5 Beliefs About Success That Are Going to Help You Fail

10 December 2019

Having the right mindset is essential to success in anything you do in life. Having a positive mindset and belief set can help you set new goals and achieve your dreams. However, having certain beliefs or mindsets about success may set you up to fail. Here are some false beliefs about success, and how you can change your mindset with knowledge and learn the truth about success.

Myth #1: Success is all about money, power, and fame

This is probably the biggest myth surrounding success in the business world. When many people think about success, they immediately imagine corner offices, luxury cars, the top position at a company, or being on the cover of Forbes magazine. Yet these standards are so impossibly high for most people, it keeps them from trying at all.

In reality, truly successful people will tell you that success is about confidence and even more importantly, is being committed to your core values. To be successful, you must always keep tapping into the values you believe about yourself and your business.

Myth #2: Success is too hard to achieve

If you always see your success as too far into the future to ever be attainable, you are setting yourself up to fail. When you believe you can never reach your goals, you will begin making up excuses for why your dream won’t work. However, in the real world, years and years of arduous toil does not a successful person make. With the right skills and talent, you can work smarter, not harder, and achieve success even faster than you think.

Myth #3: You need formal education to succeed

Another popular myth that sets people up for failure is believing you can only succeed if you went to college or have advanced degrees from an Ivy League school. But getting a degree in and of itself will not make you successful unless you put in the work to grow your business when you graduate. College can also lead to thousands of dollars in debt which also may hinder your success down the road.

Education is not just learned in the hallowed ivy-covered halls of higher learning institutions. Most of the best education is learned hands-on through experience. While college can give you the book smarts you need to succeed, only work and experience will help you succeed in the long run.

Myth #4: I can never get the right opportunities

Success is not made by waiting around for it to be handed to you. Sitting by and waiting for an opportunity to find you is setting yourself up for failure.

To be successful, you must find your own opportunities. And in today’s uber-connected world, finding opportunities for success is easier than ever with social media networking. Opportunities are earned, not given. Find some opportunities you can take to be successful, instead of waiting for them to be given to you.

Myth #5: Negative thinking cannot be changed

Some might think when you habitually focus on the negative aspects of any situation, you hard-wire your brain to keep focusing on the negative, so these thought patterns become set in stone. Negative thought patterns are one of the best ways to set yourself up for failure.

But negative thought patterns can be broken by beginning to retrain your brain to focus on positivity. Being positive creates a healthy cycle of positive thoughts, positive beliefs, and positive actions, so you feel a greater sense of success.

Changes are possible

It is possible to change your belief system about success. Being successful is subjective. What might not be a success to someone else may be a huge success to you! Embrace your core values and build your business (and your life) around these. With a strong and positive foundation, any dream can be made a reality.