5 Jobs that are Perfect for Extroverts

04 July 2022

You shouldn’t be surprised when the job that you are applying for asks for your personality type. Your personality will of course translate to your behavior in the office and towards your colleagues. There is no job in the world that you can absolutely avoid working with other people so the way you behave and perceive things around you will greatly affect the dynamics in the workplace. It will also determine if you are the right fit for a job.

There are jobs that fit a certain personality type so if you’re an employee, you must know the work culture and environment of the work that you are applying for. Is this something that you think you’d be able to work with for eight to nine hours a day, five days a week? If you’re a company looking for an applicant, there is a certain personality type that you are looking for. Do you want an introvert, the quiet and shy ones to do the work for you or do you want an extrovert, the outgoing and loud ones to spend your workdays with?

While every person is still different, knowing if the applicant is extroverted or introverted will help a lot in determining whether he or she is the right fit for the job.

Below we list down the jobs that are perfect for extroverts:

Public relations officer

Even if this might entail writing, an activity that introverts love to do, someone who is in the public relations industry must be a people person. You’d have to build relationships with clients and talk to a lot of companies. You would need to be inquisitive to your sources and at the same time create a positive public image of the company that you are working for. When you enjoy talking with others and you can think quickly to help your company prosper and have a good public image, then this job is perfect for you.

Sales associate

If you need someone to greet or acquire customers, you’d want someone who is confident and comfortable to approach and talk to strangers. You’d want someone who can easily strike up a conversation and would know how to sell the company’s services or products. This is a perfect job for an extrovert who’s always more than willing to talk and engage with other people.

Human resources officer / Recruitment officer

If you work in Human Resources, you should already know that you need to do a lot of talking and assessing. You can’t be shy because you have to assume the superior position. You will be interviewing applicants and recruiting job hunters. Most of the time, you will be in charge of training candidates. You will also be on top of general employee relations in the office. You are the person that people run to when they have concerns for or against the company. In other words, you need to know how to handle people when you work for this department.

Event planner

As an event planner, you’d be in charge of the logistics of every event you will be organizing. You will be talking to your client from Day One and coordinating his or her concerns to your suppliers. You would have to talk to multiple suppliers to create the vision that your customer wants and then relay their concerns to your client. When you plan an event, you need to have high energy as a communicator. In short, an extrovert will be perfect for the job because in this avenue, they can expend their extroverted energy.


As a lawyer, you will be representing your clients in front of a governing judge and panel. You need to interact a lot with your clients, get to know them and what their cases are about. You need to be able to give them legal advice that they would understand. As a lawyer, you need to have the energy to talk to multiple people everyday as well as have the self-confidence that you can win every case that you’ll be representing.

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