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4 Ways to Give Thanks to your Teacher the Ergo Way

08 October 2021

Teachers are among the professionals in Canada that experience exhaustion and burn-outs. It's one of the findings of the Canadian Teachers' Federation on the teacher workload issues in 2014. 

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The Findings:

In the said research, they found out the teachers across Canada work for about 10-20 hours per week outside work hours. These hours of work had created stress and exhaustion for them. As a result, they could not focus on what's more vital, and those are the higher-order activities such as professional development, engagement, or planning. Indeed, when paperwork becomes higher in quantity over the higher-order activities, teachers would find it more exhausting, and they would not be able to hone their teaching skills and class management because of this. 

The findings were from the research of 2014. So, fast forward to the global pandemic from 2020, more teachers found their work exhausting because of the remote instruction setup. In the said period, they needed to handle more paperwork than before, resulting in more severe conditions such as RSIs or Repetitive Strain Injuries. As their workload became heavier, more teachers experienced the worst ergonomic conditions. 

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The Threat of Ergonomic Pain:

Prolonged sitting during classes was one of the causes of the teachers' ergonomic pain. Most teachers have experienced sedentary activities because of long hours sitting on the chair doing the same tasks. Indeed, teachers could not practice the sit-stand movement because they needed to finish the paperwork or reports. 

Moreover, some of them didn't have the right furniture pieces; they had non-ergonomic pieces that didn't have the right up and down movements. These are pieces that quickly got dents on the surface and didn't have the utmost durability. Hence, they were not stable and put the teachers at risk. 

So, as the students have already made their comebacks in school while others still have a small class, it's best for the teachers to choose the best ergonomic products they can find at FlexiSpot

The Authority in Ergonomic Solutions:

FlexiSpot has provided the best ergonomic solutions in the market. It's a brand that created the most plausible Kana Bamboo Standing Desks, EG1 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, and Standing Desk Converters M7 Series. Many people across the US and other countries could attest to the prowess and excellent quality of the ergonomic products at FlexiSpot. 


FlexiSpot manufactured products that many WFH and hybrid office workers found compelling. One of these is the 
Deskcise V9 Pro-an awardee at the CES Innovation Award in 2018. So, looking at this prowess, teachers can ensure that when they teach online or attend a small class, they can have the piece of ergonomic product that you can trust most. 

Moreover, they can be confident that these products will last long without getting damaged or broken. So, if you appreciate your friend or parents who work as teachers, you may express your gratitude to them for all the sacrifices they made, especially during the pandemic. You may try some ways to give thanks to them.

The 4 Ways:

It's not every day that teachers can receive great appreciation from the people close to them like you. So, this time is your chance to tell them how grateful you are for having them. And this time, you can do it uniquely. Indeed, you may choose from these other ways to express gratitude to the teachers in your life. 

a. You Could Let Them Use A Massage Chair:


Most teachers experienced biomechanical pain such as leg pain and cramps. These kinds of pain were evident because they got exposed to the sedentary lifestyle after sitting for long hours. So, by this time, you can let them have the 
Massage Gaming Chair from Flexispot. It's an ergonomic chair that can help stimulate blood circulation using the vibrating lumbar support and the retractable footrest of this product. With these massage chair features, you can ensure that they wouldn't get stressed at all, even with a heavy workload. 

b. A Desk Converter Can Be a Good Solution:

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Suppose the teacher finds it difficult to practice the sit-stand movements to achieve flexibility in the muscles. In that case, using a desk converter is an effective way to solve their ergonomic problems. 

At FlexiSpot, you can avail of desk converters such as the Standing Desk Converters M&B-28". It's a sit-stand desk product with a robust structure and easy-to-lift feature-in just an easy grip, and the teacher can move the desk converter from one place to another. It also offers versatile height adjustability. So, the teacher can ensure that when they adjust the height of the desk converter, they will not experience upper body pain and need to hunch their backs when they change the size of this product. Hence, it's the product they need most when teaching. 

c. You Can Help Them Protect Their Upper Body:

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Most teachers experienced neck soreness and had their eyesight damaged because of leaning closer to the computer monitor. The worst thing was they got exposed to radiation because of this practice. So, to help them protect their necks and eyesight, you can also give them the 
Dual Monitor Mount F7D that can add up the flexibility to the monitor they use. As a result, they don't need to crane their necks or lean closer to the monitor. 

d. You Could Give Them a Small Present Like an Indoor Plant:

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The following way is simple for some, but it's something exceptional for the teacher. You can give them a pot of indoor plants like the succulent, which they may put on their work table like the 
EF1 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk. Plants can lessen stress and exhaustion because of their color that is a natural stress-reliever. So, when you gift them with this item, they will appreciate you. Moreover, what you can give them is natural and can help them purify the air. 

Final Thoughts:

The teachers are some of the people that have the noblest professions. Every day, they encounter the most difficult tasks, and they sacrifice their health to facilitate the children's learning. If one of your parents, relatives, or friends is a teacher, find the opportunity to say thanks. It's because, in every teacher, there is a lifetime of knowledge.