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5 Jobs Introverts Would be Perfect For

05 July 2022

During your job interview or initial exam, your potential employer will ask you what your personality type is.

If this is your first time applying for a job or even taking a personality test, you might be confused about why the company is asking about what your personality is. In your mind, you did not sign up for a dating app or a reality tv show so why would they need to know my personality type? This is a workplace and they’re interested to know how well you will blend with the work culture and environment. They want to assess, based on your personality type, how you will be as a worker, how you will confront conflict, forward your concerns, etc. For a particular job opening, you will find that there are certain personality types that fit the role.

There are many ways to categorize one’s personality. One of which is identifying as an introvert and identifying as an extrovert. If you prefer to work on your own, be in small meetings and gatherings of one or two people, then you are an introvert. You value independence and prefer the calm and quiet. If you love working in dynamic, big teams, then you are very much an extrovert. You draw energy from being around people and you work at your best in a vibrant setting. The noise doesn’t bother you at all; in fact, you even crave for it. It’s easy for you to strike up a conversation with anyone about any topic under the sun. Although there are still subcategories under these two, these are the general characteristics of an introvert and an extrovert.

Below are jobs that an introvert like you would want to apply for. You may look for an introvert if you are working in the HR departments of companies in these industries:

Digital Content Manager / Editor

Digital content is a way to promote and sell a product or service. Companies, these days, look for a content manager who can strategize their social media and site posts in order to reach a wide percentage of the target audience and convert the majority of them into buyers. Someone in this position is expected to talk to clients about their goals and then report strategies to them on how they can grow their pages and increase engagement. While communicating with a client is part of the job, the bulk of a digital content manager or an editor’s day will be in front of a screen. You would conceptualize shoot ideas and produce these ideas until they reach your audience on the internet. Sometimes, a digital content manager works with a team which means you are to make sure that all of them follow their deadlines. All of these can be done through online transactions.

Web developer

Introverts love to work with a computer because the screen serves as their security blanket. Again, this starts with coordinating with your client what they want for their site, app, or any related digital tool. After the coordination, you will be left to work on your own. Since you are the expert, you would offer your expertise in managing information technology and computer systems. When you need follow-ups or clarifications or you need to report something, you don’t need a face-to-face interaction. If you are a manager, you might need to train candidates but these can also be done via online conferences without the need to turn your camera on.

Graphic designer

All companies need to make publication materials, posters, reports, logos, advertisements, brochures, newsletters, menus, etc. This is why all companies either have an in-house graphic designer or outsource one. If you get hired as a graphic designer, they’d expect you to give your creative input and expertise. They would most likely allow you to work on your own after they have given their instruction. There’s no job that would give you no interaction with other people. All jobs would require you to talk to someone to a certain extent and as a graphic designer, this part of the job is minimal. You’ll be left to work independently which is what most introverts look for in a job.


You can enrich and share your love for books as a librarian. When there is no one around, you can spend your days reading as long as you do your main task which is to oversee a library. You will also be in charge of cataloging and making sure the books are in the right sections. This is how you can help visitors with the book that they are looking for. They might ask a question or two and then leave you on your own. If you prefer the quiet, there’s no question that this job is perfect for you. And most introverts love to talk about things they are passionate about so it wouldn’t be overwhelming at all if you would need to strike up a conversation with one or two strangers who happen to pass by the library that day.


All companies need their balance sheets and tax requirements so needless to say, every company has an accountant employed. The job of the accountant is to make sure that the company is earning much more than it is spending and that it is paying the right taxes on time. You need an accountant who has a good knowledge of tax laws at the state and federal levels. A knowledge of licensing and creating corporations is also a must. It’s an accountant’s obligation to update clients about their assets and liabilities. The bulk of your work will involve numbers, not people. If you work with a team, you will each have your own tasks and need not speak to one another.

We listed down tools that you can use in the workspace to help you become the best employee of the year as an introvert.

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Standing desks can help you stay more focused and protect your health by allowing you to shift from a sitting to a standing position at any point of the day. This Kana Bamboo Standing Desk from FlexiSpot is eco-friendly with its use of a bamboo desktop, looks elegant, and uses lateral compression technology to retain that natural bamboo finish. It is free of moisture, insects, and scratches because the bamboo is coated with a water-resistant 2H lacquer. The standard height range of a Kana Bamboo Standing Desk is from 28” all the way up to 47.6” so it can cater to varying heights of people. Moreover, it features two keypad options: one that is basic with simple up and down buttons and one that is an advanced all-in-one keypad with three programmable presets.

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Since you’d be subjected to long hours of sitting, you’d want to minimize any discomfort that may distract from focusing on your studies. This ergonomic chair features a 3D lumbar support system, a 135-degree lounge tilt, and 4D adjustable armrests. The elegantly curved backrest will conform to the neck and spine that will providing the maximum headrest and lumbar support. The armrests are adjustable in four dimensions that contour effortlessly to the arms and elbows. It is made of Italian-imported chenille and K+R temperature-sensitive fiber that will provide maximum ventilation and the most delicate of fabrics. It also features the best-in-industry Samhongsa Class 4 Gas Lift which guarantees that this chair will be able to handle whatever you throw at it.