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10 Hobbies to Try for Parents

22 December 2021

They say parents are capeless heroes. They may not have the superpower to fly to another dimension or stop a whole train from being derailed with just their bare hands. Like others, they are also humans who, after a hard day at work, need to relax and rest from time to time.

Oftentimes, parents think about their children and their family’s welfare before attending to their own needs. While this is applauded as unconditional love, sacrificing too much could eventually lead to burnout and loss of energy to live and engage with other people. Then after all the sacrifice, the kids leave home, and the parent is left thinking what else is there to do.

To lessen the likelihood of this situation from happening, living a well-balanced life is key. We often take having “hobbies” for granted but they actually positively impact our lives. According to Harvard Business Review (HBR), a hobby is the “intentional, purposeful use of leisure time.” It breaks down the importance of a hobby that doesn’t only give you a break from your stressful work, it also helps acquire new skills, make you better at problem-solving, and most importantly, create a shared activity with loved ones. But as HBR reiterated, hobbies take time and commitment to reap their benefits.

We listed down 10 suggestions if you’re running out of hobby ideas or you think you’re too busy as a working mom or dad who has kids to take care of.

1. Teach yourself how to play the ukulele.

The ukulele is relatively easier to play compared to other musical instruments. It only has four strings, unlike the guitar that has six. Once you learn the basic chords, you will already be able to play many songs. You’ll fill your house with happy music that your kids or your better half won’t be able to resist jamming with you.

2. Learn how to prepare eggs in different ways and try making pasta and pizza from scratch.

Even though eggs seem like it’s so easy to make, many people still don’t know how to cook a perfect one; more so, in different ways (scrambled, sunny side up, poached, etc). A fun bonding time with family is making homemade pasta and pizza as well. Don’t buy prepared dough in the grocery store; make one yourself from scratch.

3. Practice doing a headstand or a backflip.

People who have mastered a headstand or a backflip make it look like it is so easy to do but that is just so far from the truth. It actually requires a lot of core strength, balance, and yes, courage to learn and then master a headstand or a backflip. We’re sure it will be so rewarding once you get the correct form and perfect, even just one flip.

4. Sit down and study the ropes of video editing software to edit the videos you took from your baby’s first birthday.

It’s been too long since your baby’s first birthday but the videos you took during that day remain untouched. Don’t let this be the case forever. Learn how to do basic video editing, pick music that best suits your compiled video, and render the final output for the whole family to watch in your widescreen television set.

5. Practice sketching faces and hands.

We don’t know about you but sketching faces and their many intricacies are the hardest for us to do. Next to that is drawing fingers. Challenge your drawing skills by picking up a pen and drawing your life partner or your kids, that is if they could keep still.

6. Plant a herb garden.

Do you want the freshest produce every day? The only way is to start growing your own basil, cilantro, thyme, kale, and more. You may pick one anytime you need it in the kitchen!

7. Join a book circle.

It may be fun to read alone, but it’s always a struggle to find people to talk with about your thoughts on a good or bad book. But there are actually many book circles online that you could join but if you’re feeling shy, you may form one among your best friends. Meet once a week or twice a month to discuss your book of choice.

8. Volunteer at a dog shelter.

Take the whole family with you and do something for your chosen cause. It’s always worth the time and effort to help and be part of something bigger. If you do decide to go to a dog shelter, you will surely have a blast with your kids and even teach them empathy for animals.

9. Train for a marathon.

One effective way to motivate you to exercise is signing up for a sports event happening in a number of days or months. You could do it with your partner or a friend and exercise regularly to be prepared once the D-day comes. Joining a marathon is a top-tier choice because it’s relatively easy to prepare for. You may run around your neighborhood and do core exercises and runner stretches at home.

10. Write in your journal daily.

If you can’t think of a topic, start with what happened during the day. If you’re getting bored from logging this in, you could always turn to write prompts for guidance on what to write in your journal. Your future self will surely enjoy reading these pieces.

Now, you’re probably planning in your head but are still not sure how you’ll be able to follow through on any of these, with your hectic work schedule considered. But let us tell you that if you really want to take care of yourself, commit to giving time for a hobby.

You always have time so drop the excuses and start doing. You may listen to an audiobook, sketch, or write what you see when you’re commuting to and fro from work. You may volunteer in your community, learn a recipe in the kitchen or do a mural together with your family during the weekends. Sleep early at night so you may wake up early in the morning for a five-kilometer run and water your greens before doing anything else. Dedicate a night once a month for a book discussion with your best pals or be glued to your screen for video editing.

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Final Thoughts

A hobby is important to live a well-balanced life. Prioritize being efficient in your work so that you would have time and energy to start and sustain a hobby. When you’re happy and fulfilled with your hobbies, you show up at work with a recharged body and mind, ready to finish your tasks.