5 Industries That Really Embrace the Standing Desk Revolution

30 October 2018

It’s no secret that standing desks are a powerful incentive that employers are using to attract and retain millennial workers. In fact, according to a recent report published by the Society for Human Resource Management, 44 percent of companies surveyed now provide or subsidize standing desks for their employees. That’s a three-fold increase since 2013 when only 13 percent of employers offered the benefit.

In particular, there are 5 key industries that are not just embracing the standing desk revolution, they are thriving as a result of giving their employees this healthier alternative to sit-down desks.


In sales, productivity is the name of the game. And, for many sales teams, standing desks help keep sales executives more alert and energized to make calls to prospects, send follow-up emails to leads, and create better sales pitches. One of the numerous sales teams that have seen productivity increase as a result of switching to standing desks is Zenreach. The sales manager at this up-and-coming tech company says, “My staff is so happy being able to easily shift from seated to standing, and productivity on our sales floor has increased dramatically.”

Music Production

Music is all about feeling the beat. According to music producers, there is a tremendous benefit in being able to get up and move around while working to perfect a song. But, long hours in the studio hovered over a traditional sit-down desk is not only bad for the back and neck, it’s bad for keeping the creative juices flowing. Music producer Kato on the Track uses a FlexiSpot desk riser that sits on top of his traditional desk in the studio to give him the flexibility to work while standing or sitting, He says he “definitely recommends for any producer or anyone that makes music or does something creative that likes to move when you are creating.”


For teachers who are on their feet teaching all day, standing desks are a true back saver. They put laptops, teaching materials and other essentials at the perfect height to reduce neck and back strain for teachers who would otherwise have to lean over to view these items on their sit-down desk. They’re also great for teachers who love to use Powerpoint presentations or a Smart Board to teach their students. Plus, they’re not just great for teachers. Many schools are adopting standing desks for students as well to increase alertness and boost activity levels for students.


Sitting in front of a computer for hours without end is hard for anyone, but for IT professionals who often do it more than the rest of us, it can be particularly brutal. That’s why many IT departments are embracing sit-stand desks that allow them to alternate between sitting and standing–while still keeping up with their demanding workloads. One IT professional who switched to a FlexiSpot desk riser says he loves the flexibility, “I try to stand as often as I can. Just being able to stand at my desk without having to stop working really makes working so much more enjoyable and productive. Having a sit-stand desk does help promote a healthier lifestyle.”


Creating an artistic masterpiece can take hours, days, weeks, even months for some artists and illustrators. Trying to get it right while sitting down the entire time is torturous for the legs and back. That’s why many artists are gravitating toward standing desks. The elevated desktops give them plenty of space to create their masterpieces while also allowing them to stretch their legs and back. Illustrator and Cartoonist Krishna S., who uses FlexiSpot’s M2 desk riser says, “If you suffer from lower back pain issues like I do, standing might be the better option. I feel more focused and fresh while I’m at the desk.

In addition to these top 5 industries, other professional and personal sectors are starting to make the switch to standing desks. In 2018, experts expect work-from-home professionals to start using standing desks at an exciting rate. Likewise, gamers who are looking to escape the negative health effects associated with their sedentary passion are finding that using a standing desk helps them feel more in control of their game.