-related things before everything gets out of hand. 

What's good about it is parents don't need to worry about the most reliable ergonomic equipment. It's because there is Flexispot-the global provider of the best standing desks (can also be called stand-up or sit-stand desks), desk organizers, and ergonomic chairs. In the next part of the discussion, we'll discuss how this global brand can aid every child in the new school year. Indeed, we'll discuss the benefits of using these products from Flexispot.

Assisting the Child in the New School Year:

Flexispot is a well-known provider of ergonomic equipment that children could use in their schooling. In actuality, not just working adults can get protection against Repetitive Strain Injuries at home and in the workplace but also children who are prone to RSI when they do their homework and use the computer. In this case, if you're a parent who looks for the best standing desk for your child in this new school year, then you can trust Flexispot

These company engineers and innovates beyond the steel frames and lifting columns. It innovates pieces of equipment that are contrary to the traditional one-size-fits-all products. Stand-up desks from Flexispot have designs and dimensions that follow the contours of the person's body. 

Moreover, Flexispot has the quality that can last for long years without the usual wear and tear. Once you choose Flexispot, you could ensure that your child will get the protection he needs most. As a result, he could excel in class because he would not get sick or hospitalized. You can save more of the medical expenses as a result. 

So, cast the doubt and choose practicability and protection; choose Flexispot. 

So, as we move forward, we'll talk about the following sit-stand desks that you can choose. These products can be your child's study buddy so let's get the ball rolling in. 

Flexispot Desks- Your Child's Study Buddy:

a. EG1-40"W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk:
standing desk

This standing desk has a height range which is around 28.7"-48.4". It can help your child do the sit-stand movements ergonomically. As a result, your child can avoid the ergonomic problems that start from a sedentary lifestyle. Thus, when your child does his homework on this table, you can ensure that his sitting bone, waist, and spine would not get sore, unlike with a non-ergonomic desk product. 

b. EN1-42"W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk:
standing desk

The following table product from Flexispot is an electric sit-stand desk which can fit small spaces. Hence, this product can be suitable for your kid. The range of its height reaches up to 47.6"; shorter than EG1 by 0.8" but is also reliable because it has great functionalities such as the sit-stand reminder and height memory preset. So, you don't have to worry that there would be too many adjustments to make during your child's study time. Just a few clicks on the table's keypad, and your child would enjoy a fast-paced study time. Most of all, your child would not crane his neck while looking at his device because you can adjust the height up to chest level-making it easy for him to study without feeling exhausted. 

c. EC1-42"W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk:
standing desk

EC1 is a stand-up desk from Flexispot that has smooth up and down movements. It also has the inverted legs but constant speed and durability, unlike with the non-ergonomic table products. Some become shaky and unstable once you put many school materials and devices atop the desk. But with the EC1, you could ensure that the table would not get wobbly even with more than two devices. Hence, you can ensure that your child would get protected.

d. EF1-42"W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk:
standing desk

The fourth product in this list is a standing desk that does not have the sit-stand reminder but has the four-height memory presets. That's why you can ensure that you can maximize the height levels of the table, which is beneficial for your child when he studies. So, whether he wants a lower desk height level, you can adjust the table to his desired level, or when he wants to stand up while studying, you can help him change the desk. 

Indeed, using this table is very beneficial because your child would avoid the possibility of experiencing back pain when he studies. After all, he can freely adjust the level of the table based on his preference. 

e. Kana Bamboo Standing Desk:
standing desk

The last one on the list is an eco-friendly table with three models: Eco, Standard, and Pro. Its Eco model has a single motor frame. The standard model has a single-stage structure, and the last is the pro with the dual-motor frame. Among the three models, the pro is suitable for more tasks because it has a faster lifting speed. But, despite their differences when it comes to the stage frame and lifting speed, all of these models are durable and do not wobble. So, your child can get the protection that he deserves when studying.

Final Thoughts:

Flexispot does not stop innovating more ergonomic products. Thus, it could help you in nurturing your child with his studies. With the Flexispot ergo products, you can ensure that he will be ergonomically protected. Indeed, when he achieves ergonomic protection, you can ensure that he can be the best in all the endeavors that he will take in life. So, trust the global brand that would not fail you; switch to Flexispot.