5 Benefits of Using Standing Desks and Monitor Mount

14 September 2021

CCOHS (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health Safety) enumerated the WMSDs or the work-related musculoskeletal disorders. In that list, they have remarked that there is a need to address physical and psychosocial factors in the workplace. On the contrary, the shift in the work setting has already taken place from the traditional on-site work setting to the hybrid offices. Some large companies already tried this system, such as Synchrony Financial (they already put up three different kinds of offices, including virtual offices and hybrid offices). So, it can be uneasy about monitoring the condition of some WFH-individuals. It's because addressing these concerns might take a longer time. In that case, then, management should be proactive in dealing with this predicament. Anticipating such scenarios is a recommendable step to take. One of these ways is to understand the work ethics of employees. 

Understanding the Canadian Work Value:

So, let's say you are managing a pool of 30 employees in your team. You may anticipate problems that may arise once you thoroughly understand the work ethics of most of the employees. 

The passion for excelling and coming up with outputs above and beyond the competition reflects how Canadian individuals work. Canadians are known to be well-dedicated in their jobs. In the typical workplace, an employee can finish a task while taking a 30-minute break. Then, they will divide the other half into two 15 minute-breaks, which they will allocate for activities like periodic breaks. So, looking at that work culture, there are things that you need to reconsider now that there is an excellent shift in the work settings. 

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Most workers will be working from home, which could mean that there would be adjustments in office rules. You might decide to give them heavier workloads because they start working from home and their break time might be longer than the usual 1 hour, or they might be freelance workers that have flexible work time yet have more complex tasks to finish. These things can have a different impact on their health. So, to ensure that they can get the protection they need as these people value their work most, you have to let them have the best ergonomic products so they would not experience severe conditions such as spine strain. You may try adjusting their salaries and add an allowance for the furniture pieces they may want to purchase from 
FlexiSpot-the home of the best standing desks, sit-stand desks, stand-up desks, monitor mounts, and ergonomic chairs. 

Now, let's choose the standing desk and monitor mounts for this article. It's because most employees have a hard time with non-ergonomic products. Another is, these equipment and furniture pieces are what they widely use in their everyday work. 

Looking at the 5 Benefits:

Indeed, employees experience difficulties in multitasking, especially in the WFH-setting. They encounter such problems as technical glitches, wobbly tables that cause falling of objects or damage. Hence, there is a need to rely on the best ergonomic products such as the sit-stand desk and monitor mounts. Once your workers choose these products, they can enjoy the five benefits of these products. 

a. Monitor Mounts Can Help you configure Well Your Monitor:

Whether it's a 10-inch or 27" inch-monitor, the monitor mounts can help you configure your device. It can help you adjust your monitor based on your visual angle. Once you try using monitor mounts like the 
Single Monitor Mount F7 or Dual Monitor Mount F7D, you can see the difference in the adjustability and convenience when sitting in front of the computer. 

Moreover, the flexibility of the monitor mounts can help you avoid neck soreness and prevent you from craning the neck, harming the cervical spine. It could also help you from preventing eye strains that can affect your vision in the long run. 

So, once you decide to let your employees have these products, you help them create a conducive workplace at home. 

b. Standing Desks Can Do the Lifting For the Employees:

standing desk
FlexiSpot, you can choose from electric standing desks like the EG1 and EN1. The standing desks have height adjustability that can help you adjust the table to your desired height. Hence, it could help you avoid strains on the shoulders, back, and elbows. Plus, you can enjoy an optimized work pacing with the standing desks. These standing desks are so reliable that you would not have difficulty multitasking on a busy workday. 

c. Stand-Up Desks Can Help You Do the Sit-stand Movement When Working:

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The secret to active work life is to practice alternating movements and changing some tasks every 20 minutes. It could give you the freedom to flex your muscles which may prevent tightness and soreness of the joints. In this case, you may want to try the desk converters of FlexiSpot, such as the 
Standing Desk Converters M7MB. These are desk products that you can put on a table without the worry of an unsafe product. 

This desk converter has a lift structure that can ensure the stability of the product. So, if you choose this desk for your work, you could enjoy flexible pacing because you can change places and move this desk product quickly. You can lift this desk product easily without straining your shoulders and elbows. So, you could enjoy more time working while standing with this product. 

d. You Could Keep Your Budget Well With the Desk Converters:

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With the FlexiSpot Desk Converters such as the 
Standing Desk Converters M7B, you can ensure that buying this furniture piece will not break your bank. It would help you save more in the long run. Currently, you can buy this product from FlexiSpot for CA$184.99, which is CA$209.99. So imagine the CA$25.00 that you can save from investing in these products. 

e. Standing Desks Could Help You Maintain the Proper Posture:

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Standing desks could help you maintain a good posture with these products' up and down movement, and you can ensure that you would not hunch or strain your lumbar, unlike with the non-ergonomic tables. 

Final Thoughts

When you choose the best ergonomic products, you may protect yourself from the possible injuries that can cause you a lot.