Bamboo Table Top


Bamboo Table Top

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  • Non-toxic bamboo
  • Anti-mould, anti-deformed

Elegant Bamboo Surface

Nothing beats the elegance of natural bamboo material. We employ lateral compression technology to retain the beautiful, natural grain of every bamboo strip.
bamboo desktop
bamboo desktop

Solid and Durable Bamboo Desktop

Harder than wood, it won't easily break at the weight of your computer setup. This desktop underwent a thorough design and drying process so you don't have to worry about molds at all.

Stronger than Steel

The mature bamboo is highly flexible and has a tensile strength of 28,000 pounds per square inch, as compared to the tensile strength of steel at 23,000 per pounds per square inch, makes it one of the most strong durable furnitures in your home. More details about benefits of bamboo.
bamboo desktop
bamboo desktop

Enjoy Eco-friendly Home Office Furniture

We are giving you a naturally-sourced desktop made from 100 percent bamboo. Every inch of the desktop upholds sustainability: It is held together by an environmentally-friendly adhesive and is formaldehyde-free. It will not bring air pollutants or chemicals to your lovely home.

Earth Friendly Material

Bamboo is one of the most earth-friendly natural materials ever existed. Compared with normal wood, bamboo has half the growth periodicity, and yet could generate 35% more Oxygen, meanwhile absorb over 12 tons CO2/hm per year. Furthermore, since bamboo requires no chemical fertilizer to grow and little effort to replant, it has significantly reduced soil erosion and deforestation, even in somewhere, helped locals utilize the waste land.
bamboo desktop

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