5 Important Work Area Needs of WFH and Hybrid Office Workers

13 October 2021

A workstation is a potential place where you can encounter office hazards. Before the global pandemic, many companies around Canada had reports of ergonomic problems that office workers have encountered. Unfortunately, the number of individuals who experienced the ergonomic problems doubled during the first few months of the global pandemic because of the lockdowns and isolations where WFH workers needed to do heavier workloads but had lesser chances of doing the following:

exercises that could help them strengthen their joints and muscles
the active routine that could help them avoid a sedentary lifestyle

standing desk

Throughout the first few months of the global pandemic, many of them experienced struggles, especially maintaining a healthy physique. Indeed, many workers had a sedentary lifestyle because they could not visit the gym or jog at the parks. There was a travel restriction, so it was impossible for them to even go for a long walk outside their houses. 

Some of these workers had to do prolonged activities; hence they could not alternate their movements. Most of them had to do heavier workloads over and over back then. Thus, almost all the workers had gone through sedentary pain and musculoskeletal disorders such as:

Spine strain
Tendon injuries
Muscle injuries 
Nerve injuries 
Leg cramps

The tedious work coupled with strained muscles and other ergonomic injuries had put the health of these workers at risk. What's making things worse is these injuries can lead to long-term pain or impairment in some cases. Hence, workers would utilize the furniture pieces likestanding desks, ergonomic chairs, sit-stand desks, and stand-up desks that are superb in quality and can alleviate the worst ergonomic pain. All these equipment and furniture pieces are from FlexiSpot. 

The Ergonomic Wonders of the FlexiSpot Products: 

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The furniture and ergonomic pieces from FlexiSpot can ensure that workers would not experience injuries that cause strains and pain. When workers rely on the ergonomic wonders of the FlexiSpot products such as the Massage Gaming Chair and Kana Bamboo Standing Desk, they would feel the comfort that they need when they work at home. 

Indeed, with these products, WFH and hybrid office workers would extend the range of their movements. They would not feel the tightness on their muscles, and they would be able to move freely. When there is tightness on the muscles, it's hard to flex some joints and do movements such as reaching for the cup from the other side of the table or getting the folders from the desk organizer. These things become heavy chores when there is tightness in the muscle. The worst is even a single movement can cause immeasurable pain to the person. 

Hence, workers must have ergonomic products so they can practice flexible movements. Indeed, the ergonomic products from FlexiSpot have superb ergonomic functionalities. 


Let's say the ergonomic chair: Massage Gaming Chair. When you buy this product, you can ensure that your lumbar is no longer strained. It's because this chair has vibrating lumbar support at the backrest. What it can do is to support the back and stimulate blood circulation. So, when you sit on this chair, you will not feel numbness or throbbing pain, and you can relax and feel better after an exhausting day working. 

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Meanwhile, when it comes to the standing desks, FlexiSpot knows that many workers have spine strain because they are forcing themselves too much when using the desks. At times, they bend or a hunch which could injure their backs. Most of the time, the use of a non-ergonomic desk is dangerous to them. It's because the non-ergonomic desks do not have sturdy and durable steel. The desktop of non-ergonomic desks does not have sufficient thickness to hold the heavy devices. Most of all, non-ergo desks do not have up and down movements that could help the worker's operation or actions. Hence, the company has created such products as the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk.

So, here are the first two work area needs of the WFH and hybrid office workers. They are the bestselling products from FlexiSpot that workers trust most in Canada and the US because they could give ergonomic solutions above and beyond the competition. Aside from these two products, other ergonomic pieces from FlexiSpot could complete the five critical work area needs that WFH and hybrid office workers will find very useful. 

The Other Ergo Products:

standing desk converter

At FlexiSpot, you could also choose among the superb desk converters. The desk converters from FlexiSpot have fantastic portability, and they are easy to carry and move from one place to the other. Desk Converters such as the Standing Desk Converters M7B-28" are some of the examples of products that can protect workers like you from the upper extremity pain that usually happens to others who strain their shoulders too much and do not practice the proper posture. 

These desk converters are FlexiSpot and also have magnificent structures. Their structures are sturdy and durable. They can bear the weight of laptops and monitors even though they have a compact design. Their keyboard trays also offer spacing-saving features because it's removable. So, if you need to keep this product in a smaller space, you can remove the keyboard tray and put the desk converter on the side of the home office. If you are the type of worker who wants to optimize spaces no matter how small it is, then products like desk converters are what you may use. Through these products, you may be able to benefit from the usability of this ergo piece and save more space in your home office. 

standing desk

So, aside from the desk converters, you can also benefit from theDual Monitor Mount F7D that you can use to avoid craning your neck. This product is advantageous when you avoid eye strain and neck soreness. Just put it at the back of the computer monitor. Then, you can enjoy watching while using this product. You'll notice how convenient it is to use this because it can offer flexibility to you-you don't need to force your eyes and neck with this product. 


The final product is the combination of an office chair with a desktop and a fitness chair. This product is the Deskcise V9 Pro which won the innovation award from CES in 2018. This desk bike can turn your regular office work into a very active one. It's because as you work on its desktop, you can cycle on its pedal to shed some pounds. Once it becomes your habit, you will notice that your energy level increases. So, this product indeed is superb and very effective. You can achieve the utmost ergonomic protection through this innovative equipment. 

Final Thoughts:

When you have these ergonomic pieces in your home office, you can ensure that your performance at work remains excellent, and you will feel energized with these products. That's why you will be able to achieve the best protection that you need against musculoskeletal disorders.